What does the priest demand? Obedience. And what the physician of the body? Obedience. And the Government? Obedience. They all rely upon Authority — obedience without understanding and without question. Back of each stands the sinister specter of Force, of the use of power to enforce obedience in case of recalcitrancy. No actual progress has ever yet been achieved in religion, in government, in science, except by rebels against the established sovereignty. The Christ, the Washington, the Socrates, the Paracelsus, the Darwin, the Blavatsky, have all been Pioneers, but they have always been treated as rebels by those who rule the popular mind and by that popular mind itself till long afterwards, when they were either forgotten or deified by both the priest and the populace. Crucifixion and deification is the summary and final disposition of the life and works of every Reformer, by the public and by its authorities, because both alike are victims of the miracle idea. Read lecture on “immunizations”


Annie Besant (President Theosophy) comment on innoculations & Theosophy

Dr. Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf education, founder Biodynamic Agriculture & Christian mystic on vaccinations

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