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Synopsis of the vaccine debate-Neil Miller/Make An Informed Decision


Make An Informed

Study shows children who have received the most vaccines were the most likely to be hospitalized and die.

“I could have also provided them with a recently published peer-reviewed study that I co-authored with Dr. Gary Goldman. We analyzed more than 38,000 official reports of infants that had adverse reactions following their vaccinations. We compared the number of vaccines each infant received to the severity of the adverse reaction. Infants who received the most vaccines were the most likely to be hospitalized and die. Our study confirms the dangerous practice of administering several vaccines simultaneously to infants. Our study also confirms the unscientific nature of the childhood immunization schedule: studies have not been conducted to determine the safety (or efficacy) of administering multiple vaccine doses in a variety of combinations as recommended by CDC guidelines. You can read our entire study here.”


International immunization schedules and infant mortality rates can be read here:




Bio Neil Miller

Varicella vaccine (chicken pox) and increased Herpes Zoster morbidity study/Goldman, King

herpes-zoster-shingles2Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is one of eight herpes viruses known to infect humans and vertebrates. It commonly causes chicken-pox in children, teens and young adults and herpes zoster (shingles).

Varicella vaccination is less effective than the natural immunity that existed in pre-vaccine communities. Universal varicella vaccination has not proven to be cost-effective as increased HZ morbidity has disproportionately offset cost savings associated with reductions in varicella disease. Universal varicella vaccination has failed to provide long-term protection from VZV disease. Read Goldman GS, King PG study.

Scientists find cure for diabetes in animals

cats_dogs_03-300x225As reported in the February issue of the journal Diabetes1, researchers from the Center of Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain, used a single gene therapy session to treat dogs with type I diabetes. The dogs in the study regained their health and showed no further symptoms of disease. Some of the dogs were monitored for over four years with no recurrence of the condition. Read more…

Comment VLA editor: I hope we can consider this an animal study for humans with diabetes.


“Diabetes is associated with severe secondary complications, caused largely by poor glycemic control. Treatment with exogenous insulin fails to prevent these complications completely, leading to significant morbidity and mortality. We previously demonstrated that it is possible to generate a “glucose sensor” in skeletal muscle through co-expression of glucokinase (Gck) and insulin (Ins), increasing glucose uptake and correcting hyperglycemia in diabetic mice. Here, we demonstrate long-term efficacy of this approach in a large animal model of diabetes. A one-time intramuscular administration of adenoassociated viral vectors of serotype 1 (AAV1) encoding for Gck and Ins in diabetic dogs resulted in normalization of fasting glycemia, accelerated disposal of glucose after oral challenge, and no episodes of hypoglycemia during exercise for >4 years after gene transfer. This was associated with recovery of body weight, reduced glycosylated plasma proteins levels, and long-term survival without secondary complications. Conversely, exogenous insulin or gene transfer for Ins or Gck alone failed to achieve complete correction of diabetes, indicating that the synergistic action of Ins and Gck are needed for full therapeutic effect. This study provides the first proof-of-concept in a large animal model for a gene transfer approach to treat diabetes.”

Study: Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated – Who is healthier?

3286752191e1ab829cca153a4f175128According to a report published on Friday, January 11, 2013, by Natural News, children who have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule are up to five times more likely to develop various diseases compared with children who have not received full immunizations.  Read more…



Autism and vaccinations: will your pediatrician tell the truth?

gardasil_warningAn analytical thinker will realize that something is causing autism and it is not the drinking water. Decades ago, the autism rate was about 1 in 10,000. These days, the autism rate is more than 1 in 100. The interesting thing is that since the number of recommended immunizations has increased, so has the rate of autism.As more women return to work shortly after giving birth, the number of infants getting vaccinated increases because mothers are often forced to place their newborns into daycare centers, which require infants to get vaccinated for enrollment. Most public schools also exert extreme (sometimes illegal) pressure upon parents to vaccinate their children, and never mention that there are specific exemption clauses in every state, which allow families to legally opt-out of all vaccinations for religious and/or philosophical reasons. Therefore, contrary to all the disinformation, vaccines are technically not required by law.  Read more…

Senomyx: How Cells from an Aborted Fetus are Used to Create Novel Flavor Enhancers


The genetically engineered flavor enhancers work by triggering taste receptors on your tongue, effectively tricking your taste buds into sensing sweetness, saltiness, or “coolness”. We will have a generation of humanity who will be cultivated not be able to trust their senses.

The biotech company Senomyx creates novel flavor enhancing compounds for the processed food industry in order to make foods and beverages that taste good while reducing sugar and salt content. Financiers include Pepsi Co., Ajinomoto Co. (the maker of aspartame and meat glue), Nestlé and others.


Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells commonly known as HEK 293 were derived from a human kidney cell line in 1972.  Citing a 202 paper by company researchers publixhed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the pro-life organization Chidlren of Go for Life maintains that Synomyx, using nano technology uses HEK 293.Senomyx, using isolated human taste receptors, apparently engineers HEK cells to function like the taste receptor cells we have on our tongue.

Aborted cells are used in the development of artificial flavor enhancers by biotech company Senomyx, with which PepsiCo signed a four-year, $30 million agreement in 2010 for research and development. No Pepsi products containing Senonymx flavor enhancers should be expected until 2013.

Senomyx’s disputed cell line is HEK-293, derived from the kidney cells of an aborted baby. We could go into the weeds at this point, but Wikipedia offers an easy explanation:

Senomyx develops patented flavor enhancers by using “proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems.” These receptors are made from HEK293. HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidney cells. These cells, which were cloned, originally came from healthy, electively aborted human embryos. Using information from the human genome sequence, Senomyx has identified hundreds of taste receptors and currently owns 113 patents on their discoveries.

Rather than using sugars and salts in their products, the products contains senomyx.  Senomyx fools the senses.  It will fool the tongue into thinking it is eating sugar or salt. BTW:  Generically labeled as an artificial flavoring.

From Mercola:  Read more…From Snopes:  Read more…

VLA Comment:  Quote from Bittermyx (Senomyx) “Our scientists have identified the function of 22 bitter taste receptors responsible for sending the bitter taste signals in many API products used in OTC and prescription drugs. Leveraging this knowledge, Senomyx has developed a comprehensive bitter receptor profile to more effectively screen APIs and to identify the specific bitter receptors associated with bitter taste of a given API”.

You see, they are affecting the receptors on our tongues, basically without our knowledge or permission.

Products using synomyx, generally unlabled:

 To our knowledge, The only companies using Senomyx flavors are listed here:  .  Please read:

VLA Comment: Apparently, Cog for Life has done “extensive research” on the issue and is assured that there is no fetal DNA or cloned human DNA in the final products as the technology using fetal cells were just to identify the taste receptors in order to make “chemical compounds” to alter and fool our tastebuds.  Although, apparently, except for using fetal cells of healthy but aborted babies to discover the mechanism of taste receptors, the final aim was to develope chemical compounds to alter our tastebuds.  My question is how good is that for our species that we can no longer can  trust our God given senses? And moreover, are these chemical compounds poisonous, carcinogenic or ultimately destructive to the organic tastebud receptors?

Senomyx Patents

Great synopsis by Dr. Mercola

Baby girl dies after 5 vaccines (2/2013)

1-month-vaccines-300x196On February 21, 2013, a one month-old baby girl died after receiving her first vaccinations. Baby Ayushi Gupta died at the Maltibai Hospital, Thane, West Mumbai in India just hours after receiving her vaccinations for Hepatitis B, DPT (diptheria, pertussis and tetanus) and oral pulse polio drops. Read more…

Check this out:  India babies receive 8 polio shots alone by the time they are 5 years old.  India children can receive fifty or more vaccine doses by the time that they are five years old! Regarding “vaccine doses”:  vaccinations are triple vaccines such as the MMR and DTP.

Pets/Animals: Scientific studies conclude GMO feed causes organ disruption in animals

images images-7 images-9   images-3 images-6images-5A new paper eviewing data from 19 animal studies shows that consuming genetically modified (GM) corn or soybeans leads to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice, particularly in livers and kidneys.  See review by Mike Adams…

Study abstract (open access)  We reviewed 19 studies of mammals fed with commercialized genetically modified soybean and maize which represent, per trait and plant, more than 80% of all environmental genetically modified organisms (GMOs) cultivated on a large scale, after they were modified to tolerate or produce a pesticide. We have also obtained the raw data of 90-day-long rat tests following court actions or official requests. The data obtained include biochemical blood and urine parameters of mammals eating GMOs with numerous organ weights and histopathology findings.

More research studies on the health risks on genetically engineered foods (GMO)  GENETIC ROULETTE

COMMENT BY VLA EDITOR:  If the animals for human consumption are fed organ disruptive foods and you in turn eat organ disruptive foods or you in turn feed cloned Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) livestock ,GMO grains and pesticidedvegetables found all conventional pet food it is a no wonder those who do this may need not only human health insurance but Pet insurance to mitigate the cost of chronic illnesses.  But health insurance to cover the financial cost does not mitigate the emotional pain of sick and dying loved ones.  Care for yourself – eat organic foods and consider what you are feeding your little guys.  See for information on Organic Raw Food diets for pets.