Mandated (Forced) medical treatments for Newborns or CPS gets involved

Update on removed newborn video:  UPDATE: This video has been suddenly removed from Youtube after we sent it out to our networks.  One of our networkers called again.

Here is the transcript of his conversation:Newborns- Forced Medical Procedures text

Audio: The sound is low until the end.  However , the written transcript is clear.

At 4:14 the policy spokeswoman wraps it up clearly.  During the conversation she admits the CPS will be involved.


Rochester General Hospital in NY Newborn Policy Includes Medical Kidnapping


Listen to this voice mail by an administrator at Rochester General Hospital stating that their policy is to take newborns into medical custody (CPS) if their parents refuse the Vitamin K injection and the antibiotic erythromycin.

Currently most or many hospital have an in house CPS staff to nail parents for medical neglect and shaken baby syndrome.

After taking the baby, the force the treatments on them…listen to this:

7 thoughts on “Mandated (Forced) medical treatments for Newborns or CPS gets involved

  1. Arlene Johnson

    Your video is not available. The message that is on it says, “This video has been removed by the user.” Baloney as your organization is the user, and I know that you want this video to be up for us to watch.


    Arlene Johnson
    To access the links I have on vaccines, go to
    3. “Spanish” flu on Did You Know?
    4. Marburg Seeding
    5. 1918 Flu Epidemic caused by vaccines.
    6. Dr. Rebello article
    7. There is no vaccine against ignorance by Dr. Leo Rebello
    8. A normal child and an abnormal psychiatrist by Dr. Leo Rebello

    Not in my work but excellent nevertheless. It begins with the 2nd (of 3) segment around the 30 minute mark of 48 minutes and continuing on in the 3rd segment till 4:46: 15:00 7:53 in which Dr. Carley said, “Vaccines are bioweapons.” 1:25:12 Dr. Brian Hooker Ph.D. expounds on vaccines causing autism. 8:12 Or see it at There is a link to read more, but it is on Facebook, so I didn´t.

    5-1/2 month old baby dies due to 8 vaccinations plus comment:

  2. Desiree Rover

    Vitamin K is being cultured on the same witch’s brew as vaccine viruses.
    therefore, an anaphylactic shock is to be expected.
    I have witnessed this in a perfectly born water baby in the Netherlands. She went into shock after the midwife (whose services had not been needed ) administered an oral dose of vitamin K…

  3. Christian H.

    Here’s what you can do. There are two online video converters that will record and SAVE any YouTube video, be it mp4 or just grab the audio. Clip Converter is one, and Dirpy is another one.

    Dirpy doesn’t work as well as clip Convert, but you can try both.

    Next time an important video like this is posted, be sure to grab it before it’s gone. I didn’t save it, as I didn’t think it would disappear that quick. I should have.

    Also, if anyone happened to subscribe to the user, they could always ask them for it via a file hosting site, and get permission to re-upload.

  4. MessiahMews

    If you’ve played the video in its entirety, then perhaps you can recover it from your browser’s cache or temporary internet files.

    Used to, we could grab the files played in Internet Explorer and copy them to a permanent directory. Used to do that with audio and videos all the time.

    I’m not sure how Firefox temp files show, but forget trying to do Google Chrome cached files. They have no extensions, and I’ve tried Google Cache View and all that I know how to to do in order to retrieve files.

    Usually, I save some videos with some kind of online downloader. I did not save this particular one. Sure wished I had.

  5. Editor Post author

    The video was not removed by me. I did not create it. However, we called the hospital and audio taped the conversation. Check the link again.

    I think that the use of Baloney…your organization is the use…was not warranted. Sounds pretty nasty to someone like myself who has spent nearly 20 years without pay to enlighten people on the dangers.

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