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WOW! Oregon Senator sponsoring ending vaccine exemption CRUSHES HERSELF


When attorney Snee pointed out an article published in the American Academy of Family Physicians by the sponsor of bill, where she disagreed with her doctor and rejected his advice regarding a drug she was taking while breastfeeding her new born child, the hearing became quite interesting. The Oregon Senator and doctor who has sponsored this bill was sitting directly across from the attorney, and she became quite agitated. She basically argued that she had a right to make a “personal decision” for her and her baby based on her own research, which disagreed with the doctor who was a specialist in this area. She was angry at the attorney for bringing this matter up, but the attorney replied that he and other citizens of Oregon simply wanted the freedom to make the same medical decision for themselves.

Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. – Preserve Medical Freedom – Vaccines Linked to Autism
2015-02-24 13:01:02-05

Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. is a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who resides in Oregon. He took time out to attend the public hearing before the Oregon Senate Committee on Health Care, regarding Bill SB 442. This bill was written by Oregon State Senator and physician Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, and seeks to remove all philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccines in the State of Oregon. Dr. Paul stated that this bill, as it is written, is “a travesty.” He stated: “We need to protect our children and preserve the right for freedom of choice, and the right to give informed consent when your child is about to get a vaccine.” In testimony before the Senate Committee, Dr. Paul stated that he does not give every vaccine to every child in his practice, and as a result, he has over 1000 children in his practice over the age of 3, and NONE of them have autism. The rest of the country is seeing a rate of about one out of 50 children on the autism spectrum. He states that the “science is not settled” linking too many vaccines to autism, and that doctors like himself should not be coerced by bills like this one proposed in Oregon to give up the right to informed consent in regards to vaccines.

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VACCINE WAR IN AMERICA: Attempts to Legislate Mandatory Vaccines all Across the U.S.

2015-02-25 17:03:39-05

There is a raging civil war in America here at the beginning of 2015. It is a war against medical tyranny and the desire of government to take away individual liberties, rights to privacy, and the ability to choose to refuse medical treatments. The irrational fear gripping this country over a mere 100 cases of measles, a disease in which no one has died and would not even make the top 100 diseases currently affecting Americans, is being used as a justification to expand government intrusion into our private lives and grant broad new police powers. The National Vaccine Information Center brings us the latest legislative updates across the U.S. Please register at their Advocacy Portal to stay abreast of legislative battles in your own state, and follow their advice in this article on how you can take action to protect your Constitutional rights. If Americans do not resist and act now, the battle will be quickly lost.

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Despite the health benefits that result from implementation of ACIP recommendations, adults continue to be vaccinated at low and variable rates. In contrast, childhood vaccination rates in the United States typically exceed 90 percent. The success of childhood vaccination can be attributed to many factors unique to pediatric vaccination, such as state laws requiring vaccination for school entry and the coordinated public health infrastructure established by the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC), a federally funded program to provide free vaccines to children who are Medicaid eligible,uninsured, underinsured, or American Indian or Alaskan Native.11Another reason for the high rates of vaccination among children is that pediatricians and family physicians, the primary providers of health care and preventive health services for children, have long been committed to making immunization a core part of well-child care. For adults, chronic diseases and screenings for cancer, blood pressure, and cholesterol
have historically been the primary focus of acute medical and preventive health care, respectively.result, vaccinations have been given less emphasis and are underutilized in the adult population.  READ HHS DRAFT 52 PAGE STRATEGY

Activist Post commentary by Catherine J Frompovich

Excerpts from the HHS DRAFT on Adult Vaccination Strategies

 Increase community demand for adult immunizations.

Objective 3.1: Educate and encourage individuals to be aware of and receive recommended adult immunizations.

Objective 3.2: Educate, encourage, and motivate health care professionals to recommend and/or deliver adult vaccinations.

Objective 3.3: Educate and encourage other groups (e.g., community and faith-based groups, tribal organizations)to promote the importance of adult immunization.

Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related technologies.

Objective 4.1: Develop new vaccines and improve the effectiveness of existing vaccines for adults.

Objective 4.2: Encourage new technologies to improve the distribution, storage, and delivery of adult vaccines

FOX-Breaking News: Oregon & Washington State Legislation seek to end exemptions

Fox new video

Oregon officials announce parents must provide proof that their child is vaccinated to attend school.

VLA Comment:  They are trying to spin the measles epidemic so as to blame someone from the Philippines so that the finger isn’t pointed to a vaccinated individual who got the vaccine and is “shedding”.

Their lame excuse (I can’t believe the television audience is stupid enough to believe this kind of propaganda) is that the same virus is also found in the Phillipines.


Des Moines Register: Editorial Board-Religious Exemptions Should Be Abolished

Eileen Dannemann headshot

VLA Comment from the founder:  MY OpEd was printed at the same time in the 4 piece OPINION section on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015.  As you know virtually all the propaganda you see about the “outbreaks” never mentions that the “vaccinated” who supposedly has protection got the disease.  This 4 page spread feature the DesMoines Register’s Editorial Boards Opinion that law must change to end vaccination exemptions:

The Register’s Editorial: Change vaccine law, end religious exemption and Dannemann’s editorial.DES MOINES REG. OPED SECTION


University of California will require 8 vaccines by 2017


UC will require that by 2017 all incoming students show documentation not only for hepatitis B vaccination but also for TB screening and for measles, mumps and rubella; meningococcus; varicella (chicken pox); and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough). Read more…

UC’s plan will allow exemptions for medical or religious purposes, Fleming said. In the coming months, officials will discuss how to handle requests for other exemptions and how to validate the vaccination information.

Breastfeeding Mother Arrested and Babies Taken Away by Force



The police literally ripped 14 month old Levi from his mother’s breast, reports Erica May Carey, as she was nursing him in the car at a California gas station. Her baby was screaming, and she says her breast was exposed as the officers dragged her from the car. Read more…

Background…with updates.




VLA COMMENT: The mantra of this hearing “VACCINES SAVE LIVES” “Vaccine save lives”


NVIC: 2015 proposed Vaccine Legislation by STATE

Below is a chart of the proposed legislation by state.  Barbara Boxer has proposed a bill on the Federal level to force vaccinate all children in the Federally funded HEAD START program which consists mainly of poor American Africans and Hispanic.  The bill also eliminates all possibility of religious or philosophical exemptions.

VLA Comment: Do you want to throw up….read these state bills:

State Bill Number Date Posted NVIC


Status Title
AZ SB 1398 2/4/2015 OPPOSE Introduced and assigned to rules committee Removes law that allows parents who do not vaccinate their children to be foster parents
AZ SB 1311 2/3/2015 SUPPORT Referred to Rules and Health and Human Services Committee Makes changes to current law concerning public health emergencies
AZ HB 2466 1/27/2015 OPPOSE Introduced Requires schools to post immunization rates of pupils enrolled at the school
CA TBA 2/4/2015 OPPOSE Text not posted as of 2/4/2015 Eliminate personal belief exemptions in California
CO SB 077 2/6/2015 SUPPORT Passed Senate Education Committee on 2/5/15 Establishes the Parent’s Bill of Rights
CT HB 5448 1/15/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 1/15/2015 and referred to Joint Committee on Public Health Requires health care providers be vaccinated for flu
FL HB 411/SB 332 2/3/2015 WATCH Scheduled for hearing on Feb. 9, 2015 Changes to existing pneumococcal vaccine requirements for nursing home residents
HI HB 253 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Scheduled for a hearing in the Committee on Health, 2/6/2015 Allows pharmacists to administer any vaccine to minors 14 and older without parental consent
HI HB 458 1/26/2015 OPPOSE Filed Jan. 23, 2015 Requires schools to annually provide information on HPV Vaccines to parents of 6th grade students
IL SB 751 2/4/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 2/3/2105 and referred to assignments Provides liability protections to dentists who administer vaccines
IN SB 461 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Passed the full senate, will go to the house next Adds Hepatitis A Vaccine mandate, removes parent ability to provide history of chickenpox
IN HB 1359 1/15/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 1/14/2015 and referred to the House Public Health Committee Sets goal of 80% vaccination rate for HPV, moves vaccine law from education code to health code
ME TBA 2/5/2015 OPPOSE In process Eliminate personal belief exemptions
MN SF 380/HF 393 2/3/2015 OPPOSE Introduced and referred to Senate Health, Human Services and Housing Committee Eliminates conscientious belief exemption, replaces with a PBE that requires a physician statement
MO HB 846 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 2/5/2015 Requires parents receive a letter from the principal if there is a nonvaccinated child in attendance
MO SB 329 1/27/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on Jan. 27, 2015 Mandates flu vaccination for all employees working in facilities that provide medical care
MO HB 670 1/27/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 1/26/2015 Requires schools provide information on HPV Vaccines in any course in sexual education
MS HB 130 1/14/2015 SUPPORT Introduced on 1/6/2015 and referred to House Education Committee Allows conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination for school students in MS
MT HB 158 2/6/2015 WATCH Scheduled for a hearing on 2/9/2015 in Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee Adds new mandates to vaccines required for school, adds a personal belief exemption
MT HB 73 2/4/2015 OPPOSE Hearing held 2/5/2015in House Human Services Committee Allows disclosure of a patient’s immunization record without the patient’s authorization
NE LB 18 2/5/2015 OPPOSE Amendment offered to change requirement of vaccine to requirement of information Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and 16 year old students
NH SB 130 2/1/2015 OPPOSE Scheduled for a hearing in Senate Health and Human Services Committee 2/3/2015 Expands the vaccine tracking system in NH
NH SB 108 2/1/2015 OPPOSE Scheduled for a hearing 2/3/2015 New mandates for tracking flu vaccination status of health care workers
NH HB 383 2/1/2015 SUPPORT Hearing Scheduled for 2/3/2015 Adds privacy protections to the vaccine tracking system
NJ A3890/S2754 2/6/2015 OPPOSE A3890 voted out of Assembly Health Committee with amendments, S2754 filed 2/6 Requires Continuing Care Facilities to provide flu vaccine info. to older residents
NM SB 362 1/30/2015 OPPOSE Introduced 1/29/2015 Removes ability to opt out of the vaccine tracking system, adds new sections to public health laws
NV SB 117 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Introduced and referred to Senate Health and Human Services Committee Mandates HPV and Meningitis Vaccines for public and private school students
NY S 2712/A 1528 2/1/2015 OPPOSE Introduced and referred to Senate and Assembly Health Committee HPV Vaccines for minors without parental consent or knowledge
NY A 943/ S 1536 1/14/2015 SUPPORT Introduced on 1/8/2015 and 1/13/2015 and referred to Assembly and Senate Health Committees Provides for philosophical exemptions to required vaccination for school students
NY AB 791 1/12/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 1/7/2015 and referred to Assembly Health Committee Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for 6th and 11th grade students
NY S 509/ A 1822 1/12/2015 OPPOSE Introduced on 1/7/2015, 1/13/2015 and referred to Senate and Assembly Health Committee Adds HPV Vaccine mandate for school children entering 6th grade in New York
NY A 222 1/12/2015 SUPPORT Filed on Jan. 7, 2015 and referred to the Assembly Committee on Labor Prohibits mandatory flu vaccination as a condition of employment
OR SB 442 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Health Care, 2/18/2015 Forces all parents to comply with additional signature/education, removes grandfather clause
PA SB 407 2/5/2015 OPPOSE Introduced and referred to Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee Comply with ACIP recommendations for flu vaccine for children, using schools to give flu vaccines
SC H 3204/ SB 278 1/25/2015 OPPOSE Referred to Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs 12/18/14 Allows Dept. of Health to offer HPV Vaccine to students enrolling in 7th grade
SD HB 1059 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Passed committee, waiting to be heard by full senate Requires immunization records be shared by health care providers, government agencies and schools
TX HB 1185 2/6/2015 WATCH Filed 2/5/2015 Adds advance practice nurses to those who can sign a medical exemption in TX
TX TBA 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Media references filing next week Eliminates Religious and Conscientious Exemptions to Vaccination
TX SB 298 1/29/2015 OPPOSE Referred to Senate Education Committee Adds new meningitis vaccine mandate for public school students
TX SB 29/ HB 465 1/27/2015 OPPOSE SB 29 referred to Health and Human Services Committee, 1/26/15 HB 465 filed on Dec. 8, 2014 Makes inclusion into vaccine tracking system automatic & REMOVES current opt-in consent requirement
TX HB 212 1/25/2015 OPPOSE Filed on Nov. 10, 2014 Allows minors 14 and older in the Texas Juvenile Justice System to consent to vaccination
VA SB 1083/HB 2194 2/6/2015 OPPOSE HB 2194 scheduled for hearing 2/5, SB 1083 Passed full senate Adds new mandate for meningococcal conjugate vaccine for 6th and 12th grade students
VT H98 / S53 2/2/2015 WATCH In House Human Services, Senate Health Committees Reportable Disease Registries and Data
VT S9 2/2/2015 WATCH in senate judiciary, health committees “Child Protection” Bill
WA SB 5143 2/6/2015 OPPOSE Passed Senate Committee on Health Care Education for expecting parents regarding recommended vaccines
WA HB 2009 2/4/2015 OPPOSE Introduced 2/6/2015 Eliminates personal belief exemptions
WV SB 286/HB 2556 2/3/2015 OPPOSE HB 2556 Introduced 2/2/15, SB 286 scheduled for a hearing 2/3/2015 Adds new mandates for Hepatitis B and Chickenpox Vaccines, makes changes to exemptions










Ron Paul on Mandated Vaccinations

Those who are willing to make an “exception” to the principle that parents should make health care decisions for their children should ask themselves when in history has a “limited” infringement on individual liberty stayed limited. By ceding the principle that individuals have the right to make their own health care decisions, supporters of mandatory vaccines are opening the door for future infringements on health freedom.
If government can mandate that children receive vaccines, then why shouldn’t the government mandate that adults receive certain types of vaccines? And if it is the law that individuals must be vaccinated, then why shouldn’t police officers be empowered to physically force resisters to receive a vaccine?  Read more…