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90% of Pregnant Women refusing flu shot



Current data from a 3-year reporting base is confirming previous reports that the majority of pregnant women are refusing influenza and other related vaccines that may jeopardize their health and that of their baby.

Getting a flu shot during pregnancy provides unanticipated risks to the baby. Specifically, one study showed that the H1N1 vaccination during the H1N1 pandemic was associated with thousands of cases of miscarriages and stillbirths which the CDC failed to inform vaccine providers. Read article…

VLA comment:  To be exact…4,250% increase in fetal death reports in the 2009/10 H1N1 pandemic.  Click here for the cover up article and the study by Dr. Gary Goldman.

OH MY GOD! Oregon shooting of Levoy Finicum from inside his vehicle

VLA Comment: This is OUTRAGEOUS!

First they came for the Constitutionalist, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Constitutionalist.

Then they came for the cattle ranchers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a cattle rancher.

Then they came for the political dissenters, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a political dissenter.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


Trump Calls BLM Out For Stealing Ranchers Land


  • March 8, 2016 A new video of the Finicum shooting has been released that overlays two sync’d videos: the aerial drone video and the video taken Shawna Cox’s cellphone taken from inside the vehicle. Shawna’s video adds crucial audio information as well as insights into what was going on within the car. The audio track confirms the first shots were fired by the police, and that the shooting continued after Finicum’s murder, target both men and women. [Doyel]
  • March 8, 2016 Finicum’s earlier autopsy report was distributed to the patriot network. It proves Finicum was shot in the back, and not just once, but all 3 times. [Doyel]

France: Bees trained to make honey from Cannibas



Nicholas is a 39 year old man who lives in France. In addition to being a beekeeper, an artist, and a locksmith, he’s also an outspoken supporter of marijuana. He managed to train his bees to make honey after gathering resin from cannabis plants. His bees have created the world’s first batch of “cannahoney.” Read more…


PRECEDENT SETTER: Canadian Parents prosecuted for neglect for not vaccinating


Family Faces Criminal Prosecution and Loss of Children for not Vaccinating Child who Died

Heath Impact News Editor Comment:

As we have reported frequently here at Health Impact News, State governments in the U.S. and countries around the world are trying to eliminate vaccine exemptions, and make all vaccinations mandatory, by force if necessary.

Vaccine Agenda Behind the Charges against Grieving Parents?

David and Collet Stephan have been charged with “failing to provide the necessities of life,” a charge that is similar to manslaughter, because they chose not to vaccinate their son. Even though there is no evidence that Ezekiel’s death would have been prevented if he were vaccinated, David says that the government of Canada has made it clear to the family that they intend to use the death of their son to accomplish an agenda. READ MORE

VLA Comment:  Trial started Feb 29, 2016 and will go on for 4 weeks.  Go to

Prayers for Ezekiel Facebook page

Hawaiian coffee growers sue Monsanto over glyphosate’s dangerous side effects


From 1995 to 2004, Christine Sheppard used Roundup on her commercial coffee farm in Hawaii. In 2003 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was forced to sell her farm to pay for expensive cancer treatments.

Still alive, Christine and her husband Kenneth are now going after Monsanto Co., accusing the agribusiness of falsely concealing the risks of glyphosate that ultimately led to her cancer. The civil suit states that Monsanto “knew or had reason to know that its Roundup products were defective and were inherently dangerous and unsafe when used in the manner instructed and provided by defendant.

Dr. Don Huber:
Speaking recently with Health Impact News, Dr. Don Huber talked about his experiences consulting with agricultural workers in El Salvador. “I spent some time consulting in Guatemala, and just across the border in El Salvador, we find that one out of four sugar cane workers has end stage kidney failure [because of glyphosate exposure]. These are young men. This is a death sentence for them. We see the same type of kidney disease here in the US [because of glyphosate from Roundup], but we just have more access to kidney dialysis and kidney transplants. Then you see the situation in Washington State with anencephaly (babies being born without brains) and the large number of stillbirths. Human fertility [in the United States] dropped another 25 to 30 percent in just the last 5 years.”

Read more…

AUSTRALIA, ISRAEL…NOW SERBIA…Financial Penalties for failure to vaccinate children


Parents or guardians who fail to vaccinate their children will be fined from 30,000 to 150,000 dinars, provided by the Law on protection of population from infectious diseases, which is now adopted by the Assembly of Serbia.

This amount will be paid and those in the process of epidemiological study does not tell the truth and do not provide accurate and complete information relevant to the detection of sources and modes of transmission of infectious diseases.

The punishment is provided if the person does not comply with the orders of medical doctors when certain obligations of transport by ambulance or isolation measures and treatment, as if before traveling to a country where cholera, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers and malaria, and on his return from these countries do not comply with the obligations prescribed by law.

Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar said in the parliamentary debate that the law provides the “high level of protection of human life and health, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, as well as their removal and eradication”.

As he pointed out, for children in preschool, as well as in institutions for children without parental care, necessary immunizations is required, unless there are medical contraindications determined by the physician.

Immunization is required for children against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, viral hepatitis B, diseases caused by haemophilus type B Electric induction and diseases caused by streptococcus-pneumonia.

Immunization is required for people exposed to certain infectious diseases – hepatitis B, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, rabies, tetanus, as well as persons who in the course of work may be affected by those diseases.

The vaccine will be mandatory for people at particular risk from the disease hepatitis B, influenza, meningelnih diseases, diseases caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae-i homofilusom Electric induction B, measles, respiratory infections caused, sinicijalnim visur, imunodeficijenti and okogeni patients.

Also for passengers in international traffic, yellow fever and other infectious diseases at the request of the countries in which it travels.

It also adopted the Law on Public Health, which, among other things, provides for the establishment of the National Council for Public Health, in order to improve cooperation between all relevant authorities, organizations, stakeholders and participants in the system of public health. (Translated from Serbian)

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Citizenship Don’t Qualify – the most articulate and concise description of “natural born citizen”

Difference between Natural Born citizen (children born from parents of citizens)- that is one who inherits his citizenship from his parents and…someone who “becomes a citizen” by 1) operation of a man made proclamation, such as the declaration of independence, 2) a clause in the Constitution (as in 14th amendment) or 3) from Congress.

Marco Rubio does not qualify to become president because he was born of Cuban parents who were not citizens. Marco is naturalized citizen by operation of a man made law. However he is NOT a “natural born citizen” that would qualify him for the presidency. However, his children could qualify for the presidency as they would be born from parents who are already citizens. Note that it is the “father” that must be a citizen, even if the mother is not. One is not a “natural born citizen” if his mother (in the case of Ted Cruz) is a citizen but his father is not. The FATHER is the determinant

Ted Cruz: Father was a Cuban national but his mother was a US citizen. But the mother does not qualify Ted Cruz for presidency. It is only the FATHER status that counts. So, he can not qualify as a “natural born citizen”. Therefore he is disqualified from the presidency. Furthermore, he had dual citizenship until two years ago. He renounced his Canadian citzenship at that time.

Mainstream Media: Ben Swan BLACK BOYS & AUTISM


At 14:00 Ben Swan shows that black boys under “36 months” (3 years) had higher autism. This goes along with the new study that shows that children under 3 do not have a mature detox mechanism (Cytochrome P450) in order to detox the excipients in vaccines such such as phenol, alcohol, polysorbate 80, formaldahyde. Aluminum & mercury inhibit Cytochrome p450. See INABILITY OF INFANTS TO METABOLIZE VACCINE EXCIPIENTS