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Urgent: Michigan/Court date..Mother forced to vaccinate her 3.5 year old unvaccinated, health child


PLEASE HELP ME STOP FORCED VACCINATION OF MY CHILD!!!!!  I became a mother on 4/1/11, when our son was born.  My pregnancy was out of wedlock but I wanted this Child, who would be my only Child. I was 38. The only thing I knew for sure is that I would not vaccinate my child or myself. The questions of risks, the vaccine injury compensation program paying out millions per year, the use of 47 aborted tissue harvested from fetuses, the injecting numerous known toxins, the violation of my biblical beliefs about vaccination had always been anti-vaccination. My son’s father had agreed to yield to me on this issue prior to his conception & birth. My position is a was absolute.

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Christa m Johnson, Manistee, Michigan ( and

Social Services To Foster care Family: ‘Get Flu Shots Or We’re Taking Your Baby’


A state bureaucracy is threatening a mother with removal of an infant unless her entire family subjects themselves to flu shots.

This is the dilemma that foster parent Jamie Smith is currently facing. The Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is giving the Tacoma family until February to comply with the mandated regimen of influenza vaccines — imposed on every member of the family — or else they will lose their youngest child, a 2-week-old foster infant that was born on Christmas.

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OATHKEEPERS on track!.   They have organized hundreds of Sheriffs around the country, led by Sheriff Richard Mack who pledge to uphold the constitution. They have posted this article on the Oathkeeper website

Girls as young as TEN are being given the contraceptive implant


The primary school age children are among thousands of minors given the slow-release contraceptive device since 2010 despite being far under the age of consent. Read more…

Almost 10,000 given the contraceptive before they reached age of consent. Despite the Nexplanon implants never being tested on children, there is a strong possibility that hundreds of minors given the contraceptives had them fitted without the knowledge of their parents.


NY Court Decision: Religious waivers UNCONSTITUTIONAL-exposes community to Illness

unconstitutionalJanuary 8,2015 The District Court granted the state summary judgment, and the 2nd Circuit affirmed that finding Wednesday, citing Prince v. Massachusetts, a 1944 decision by the Supreme Court.
This case holds that a parent “cannot claim freedom from compulsory vaccination for the child more than for himself on religious grounds. The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death,'” the ruling states.
     A law requiring the vaccination of all children to attend public school, regardless of religious beliefs, would be constitutional, the court found.

Dina Check, the plaintiff who challenged the New York law at issue on the basis of her Catholic beliefs, testified that medical treatment should be “strictly by the word of God,” and that vaccines could hurt her daughter.
A federal magistrate in Brooklyn denied Check’s daughter an exemption, however, citing “compelling evidence that plaintiff’s refusal to immunize her child is based on medical considerations and not religious beliefs.”
The judge pointed to Check’s own “testimony that she did not adopt her views opposing vaccination until she believed that immunization jeopardized her daughter’s health.” Read more..


…Eileen Dannemann

Warning: Do not double speak (for now)!  Being religious does not mean you have no brain.  Certainly a religious person can hold a deep seated belief in the Divine manifestation of the human life form and simultaneously determine via research that vaccines will likely put her child at risk.  One would also think that it would be against any religious belief that if a parent intellectually determines that the child would be endangered by vaccination, it would go against her religious belief and conscience if she went ahead and applied a medical treatment that she believed would harm her child. I wonder why they did not argue that!  And although she may not have adopted her religious belief until after she became aware of the dangers of vaccines that does not preclude a later epiphany…like a visit from Michael the Arc Angel or Jesus.  Who can argue with that or say that the Divine visit didn’t happen?  This New York court is bought!

TIME SENSITIVE, Berlin, Jan. 27th: Bill Gates commissions 30 world famous artist to do PRO-VACCINE ART



The Gates Foundation sponsored the project and will release the artwork 0f 30 world famous artists who have been commissioned to produce Pro vaccine art. The pieces aren’t for sale but will be displayed at a conference in Berlin, on Jan. 27. The conference location is still a big secret. However, VLA has found the location.

It will be held on January 27th at the Berlin Congress Center,  Alexanderstraße 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany  +49 30 23806750.

The goal of the conference is to raise money for Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, an organization aimed at vaccinating millions of children in poor countries. (Note: The Gates Foundation is also a funder of NPR.) LINK TO EXHIBITION DETAILS

The Art of Saving A Life enlisted more than 30 artists to create images that bring those numbers to life — to spark conversations, interest and, ultimately, funding for vaccines.

Lets show Bill Gates SOME REAL ARTWORK.  We need to contact the German Anti vaccine leadership NOW.  VLA will send this artwork (below)17″ full color  and 3.5 stickers (b&w) for distribution to the convention participants. Please contact ASAP.

circle copyIMG_0212 copy


Wenn Sie sprechen Deutsch , Bitte senden Sie diese E-Mail an den Anti -Impfstoff Organisation in Deutschland

Judge Demands Answers, Culpability and Compensation from Merck’s Gardasil Trials in India

Drug trials

An investigation by an Indian parliamentary committee had previously concluded that the trials amounted to a serious breach of trust and medical ethics amounting to child abuse and ‘a clear cut violation of the human rights of these girl children and adolescents.

Judges in India’s Supreme Court have demanded answers after children died during a controversial cervical cancer vaccine trial. Young tribal girls received shots of pharmaceutical company Merck’s Gardasil vaccine and Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.

The vaccines are given to girls as young as nine in many countries – including the UK and the US – to protect against the human papilloma virus, one of the major causes of cervical cancer.But the Indian court yesterday heard a challenge by campaigners who claim the trials – funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – failed to obtain the informed consent of the children or their parents. Gardasil 9, which is expected to be worth £1.2 billion a year in sales, has already been approved for use in the US and could be available in the UK later in the year.

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Gardasil Primer-Watch Video

NIH NEWS: A DEADLY COMBO: EBOLA/RABIES VACCINE from the National Institute of Health




images ebola-poster

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, today announced a new license agreement aimed at advancing dual-purpose candidate vaccines to protect against rabies and Ebola viruses. Read more…

VLA Comment:  What healthy person would get this combo injected into there bodies? Might as well die quickly from the disease (or get euthanized) than live your life with the chronic influence of these two pathogens injected into your body.  (Just my opinion, for now)))

Medical Tyranny: Supreme Court Just Ruled the Government Forces a 17-Year-Old to Take Chemotherapy


The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that , the government has the power to force a minor to undergo chemotherapy treatments even if she doesn’t want to.

The court has unanimously determined that a 17-year-old patient cannot refuse chemotherapy treatment, even if her mother agrees they want to seek alternative treatment, for her Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Connecticut, however, argued that the so-called “experts” have agreed that without chemo Cassandra could die, and because it is the state’s duty to save her from harm, the treatments must be made compulsory. According to a DCF statement, “When experts — such as the several physicians involved in this case — tell us with certainty that a child will die as a result of leaving a decision up to a parent, then the Department has a responsibility to take action.”

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How about Vaccination?

From the same article: How about vaccinations for starters? All the “experts” have to do is say that they believe a vaccination is a life-preserving treatment and that parents who refuse vaccinations for their children are legally neglecting them in a way that might cause harm… America has already had the most aggressive vaccine schedule of any nation on the planet for a while now. States are already in the process of making it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations, as the number “required” continues to grow

Another Medical Kidnap: 9 month old twins taken from parents accused of SBS


Baby twins: Arianna and Dominick

Cassaundra Brown and Warnell Ludington are caught in desperate fight for their babies with DCFS, the child protective services department in Illinois, over what they believe in their hearts is a misdiagnosis.  Cassaundra says, “I can’t even believe this is happening.”

The crux of the twins’ removal from their parents allegedly lies in an accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome, a diagnosis which is surrounded by growing skepticism by medical experts, and which does not take into account Arianna’s history of medical complications since her birth.

Vitamin D Deficiency and 5 Vaccines Given on One Day

At 2 months of age, they received the DTaP, Polio, Hepatitis B, Hib, and Pneumococcal vaccines all on the same day, May 15


Family Wants Public Awareness and Support

The adjudicatory hearing, or trial, is set for mid-March, and has already been rescheduled three times.  The family has a facebook page:

AriannaDominick Medically Kidnapped (FACEBOOK)

The Governor of Illinois is Pat Quinn. Contact him here.

The State Senator for the Family is Linda Holmes. Contact her here.

The State Representative for the Family is Stephanie A Kifowit. Contact her here.

Ask local media in Chicago to also cover this story.

Share this link for financial contributions: 

VLA Comment:  The good news is that the “innocence project” is onto the Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Kent Simmons, in Iowa, just exonerated a parent of a 3 week old.  The Innocence Project has office all over the US.