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Breaking News: German Whistleblower Journalist: Admits his complicity in govt/media propaganda & cover ups


Published on Oct 7, 2014

Admits to bribes from many different sources….becoming more and more corrupt as he and other journalists cooperate with the CIA and billionaire interests. Paraphrasing: “The intelligent agencies come to our office and asks us to write their propaganda articles.They give us secret documents. The agency writes the article themselves and asks us to put on name on it”
“If you say no…

VLA comment:  Snowden of Journalists exposes the govt. media cabal.

BREAKING NEWS: National Institutes of Health “We may need to vaccinate the whole country”

ebolavaccine-1Two days ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press that it’s “quite conceivable, if not likely” that fast-tracked Ebola vaccines may have to given to entire countries to get the viral outbreak under control (via Modern Healthcare). Read more…

VLA Comment:  Well there goes Afrika again as an experimental population.  The Afrikan dude who died in Dallas the other day was under an experimental pharmaceutical protocol.  Basically he was being experimented on.  I wonder what the American white Doctor got for his recovery.

Perhaps intravenous Vitamin C would have been the ticket!

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Breaking News/Sharyl Attkinsson (Aug. 28, 2014) CDC stated “not currently investigating Autism/vaccine link”

20101004_cru_Attkisson_08-254x300This week, in response to a query, the CDC stated that it is not currently investigating the relation between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). “Further, CDC does not have any planned research addressing vaccines and autism,” said a CDC spokesman.  Read more…

VLA Comment: Imagine that…not doing any studies (like the never vaccinated vs. the fully vaccinated) when Autism has climbed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68″.  

Breaking News: NEW Minnesota VACCINE REQUIRMENTS?

ows_140901819954768Excerpts:  For the first time in a decade, Minnesota schoolchildren are required to receive additional vaccines this fall.

Seventh-graders now must get the meningococcal vaccination and an additional pertussis (whooping cough) booster. And younger children in day care and early-childhood programs must get hepatitis A and B shots.  Read more…

VLA COMMENT:  WHOA…The establishment  is in fear.  They have now organized PRO VACCINE activist groups so both sides can street fight. Pro-vaccine activist movement, in opinion, demonstrates the last gasps at  try to stop our momentum to raise awareness of the risks of following vaccine protocol or you doctor’s advise:::)))



Dr. William Thompson has worked for the government agency for over a decade and confirmed that “the CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003, but chose to cover it up.” He remarked “we’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.”  READ CNN REPORT

CDC letter (2004:) Dr. William Thompson to CDC Director, Julie Gerberding on concerns about MMR and Autism.

Age of Autism article

Dr. Brian Hooker is the whistleblower’s contact.  Read his article that was just “suddenly” removed from Translational Neurodegeneration journal. It apparently is still available on pub med.

VLA COMMENT:  It should be noted in this report that Dr. Julie Gerberding, then head of the CDC subsequently was employed by Merck as the head of its vaccine arm.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the London, England physician,  shouldered a massive attack by Brian Deere, journalist for the London Times owned by Rupert Murdock  more than a decade ago. Murdock’s son is on the board of directors of Glaxo, Smith Kline, one of the largest vaccine .manufacturers.  A group of about 8 mothers of Autistic children implored Dr. Wakefield, a gastroenterologist to examine their children who were suffering from gut related issues as all Autistic children do.  He found that all the children had a “vaccine” strain of measles in their guts that could only have been gotten from the MMR vaccine.  His sterling work was published in Lancet, the most prestigious journal in England.  Soon thereafter, he was crucified and left for dead.  However, he and his wife moved to the United States and spent all their time uncovering and proving the sadistic cover ups related to the MMR vaccine.  CONGRATULATIONS, DR. WAKEFIELD. See video Wakefield/CDC fraud

This CDC expose is not the only evidence uncovered about the MMR vaccine.  However, it is getting much press because of the CDC inside whistleblower.  Dr. Wakefield has been documenting a lineage of fraud over the years from England to USA regarding the MMR vaccine.  We recommend you revisit these revelatory Wakefield videos

For heaven sakes…just compare their faces.

6a00d8357f3f2969e2017d3c47a5fc970c-150wi This is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, surgeon angel who stepped forth to help ordinary working class parent who claimed that the MMR vaccine caused their children’s Autism.

deer6This is Brian Deere, London Times/Murdock/Glaxo, Smith, Kline journalist who suddenly became interested in the Lancet journal MMR study authored by Dr. Wakefield and with the help of the mogul media/ pharmacuetical backed evil empire attempted to  destroy the impulse of good.


Robin Williams-DEATH BY PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, Gary Kohl, MD. (Cytochrome P450?)


DUTY TO WARN – Robin Williams by Gary Kohl, MD


“Within weeks after Williams’ discharge from Hazelden’s Rehabilitation facility in Lindstrom, MN, he hung himself in the bedroom of his San Francisco home where he was certainly suffering multiple side effects from his cocktail of drugs. He left no suicide note, but certainly his psychiatrists, psychologists and other staff members at Hazelden know exactly what Williams could have written on such a note. So far Hazelden is mum on what happened to Williams during July’s rehab stay. Some of Williams’ closest friends are claiming that the newly prescribed drugs were what killed him”   Read more…


Suicides and heinous homicides (mass shootings by young people) are concomitant with the rise of new psychiatric drugs like SSRIs.  But other drugs also cause suicidal ideations in those demographics that are non-metabolizers.  See this layman’s links on CYTOCHROME P450 and drug interactions.    Was Robin Williiams a poor metabolizer of the cocktail of drugs he recently received?  Did this supposedly reputable (and probably expensive) institution give him the available Cytochrome P450 test to establish his metabolism activity?  I doubt it…as it is not standard of care.  The knowledge of pharmacogenetics and drug interactions have been known for more than 15 years and yet this simple test is not standard of care and therefore physicians are not legally culpable. 

More egregious is that all levels of physicians prescribe psychiatric drugs with no compelled, basic or continuing education as to pharmacogenetics and the critical role Cytochrome P450 plays in detoxifying  the body from accumulating lethal doses of medicines (not only psyche drugs).

Today 25% of American children are put on psychiatric drugs by doctors who have no education in Pharmacogenetics and drug interactions.  The legal system, as well, disregards the fact that upward of 10% of Caucasians, for example, are non-metabolizers.  (That is they cannot detoxify the new drugs out of their system and they subsequently become psychotic).

10,000 American Toddlers are on psyche drugs. Read more…

An autopsy can still analyze Robin Williams’ drug interaction and metabolic status by a simple DNA test for Cytochrome P450.  The same can be done in the all the school shootings.  James Holmes, Jerod Loughner, Haskell, are still alive and can be tested in relationship to the drugs they were taking.  If the drugs were counter indicated due to a lack of activity of the Cytochrome P450 and its various alleles, then attorneys could argue that these mass murders were induced to psychosis by the physicians and that they were, in fact, INVOLUNTARILY INTOXICATED.  However, when VLA brought this opportunity to the Defense Attorneys and Judges, there was no response.

Canadian Coast HORROR ” Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation

“The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life , recovery is highly unlikely” .

Local diver does the job that the government should…documenting the devastation on the coast of Canada! No insects, 4 species of life left instead of the teaming variety of life forms flouring three years ago.

VLA Comment: It is long but skip through and see that the Canadian Coast is void of lifeforms.

Breaking News: Yellowstone supervolcano ‘turned the asphalt into soup’ shutting down Natl. Park’s roads
Extreme heat from a massive supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park is melting a major roadway at the popular summertime tourist attraction. Park officials have closed the area to visitors.
Firehole Lake Drive, a 3-mile-plus offshoot of the park’s Grand Loop that connects the Old Faithful geyser and the Madison Junction, is currently off limits. Park operators say the danger of stepping on seemingly solid soil into severely hot water is “high.”
“It basically turned the asphalt into soup. It turned the gravel road into oatmeal,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said.   Read more…