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S2943 is over 3,000 pages.  Senate Sponsor JOHN MC CAIN

It now goes to President Obama for his signature *

TRUMP CANNOT WORK WITH RUSSIA AGAINST ISIS unless Russia gives up Crimea and Ukraine

EXCERPT:  None of the funds authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2017 for the Department of Defense may be used for any bilateral military-to-military cooperation between the Governments of the United States and the Russian Federation until the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, certifies to the appropriate congressional committees that—

(1) the Russian Federation has ceased its occupation of Ukrainian territory and its aggressive activities that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; and…  READ MORE…

DOWNLOAD:   s2943-subtitle-d-matters-relating-to-the-russian-federation


  • VLA COMMENT:  The Congress just passed a bill S2943, that disallows Trumps from engaging with Putin to defeat Isis unless Russia abandons Crimea and Ukraine. This bill will be signed by Obama. STRATEGY: In order to overturn such a bill to allow Trump and his cabinet to engage freely in relations with Russia, It must  become clear that the White House provided birth certificate of Obama is not authentic providing no proof that he is born in the US and therefore is not the legitimate president and therefore has no authority to sign such bills as the recent Defense bill. And therefore, no bill ever signed by President Obama is legitimate and all must be re-signed or vetoed by President Trump. SEE birther forensic document video


  • Dec. 15, 2016 Press Conference on Obama Birth Certificate

HR 34/ 21st. Century Cures Act: Covert Federally Induced Abortion


Monday, December 5th with a 5:30 p.m. roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R. 34, the 21st Century Cures Act.  Amend HR 34 to REMOVE Sections 3091, 3092, and 3093 prior to voting that shield drug companies and vaccine administrators from liability for fetal injuries and deaths caused by vaccines marketed for and given to pregnant woman.

 CDC & Independent Study corroborates 4,250% increase in miscarriage & stillbirth reports associated with the flu vaccines.   

The general perception, worldwide, was that 2009 was the “year” of the experimental monovalent, 2009 A-H1N1, pandemic influenza vaccine on pregnant women. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) reports of spontaneous abortions and stillbirths following the administering of the 2009 A-H1N1 vaccine were more than “100” spontaneous abortion and stillbirth reports in temporal association with the 2009 A-H1N1 flu shot. The independent Goldman study in cooperation with our organization, NCOW, (link above) found a total of 174 VAERS fetal-death reports in 2009/10 flu season as compared to “4” and “21” fetal-demise events in the prior 2008/9. In percentages this is equivalent to a 4,250 increase in miscarriages and stillbirths. It is alarming that the CDC chose to hide from OB/GYNs and the public the massive spike in fetal-death reports to VAERS, in real time, as well as the potentially causal relationship between the two. The CDC was aware of the VAERS data, the 40-fold spike in fetal-demise reports relative to the prior year, ultimately corroborated by the CDC, however, rigorously covered up and therefore unknown to the public and its legislators.  READ LETTER T SENATORS: 21st-century-leg

California Bil AB499 signed into law: 12 year can get vaccines without parents knowledge

This bill passed in 2011, but not much has been said about it. Did you know? California Governor Jerry Brown thinks your 12 year old child is old enough to competently read and digest this information and to decide whether or not to accept this vaccine and/or the Hepatitis B jab without your knowledge or consent. READ THE LIBERTY BEACON…

VLA comment: Its a 2012 law, but many states want to pass this kind of bill.  What I would do is attach a codicil that acknowledges that if minor children can choose medical treatments (such as vaccines)  without parent knowledge then they should be able to choose to have an abortion and see if that gets passed with Republicans at the helm.

California: Minors, Medical Care Consent

Beginning on January 1, 2012, a California law (known as AB 499 or Chapter 652, Statutes of 2011) expands the legal authority of minors 12 years and older o consent to confidential medical services for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without their parents’ consent (or knowledge) READ PDF)…

More Iowans are seeking vaccination exemptions

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.00.08 AM

The number of Iowa parents seeking religious exemptions to vaccination requirements continues to climb, despite efforts to dispel worries the shots cause health problems.

A new state report shows 6,737 Iowa school children obtained religious exemptions to vaccinations this school year, up 13 percent from the year before and more than four times the number 15 years ago.


“It’s not the trend we want to be seeing,” said Don Callaghan, who oversees immunization programs for the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Callaghan predicted the state will face more pressure to tighten restrictions on vaccination exemptions if the numbers keep rising.

Read more…with enlarged graph

Iowa Vaccine Data base by school

DES MOINES EDITORIAL BOARD (same paper, same day)  Excerpt:  The number of irresponsible parents in the Des Moines area increased this school year. In Polk County, they sought and obtained religious exemptions allowing 821 students to escape mandatory school vaccinations.

DESMOINES EDITORIAL BOARD RECOMMENDATION: A proposal to eliminate the exemption would be met with opposition from a few individuals on the fringe, and lawmakers would run scared.  Change the administrative rules to actually reflect and enforce the language in state law about the exemption. Iowa Code clearly states exemptions are allowed only when immunization “conflicts with the tenets and practices of a recognized religious denomination of which the applicant is an adherent or a member.” (VLA COMMENT:  Sounds like the inquisition)


The state only requires them to sign a statement claiming immunization “conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief.” Iowa law requires parents to cite religious tenets in order to obtain a religious exemption, but state health administrators dropped that requirement in 2003, after a federal judge ruled in another state that government officials could not force citizens to provide such details. The number of religious exemptions in Iowa has more than quadrupled since then.

Iowa Code:


(2) The applicant, or if the applicant is a minor, the       applicant’s parent or legal guardian, submits an affidavit signed by       the applicant, or if the applicant is a minor, the applicant’s parent       or legal guardian, stating that the immunization conflicts with the       tenets and practices of a recognized religious denomination of which       the applicant is an adherent or member.

Yet administrative rules, which implement the law, fall short. They do not require parents to reveal which religion they adhere to or cite a specific religious tenet against vaccination. Neither does the form parents download from the Internet and sign. That should be a requirement.


7.3(2) A religious exemption may be granted to an applicant if immunization conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief. To be valid, a certificate of immunization exemption for religious reasons shall contain, at a minimum, the applicant’s last name, first name, and date of birth and shall bear the signature of the applicant or, if the applicant is a minor, of the applicant’s parent or guardian and shall attest that immunization conflicts with a genuine and sincere religious belief and that the belief is in fact religious and not based merely on philosophical, scientific, moral, personal, or medical opposition to immunizations.


VICTORY: Indiana bill to vaccinate healthcare workers KILLED


SB 162 would have mandated MMR, Varicella, TDap, & yearly flu shots, not just for nurses; for everyone who works in a hospital or hospital-owned clinic. It included volunteers, students, office workers, valet parking attendants, and also included contractors. Basically anyone who ever set foot in a hospital or clinic in any work-related capacity.
There was no provision for titer tests. Hospitals could add additional vaccines to the required list at any time. Anyone who refused could be fired with no recourse.
From what we were told, SB 162 in Indiana was the test case for similar bills waiting to be introduced in 13 other states.

VLA COMMENT:  The passage last year of the California bill that mandates that daycare workers, owners and volunteers must be vaccinated set the precedence that government can mandate vaccines to private industry.  As  the medical cabal gets more and more evil they have the audacity to try to mandate 8 vaccine doses, not just the flu shot which was the “toe in the water”.   Although in the past private industry has gotten away with “NO SHOT, NO JOBS”, the California law and this bill gave and would give the power to the government to mandate vaccines or NO JOB!.

Astounding Constitutional Discussion on Massachusetts vs. Jacobson (Vaccine Mandate ruling )

A great find…

Am J Public Health. 2005 April; 95(4): 581–590.

doi:  10.2105/AJPH.2004.055160

PMCID: PMC1449224

Jacobson v Massachusetts: It’s Not Your Great-Great-Grandfather’s Public Health Law

Wendy K. Mariner, JD, LLM, MPH, George J. Annas, JD, MPH, and Leonard H. Glantz, JD


The ruling and the argument:

Take for example this: Justice Harlan stated There is, of course, a sphere within which the individual may assert the supremacy of his own will and rightfully dispute the authority of any human government, especially of any free government existing under a written constitution. But it is equally true that in every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.2(p29)”  Read more…

This is interesting also: “…the Court said that it was the legislature’s prerogative to determine how to control the epidemic, as long as it did not act in an unreasonable, arbitrary or oppressive manner.2,39,40 Vaccination was a reasonable means of control: “The state legislature proceeded upon the theory which recognized vaccination as at least an effective if not the best known way in which to meet and suppress the evils of a smallpox epidemic that imperiled an entire population.”2(p31)”

For example, it noted that the law should not be understood to apply to anyone who could show that vaccination would impair his health or probably cause his death.

VLA Comment:  The above ruling was meant to support the State’s position.  But if we look at it as applying to both sides the question that this discussion raises regarding SB 277 & SB 792 is were we under the pressure of great dangers?  Additionally, “Effective”Court ruling recognized that the vaccine needs “to be at least – effective”.  The CDC admits the flu shot is not effective.  We have prove that the vaccines are not effective by admission of the CDC (flu shot, ie.) and the fact that a percentage of the participants in both the measles and the whooping couph outbreak were fully vaccinated individuals.

Secondly:legislature proceeded upon the theory which recognized vaccination as at least an effective if not the best known way in which to meet and suppress the evils…that imperiled an entire generation” Was the entire generation “imperiled”?.   Can the vaccines which are ineffective meet and supress that which is evil.  Is the measles virus evil when studies have shown that getting the early childhood measles protects against cancer.  Moreover biotechnologist are genetically engineering the natural measles because they have discovered that getting the natural measles virus may cure cancer.

Perhaps we might argue that the theory of which the California legislators proceeded upon is faulty… that vaccines are effective.  This theory is challenged by independent, non industry related scientists, researchers and doctors. If challenged the court would have to consider the current pro and con studies and science materials to see if the “theory” that the legislators followed is sound or questionable. We have the opportunity to submit our science.

California SB792 law

Re: SB 792: Let’s be clear what our soundbite concept should be:  What we should be pointing out to the Governor is that SB 792 is A FIRST IN THE NATION BILL….A BILL IF PASSED INTO LAW,  GIVES THE POWER TO THE STATE,  the Government, TO MANDATE  MEDICAL TREATMENTS, in this case namely vaccines.  This is a law that sets precedence.  It is the foundation bill/law to facilitate, in the future, other medical treatments….such as forced mental health drug implants, forced chemotherapy, lobotomies, etc.

The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics By Att. Jonathan Emord


Amidst hysteria arising from a relatively small number of cases of measles (some 600 last year and some 150 this year), law makers would take away everyone’s rights to liberty and personal autonomy.

Given the likelihood that at least some of these draconian measures will pass, it is wise to reflect upon our history to see from whence this peculiar deviation from ordinary protection for liberty rights comes. It is also wise to appreciate that the law favoring compulsory vaccination is now scientifically anachronistic and that modern understanding of immunology enables us to employ measures that reduce the risk of disease carriage and transmission without forcibly tying down children and adults and injecting them with substances they do not wish to have in their bodies.

It will surprise many to learn that the concept of compulsory vaccination has national socialist roots in our country that spring from the same drive for a “master race” that led the Nazis to embrace eugenics (including forced sterilization) and dysgenics (including execution of the Jews and others deemed “undesirable”). It will surprise many to learn that the person most responsible for eliminating constitutional protections against such intrusions (the Fourteenth Amendment) is one regarded as among America’s greatest jurists and legal scholars, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Holmes believed in eugenics and even dysgenics (execution of those whom he regarded as “feeble-minded,” “undesirable,” and “inadequate”).  READ MORE..


Another first in the nation: Govt. vaccine mandate to private industry (California legislators pass SB792)


California legislators pass SB792

This bill, commencing September 1, 2016, would prohibit a person from being employed or volunteering at a day care center or a family day care home if he or she has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles.

Thursday, Sept. 12, 2015 the California legislator passed another first in the nation bill, SB 792.  It is a very dangerous precedent.  It is the first in the nation that a government mandates vaccination to private industry. With this we may see a future of the government mandating vaccine compliance to one industry at at time, as a means to achieve National Institute of Health goals of Compulsory Adult Vaccination. This follows on the heels of SB 277 which has been signed into law.  SB277 prohibits a child to attend private, public or pre school without being fully vaccinated (at this time….49 vaccine doses by the age of six).  Unvaccinated children must homeschool.  Homeschool can not be a classroom setting. It is notable that Bill Gates, the number one promoter of world wide vaccination also is in the homeschool business  (virtual education).  He has bought up many home school programs and has changed programs to integrate Federally developed education for the masses…Common Core Curricuum.

Vaccinating the Health-Care Workforce: State Law vs. Institutional Requirements


Vaccinating the Health-Care Workforce: State Law vs. Institutional Requirements (READ)


At the state level, the legal authority to require immunization rests on states’ 10th Amendment “police powers,” which can be used to effectively convert public health recommendations into legally enforceable obligations. States can exercise this power directly or delegate their powers to local governments.

Of equally great importance is the role of the federal government. It is the case that the direct regulation of the public’s health is a traditional state function under the 10th Amendment. At the same time, the federal government has enormous powers under the Commerce Clause and the Spending Clause to both attach conditions of participation to federally funded programs as well as to regulate economic activity,31 of which health care is viewed as a preeminent example. To this end, federal conditions of participation for the Medicare and Medicaid programs, which currently do not address the immunization status of the health-care workforce, offer another potential basis for establishing minimum safeguards against the transmission of disease in health-care settings, in particular settings in which sick patients reside, such as nursing homes and hospitals.


Some facilities have instituted mandatory employee influenza vaccination programs,9 and one state (NY) has promulgated regulations making seasonal and H1N1 influenza vaccination mandatory.10 However this is being challenged.

VLA comment:  Thursday, Sept. 12, 2015 the California legislator passed another first in the nation bill, SB 792.  It is a very dangerous precedent.  It is the first in the nation that government mandates vaccination to private industry. This follows on the heels of SB 277 which has been signed into law.  SB277 prohibits a child to attend private, public or pre school without being fully vaccinated (at this time….49 vaccine doses by the age of six).  Unvaccinated children must homeschool.  Homeschool can not be a classroom setting.

New York vaccine bills

NY          8/6/2015         OPPOSE S6017/A8329 to Eliminate the Religious Belief Exemption to Vaccination in NY.  TITLE OF BILL:  An act to repeal subdivision 9 of section 2164 of the public health law, relating to exemption from vaccination due to religious beliefs.  PURPOSE: This bill would repeal all non-medical exemptions from vaccination requirements for children.  SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS: Section 1 of the bill repeals subdivision 9 of section 2164 of the public health law.

NY A 791C/ S 4324A  8/10/2015    OPPOSE    S 4324A was substituted for A 791C and passed by the assembly on June 17 Adds meningitis vaccine requirement for 6th and 11th grade students

NY S6017  7/29/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced July 15, 2015, legislature currently in recess  Eliminates the religious belief exemption in NY

NY A7016/S4733  4/21/2015   OPPOSE    Introduced on 4/20/2015 and referred to the Health Committees, not moving at this time   Requires a physician signature in order to use a religious exemption to vaccination in NY

NY A 6891  4/11/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced on 4/8 and referred to the Assembly Committee on Health, not moving  Allows forced vaccination and medical treatment under certain circumstances

NY A 6873  4/11/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced on 4/8/2015 and referred to the Assembly Committee on Health, not moving  Requires physicians to report suspected cases of communicable disease

NY A2447/A1706  3/9/2015   SUPPORT  Enacting clause stricken, not moving    Bills to prohibit the use of and label vaccines that are genetically modified

NY A5399  3/9/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced on 2/20/15 and referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, not moving  provide personal income tax exemptions for dependents receiving recommended vaccinations  VLA comment:  Hints of further evolution: Australia laws to take away child benefits if unvaccinated.

NY S 3898  2/24/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced and referred to Senate Health Committee 2/20/2015, not moving  Requires all vaccines administered to adults be entered into the tracking system.  VLA comment: Starting the compulsory Adult vaccine program

NY S 3899  2/24/2015  OPPOSE  Introduced and referred to the Committee on Higher Education, not moving   Allows pharmacists to administer flu vaccines to children 9 and older

NY A 943  2/24/2015  SUPPORT  Enacting clause stricken, died  Provides for philosophical exemptions to required vaccination for school students

NY S 3900   2/24/2015    WATCH    Introduced and referred to the Senate Higher Education Committee on 2/20/2015, not moving    Allows pharmacists to administer all ACIP recommended vaccines to adults VLA Comment:  Starting the structure for adult compulsory vaccination.

NY S 2712/A 1528   2/1/2015 OPPOSE  Introduced and referred to Senate and Assembly Health Committee, not moving  HPV Vaccines for minors without parental consent or knowledge  VLA Comment:  OBSCENE

NY A 0224   1/12/2015 SUPPORT Enacting clause stricken on 3/18/15, failed to move forward   Prohibits mandatory flu vaccination as a condition of employment

NY S 509/ A 1822 1/12/2015   OPPOSE   Introduced on 1/7/2015, 1/13/2015 and referred to Senate and Assembly Health Committee, not moving      Adds HPV Vaccine mandate for school children entering 6th grade in New York