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A GREAT STORY OF “Liberation”: Today’s Generation-Diagnosed with Bi Polar, schizophrenia:

VLA: She looks GREAT. I great light to show that liberation is possible after years and years of Depakote, Prozac, etc.

There has been some response that the two words..”complete” and “recovery” are misplaced…as in nothing is ever “complete”. It is an eternal journey. And recovery would mean to cover again. So, I have re-thunk it:::))) We shall use the world “liberation” (from an illusion).

Military’s Prescription Drug Addiction and Soldier Suicide Epidemic


The pattern is relentless: young veteran, barely 30, over-medicated, and not only uncertain but grim about his future. He may still be married, but is likely divorced, possibly estranged from his children. His family frets over his physical and mental health, while taking careful note of his ups and his downs.

Then one day, he dies. The veteran may have taken his own life deliberately. In an increasing number of cases, however, he may have simply gone to sleep and never woken up following a fatal reaction to one of the drugs or cocktails of pills he was prescribed by military doctors.

49,000 veterans (all wars) killed themselves from 2005 to 2011—more than double the rate of the civilian population.

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VLA comment: Though all are affected and are degraded by the over aggressive drug prescriptions given to our soldiers, read why some commit suicide, some die in their sleep and some don’t. Go to link…

CNN: Sanjay Gupta WEED documentary

weedguptat1A most enlightening documentary on Weed for the public and officials to re evaluate their position. Many children who are taking harmful psyche medications because of seizures caused by the over the top children’s vaccine program could benefit from ingesting cannibas components such as in plants bred specifically for cannoboids as opposed to THC. Psyche drug medications are the cause of suicides and homicides. No one ever killed anyone on Marijuana which has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug without medical benefits. Watch this fascinating documentary and make a point to pass it on to your State Representative.

Up in Smoke timeline re: Marijuana use in USA

I Am Adam Lanza’s Doctor: Dr. Rima Laibow (Riveting!)

There maybe those who object to Dr. Laibow having entitled her video “I AM Adam Lanza’s Mother”. However, I am not one of those dissenting voices. She has taken a cosmic oversoul position. Perhaps she might have capitalized “I AM”. Dr. Laibow serves all of humanity as a potent voice and savior, throwing her powerful spear right between the eyes. She speaks for me, for the safety and health of the humanity. She is right on…she could have said “I AM Eileen Danemann’s voice”, “I AM the Mother of the Universe speaking! Listen to what she is saying. And if you can’t save the world…at least save your own child!