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Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon: Fluoride, Aspartame, VACCINATION

Dr. Blaylock is a reknown neurosurgeon. Fluoride reduces function of the Thyroid; Mild reduction in the thyroid function of pregnant women produced children with low IQs. United States is ranked number 36 of 52 in IQ. Why is the government pushing Fluoride and vaccination? US, the most vaccinated nation in the world is ranked 44 in the world for high levels of mortality.

Music Video: Poisoning by Dental fillings

KJ’s Story Mission
The mission of KJ’s story is to collobarate with community leaders, business leaders, churches, and news media to inform families about the potential risks of amalgams. KJ’s story will collaborate with the same leaders to hold fundraisers. The monies from these fundraisers will go to assist families who health has been affected by mercury fillings so that they may safely replace the fillings and get the treatments necessary for recovery.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in doing volunteer work with KJ’s Story.
If you or a loved one is sick and you need a patient advocate, Contact The National Patient Advocate Institute for help.