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Oakland, California School District-Will they DEFY SB277 law

SB277 (California) has been passed and signed by the governor. No child is allowed to go to school, public, private or pre school without being fully vaccinated (49 vaccine doses by the age of six). All unvaccinated children must homeschool.

The Nation of Islam taking on the Oakland School district which hosts the most black students of any district except Los Angeles.

Oct. 7, 2015 UPDATE:  SB792 is another California bill if signed by the Governor will be the first in the nation to mandate compulsory ADULT vaccinations.

We sent this letter and 7 books of Dissolving Illusions to the Oakland School Board (Oct 7th).


Oakland letter


Waldorf Schools in big trouble


California Bill SB277 has been signed into law. No Child can get a public, private or preschool education without being fully vaccinated.

Waldorf Opinion on Vaccinations

Founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner on immunizations


…these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul. People will be inoculated against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas.

[page 199, 200] Steiner: I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young,

VLA COMMENT:  There are about 20 Waldorf Schools in California, 150 in North America and over 1000 world wide. This is a world wide pro vaccine movement we are dealing with. Aside from California SB277, State nationwide bills and Federal bills, already in Australia and Israel, laws are being enacted that will take away child benefits if the child is not fully vaccinated. Will the California Waldorf schools have to close down, will they water down or violate its founders directives or is there another opportunity in the works?

VLA COMMENT: I am hoping that the modern day Waldorf schools realize that this is a spiritual battle between the Luciferic and Ahryman impulses.  And act accordingly to walk between worlds.

The Incarnation of Ahriman: The Embodiment of Evil on Earth: Seven Lectures Given Between October and December 1919  Buy….

Excerpt: Just as Christ incarnated in a physical body, so would Ahriman incarnate in the Western world – before ‘a part’ of the third millennium had passed. Steiner places this incarnation in the context of a ‘cosmic triad’ – Lucifer, Christ and Ahriman. Ahriman will incarnate as a counterpoint to the physical incarnation of Lucifer in the East in the third millennium BC, with the incarnation of Jesus Christ in Palestine as the balancing point between the two. Over the period during which Steiner developed anthroposophy – a speaking career that spanned two decade

Wikipedia: the third millennium is a period of time that according to official sources, such as the United States Naval Observatory, began on January 1, 2001, and will end on December 31, 3000, of the Gregorian calendar.[1][2] It is the third period of one thousand years in the Anno Domini or Common Era.

Degradation of the Waldorf Schools, internationally
The result is the corruption of the pedagogy that has been happening for decades as it pertains to the Waldorf system of education such as the blatant disregard of  the mystical, metaphysical knowledge of the founder in not taking a clear stand on his position on vaccination.  It is due to this disregard and weak policy on vaccination, that the Waldorf schools, internationally, are facing this crisis.   Despite the Anthroposophical education of the teachers and the administration on the evolution of humanity and the battle of Lucifer and Ahriman, the Waldorf schools have capitulate to these very forces because they didn’t stand strong on vaccine policy.

“…these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul. People will be inoculated against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas”

It is amazing to me that the Waldorf schools that purports to follow  the Anthroposophical pedagogy has gone so wrong that they would have even accepted students that have surrendered to an errant vaccination policy in the first place.  They might have figured a way, a long time ago, a way to educate the applicant parents on Steiner’s position on inoculation to prepare the child for entry.  But instead they weakened the rules.

Why hasn’t the world wide Waldorf administration preserved the quality of the the school and committed to a policy in regarding its acceptance of vaccinated children knowing that the overly vaccinated will cause trouble in the classroom due to the loss of an inclination towards spirituality?  Clearly they made no effort to prepare applicants about Steiner’s position on immunization early on.  And here we are!

Lucifer and Ahriman

Steiner was very clear about the impulses of  Lucifer and Ahriman in the evolution of humanity.  This clearly had his most fundamental attention in developing an educational system based on spiritual science. He warned that this day would come.   The Waldorf schools (as you as you say in UK) has capitulated to the government forces regarding vaccination.  In fact and in essence, they misalign themselves with the natural progressive forces of evolution and instead align with Ahriman and Lucifer away from the Christ impulse-a total antithesis of what Dr. Steiner stood for.

“I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young”



Go Fund Me National Legislator Campaign “DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS”

SB 277 The End of Vaccine Exemption passes-Goes to Governor Brown for signing (CA.)

California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation read more…

SACRAMENTO — After months of rancorous debate and emotional pleas from parents, a bill that would force most Californians to vaccinate their children cleared its last major legislative hurdle on Thursday.So now the only question is: Will California’s famously unpredictable governor give the measure his blessing? Senate Bill 277, which mandates vaccinations for all schoolchildren regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs, passed on a 46-to-30 vote in the state.

Read more and watch video… 

VLA COMMENT:  It was a New York Fed Court that started this…and California has just played its part…Very convenient for Bill Gates “Virtual Schools” with Common Core Curriculum and so in tune with UN Agenda 21.



Bill Gates: Islamic Bank gets $500 million for Vaccine, Virtual Education, Agriculture Agenda

                               GATES’ REACH

Creating Global Governance step by step…follow the money!

Vaccines, Virtual Education (core curriculum) and GMO agriculture


Maputo (IINA) – The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have launched $500-million worth fund, called “Life and Living Fund,” to fight poverty and diseases. The decision was taken by Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Ali, president of IDB, and Bill Gates during the 40th annual meeting of the IDB, being held in Maputo, Mozambique, on Wednesday.The new fund aims to tackle poverty and disease in 56 IDB member countries, through support for health-care programs, small agricultural holdings and basic rural infrastructure.
Dr. Ali said that the fund will enable the Bank, through a combination of funding from donors and mobilized resources from the market, to provide additional funding of up to $ 2 billion, over five years, to fight poverty and disease in the member countries, especially the least developed member countries. The IDB president expressed hope that the fund would start operations in early 2016 thanks to the generous donations from the Gates Foundation and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development.

For his part, Bill Gates said that some member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has achieved remarkable economic growth and stability, pointing out that more than one billion people in the world live in abject poverty, 400 million of whom live in the Muslim world.

Read more…

Bill Gates & world financing for his agenda

Gates’ latest plan is to try to end world hunger by growing more genetically modified (GM) crops. He’s already invested $27 million into Monsanto Company

Bill Gates: Food security (GMO)

ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK recent press releases

Operations led a Bank-wide team to engineer an innovative “Triple-win” financing mechanism after months of negotiations and interactions with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates Foundation). This new and innovative financing mechanism, that is compliant with the Islamic modes of financing, holds promise for millions of people as more concessionary financing is made available to developing countries in Africa and Asia. Also, the Gates Foundation and the IsDB have declared their support for the eradication of polio in Nigeria and Afghanistan and then to extend the use of the financing mechanism to tackling the eradication of Malaria and overcoming Food Insecurity. Read more…

The Gates Foundation is pushing chemically based agriculture and GMOs into Africa.

AGRA is part of a global trend that is being driven by big agritech that seeks to eradicate the small farmer and undermine local economies and food sovereignty by subjecting countries to the vagaries of rigged global markets.[5,6]

Giant agritech corporations like Monsanto with their patented seeds and associated chemical inputs are working to ensure a shift away from diversified agriculture that guarantees balanced local food production, the protection of people’s livelihoods and environmental sustainability.

The Gates Foundation has substantial shares in Monsanto.[14] With Monsanto’s active backing from the US State Department [15] and the Gates Foundation’s links with USAID [16], together they comprise a formidable geopolitical strategic force.

Those against the genetically engineering based industrialization Africa says “We stand together against the corporate control of our food systems, the lack of accountability of global institutions like the G8 New Alliance For Food Security and Nutrition, the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), the United States (US) government’s Feed the Future Initiative, the Grow Africa Partnership, the Gates Foundation and its Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and others, that are forcing their policies and institutions upon the farmers of the world to open up markets and create spaces for multinationals to secure profits; against the monopolization of our seeds that criminalizes the historical farm practices of saving, sharing, selling and exchanging seeds; against the displacement and dispossession of small-scale farm producers and workers from their lands; against the new Green Revolution, the global Free Trade Agreements, “climate-smart agriculture” and “sustainable intensification”.

Read more…

GLOBAL VIRTUAL EDUCATION (core curriculum driven)


Read more…


VLA comment: Lot of blah, blah, blah about women’s right to education. Bill Gate agenda sound altruistic at first blush…but if the virtual education is tied to the common core curriculum agenda then the whole world will be programmed the same-unfortunately programmed by the Corporate interests and the World govt. agenda as backed by Gates.

MOOC (Massively open online courses):  Learn about and explore tools to incorporate Common Core literacy standards into your content area. In this course you will explore Literacy Design Collaborative resources, and develop a plan to use one of those resources within your context.

One Man’s Money: Bill Gates,

Common Core was developed at the behest of two private Washington, D.C. lobbying organizations, the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Gates doesn’t address concerns that Achieve, Inc., the group that the NGA and the CCSSO assigned to develop the standards, did not include educators or child development specialists; that development was done behind closed doors; that the standards adopted in most states of the nation were never piloted, anywhere, by anyone; and that the federal government requires personally identifiable student information from schools as an integral part of Common Core.  Education, and Common CoreWhat is common core? 

 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has granted over $2 billion to Common Core development and implementation. Recent research by Jack Hassard, Professor Emeritus at Georgia State University, indicates that the Gateses have to date spent $2.3 billion on Common Core. (, 3-18-14).

Gates is “a promoter of global sameness of education as defined by UNESCO and the United Nations.” (, 3-28-13) Gates is certainly active within the United Nations and has expressed agreement with UN policies such as Agenda 21 is a UN-sponsored action plan that promotes “sustainable development” and global governance at the expense of private properties, individual liberty, and national sovereignty. Some Common Core concepts align with Agenda 21’s education goals.


Lima, Peru:  Bill Gates starting to get his hands on INNOVA

La empresa Innova Quality recibió de la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates US$100.000. Sin embargo, esta es solo la cuota inicial de un premio mayor: US$1 millón que podría recibir para fortalecer la investigación en nuevos materiales y empaques con el objetivo de desarrollar el que Bill Gates catalogaría como el mejor condón del planeta.

TRANSLATION: Innova Quality received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $ 100,000 . However, this is only a down payment on a bigger prize : $ 1 million could receive to strengthen research on new materials and packaging in order to develop…IN SPANISH  GATES DONATES TO INNOVA.


Maine Doctors testify they are not qualified re: vaccine education



Of the 21 entities testifying in opposition to LD 1076

On whether or not they knew about or understood the VICP:

9 gave testimony that showed that they didn’t understand the VICP (4 Medical Professionals Organizations, 3 Public Health Agencies, 2 Health Care Corporations)

11 gave testimony that was unclear on whether they understood the VICP or not (3 Pediatricians, 2 Medical Professional Organizations, 1 Health Care Corporation, 2 parents and 3 advocates.

1 Gave testimony that showed that she knew about the VICP, but that she believed that it “provides a swift, comprehensive alternative to litigation.” (Pediatrician representing a Health Care Corporation)

On whether or not they could differentiate VICP from VAERS:

8 confused VICP with VAERS (4 Medical Professional Organizations, 3 Public Health Agencies,and 1 Health Care Corporation.

12 did not give enough information to tell if they were confusing VICP with VAERS (1 Medical Professional Organizations, 3 Pediatricians, 3 Advocates, 2 parents and a Health Care Corporations

1 could differentiate between VICP and VAERS (Pediatrician representing a Health Care Corporation)

On their reasons for opposing the bill:

9 stated only that they were opposed to the bill, and gave no explanation as to why (3 Pediatricians, 1 Medical Professional Organization, 1 Health Care Corporation, 2 Advocates and 2 parents.)

8 reported that it was redundant to federal legislation (3 Medical Professional Organizations, 3 Public Health Officials, 2 Health Care Corporations) READ MORE…

Compulsory (forced) Vaccination Bills: 110 bills across 36 states (bills included by state)


110 Bills, 36 states  (total list)

Sample bills:

Eliminates the personal belief exemption in California

Eliminates the religious belief exemption to vaccination in Maryland

Eliminates the religious belief exemption

Eliminates both the religious and philosophical belief exemptions in VT

Requires all school students, teachers, administrators, and staff members to be fully vaccinated

Allows pharmacists to administer any vaccine to minors 14 and older without parental consent

HPV Vaccines for minors without parental consent or knowledge

Allows minors 14 and older in the Texas Juvenile Justice System to consent to vaccination

Prohibits day care providers from hiring anyone who has not been vaccinated with 3 vaccines

Requires health care providers be vaccinated for flu

Mandates all college students living in on-campus housing be vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Expands police powers to detain individuals suspected of exposure to communicable diseases

Requires notarization and education for religious belief exemptions

Requires physician counseling for conscientious and religious belief exemption

Severely Restricts Religious Exemption to Vaccine Mandates

Restricts the religious exemption to vaccination by changing the language

Provides liability protections to dentists who administer vaccines

Allows disclosure of a patient’s immunization record without the patient’s authorization

Requires doctor certification for parents using a personal belief exemptions for school/child care

Requires parents receive a letter from the principal if there is a nonvaccinated child in attendance

Requires schools provide information on HPV Vaccines in any course in sexual education


New HHS draft to target adult population, Feb. 2015

NVIC ACTION 3:1:5:0015  (take action, now)

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment on VACCINES

The DesMoines Register’s Editorial Board, in a 4 page opinion section, Sun, 2/15, 2051 recommended that Iowa should end all religious exemption.  This will have an impact on MSAE as it pertains to all private schools as well as public.

VLA Comment, Eileen Danneman, editor:  The Vaccine Liberation Army website is one of the most informative websites in the nation on the risks of vaccination.  Please scroll through including going to the various “rooms”.  You can contact me by hitting the contact button on the website. c.

FOX-Breaking News: Oregon & Washington State Legislation seek to end exemptions

Fox new video

Oregon officials announce parents must provide proof that their child is vaccinated to attend school.

VLA Comment:  They are trying to spin the measles epidemic so as to blame someone from the Philippines so that the finger isn’t pointed to a vaccinated individual who got the vaccine and is “shedding”.

Their lame excuse (I can’t believe the television audience is stupid enough to believe this kind of propaganda) is that the same virus is also found in the Phillipines.