14 thoughts on “HEADSTART

  1. farrad

    I cant believe these politicians are really trying to push for a bill to inject poision into kids…this is a seriously violation of natural law and order and they ought to be arrested for CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY….

  2. Carla Andreas

    I do not want the government telling what to do with my body. I and my God am in charge of that, no one else. I smell a revolution!

  3. Arlene Johnson

    I have published numerous articles on vaccines, one written by a medical doctor in India.
    Unfortunately my site is down or I would provide the links.

    It is my feeling that senators like Barbara Boxer are in on the agenda to destroy the USA
    which is what Bush was sent over the the United States to do which I exposed in my 37th
    edition, the link of which I cannot provide to you here. Bush is really Scherf who
    was born in Germany and served Hitler as a spy against the USA. Here is the link from
    which I obtained it:


    No medical authority here mandates vaccinations for anyone. They suggest, and I always
    decline. This is in the UK where I have lived for over 6 years.


    Arlene Johnson

  4. lisa

    Are you kidding me?! If passed no more school for us! How dare anyone tell us what to put in our bodies!

  5. Kevin Conrad

    Time to choose: your children or support of the system. This could not be more important! Pull your kids out of school and teach them yourselves. It may be very difficult, but must be done. If they insist on injecting kids in order to teach them, it is time to stop attending. Sounds crazy, but will have to be done for the future of humanity. This is not a laughing matter. No longer can the people stand for such insanity. A vaccination program such as this is an absolute act of war. It is the duty of all citizens to refuse to allow this to continue.

  6. Lorri

    Parents will decide what’s best for their kids not the government. There always needs to be a choice. Every person reacts differently to chemicals put in their body. Antibiotics heal some people while make some sick, the same goes with vaccines. Other countries get to choose & we should continue as well.

  7. Editor Post author

    check the first 20 minutes of this congressional hearing 2 days ago: ​HIGH ALERT​ MUST WATCH HIGH ALERT MUST WATCH

    The Congress is moving towards mass congressional support for mandated vaccines.MUST SEE



  8. Action Jackson

    This is the last straw, pitch fork time is here and if we do not stand now, we will be forced slow killed. This is their last stand to see how many of us are stupid and do not research true medical science, well, there are many of us and we are also on the inside so we know the truth and the plan. http://www.jjma4u.com is what I built to wake up the masses……..

  9. Emily Bowles

    Head start is a federally funded program. If the government wants to put restrictions on, or requirements for, a program they fund then so be it. If you don’t like it, put your child in private day care, or better yet, keep them home if you choose not to vaccinate.

  10. Editor Post author

    Nice one. You know that head start is primarily made up of financially disadvantaged children. You would be whistling a different tune if it were your child that got injured from the vaccines. If you have a child…do they have any allergies, asthma, ADHD?

  11. Elizabeth

    I actually have a child with allergies, asthma and ADHD. That is all the more reason to vaccinate because she can not tolerate even the flu without extra respiratory support. Being in the medical field I have seen children suffer and die from vaccine preventable diseases. I believe anyone who has seen that would want to prevent it. Everyone has a choice whether or not to vaccinate. You have the option to home school or vaccinate and send them to school. The choice is still yours to make but you cant have your cake and eat it to. Head start is federally funded and if you dont like their rules then dont attend…its an option that you can choose not to make.

  12. Editor Post author

    Unfortunately, not everyone has a choice. In California dayschool teachers must vaccinate or get fired. Children can not attend public or private education without 49 vaccine dose by the age of three. I assume you vaccinated your child…and you are not dealing with the fact that you gave at least 39 vaccine doses to her/his little infant body. It was a mistake and you will have to deal with it by and by. I hope you cut your losses and realize the cause before you put your child on life long anti psychotic drugs. Here is a link to what have put into your baby’s body and why your child has ADHD: http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/05/27/inability-of-infants-to-metabolize-vaccine-excipients-cytochrome-p450/

  13. Michael Farrell

    This is insane, and I am absolutely dismayed and disgusted that in America- the land of the free, we are not in total rebellion against this immoral intrusion on our own personal liberties- amazingly sickening that these are people we elected to serve the greater good.

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