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Baby dies after being forced Hep B vaccine by “Doctor Discretion”


Statement by Erdem I. Cantekin, PhD of University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine sent as an open letter to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):

There is no scientific evidence to justify HBV vaccination before the age when those risk factors associated with the HBV transmission (sex, needles, etc.) become relevant. Recent risk-benefit analysis show HBV vaccination among children carries one of the largest unjustified risks and substantial financial costs, second only to the new controversial conjugate pneumococcal vaccine. (Emphasis added).

The Hepatitis B, or Hep-B (HBV) vaccination has been traced as the source of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) on hundreds of occasions.  So what to do if a hospital pediatrician threatens to take your newborn baby from you if you reject the Hep-B vaccination?

After noticing that neither parent had been tested for hepatitis B recently, Dr. Bierd decided to overrule the parents’ Hep-B vaccination refusal by invoking “doctor discretion” to override the parent’s refusal, a policy that’s valid only in life or death emergencies.Read story…

STUDY: The Utility (Futility) of Hepatitis B Vaccine and the Risk to newborns


In the US, the Hepatitis B disease mainly infects intravenous drug users, homosexuals, prostitutes and promiscuous heterosexuals. The disease is transmitted by blood, through sex or dirty needles. How could a newborn baby possibly get Hepatitis B if the mother doesn’t have it?  New borns are injected with Hep B at 1-12 hours old and sometimes the hospitals don’t get permission from the parents.  Be sure to submit upon your arrival at the hospital to give birth,  a statement of record that you do not want your baby to be injected with any vaccines including but not limited to Hep B. DO NOT inject your baby with vaccines until you have done due diligence.  Breast feeding, organic food will be sufficient protection until you do your research.  So hold off.

Personal stories:

Lyla Rose Belkin was a lively, alert five-week-old baby when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of a newborn child that she would die that night. Read more…

Study by  Rajeev Kumar & Jacob Puliyel, Head of Pediatrics,St Stephens Hospital Delhi 110054

Read study….open access

Three salient points emerge from their study.  Here are two:

1. Authors found that vaccination did not reduce hepatitis B carrier rate, which is the primary  aim of the immunization program.

2.  At 6 years of age, protective levels of anti-HBs antibody (10 mlU/mL) were present only in about 59% of those immunized. By 11 years, only 13% had protective levels. Read more…

Comparable to world literature, that without vaccination, a third of the population get infected and the vast majority clear the infection.

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