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NYC Dist. Attorney starts Transcendental Meditation Program for criminals

DA wants criminals to meditate as part of “anti-burnout program”

Put down the shiv, go sit in a corner and quietly chant.

Hardened criminals locked away in gritty city jails can now look forward to getting some inner peace through stress-reducing transcendental meditation classes, courtesy of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The healing will begin as early as April for incarcerated “at risk” juvenile and adult inmates in addition to non-criminals including domestic-violence survivors and sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a notice in the city record.  Read more…

Autism/Aspergers and Transcendental Meditation…”I will send a comforter”


You can see Joey and his mother practicing TM together

Can the Transcendental Meditation technique help those with ASD?  Joey Lowenstein is among a growing number of children with ASD that are learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, and who are finding that the daily practice of the TM technique significantly reduces their level of stress and improves the quality of their lives.  Go to link



20 Female Inmates on Rikers Island initiated into Transcendental Meditation


David Lynch Foundation Goes to Rikers Island

20 women signed up to learn TM—plus three Rikers staff members. And one week later, a TM course, funded by the David Lynch Foundation’s Women’s Initiative, was under way. Read more…