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TRUMPTAC & Press Release on Vaccines for Midterm Elections


Powerful Voter Block to Push Trump Aligned Candidates Over the Edge #TrumpTAC (Trump Aligned Candidates video)


The thousands of parents and families concerned about vaccine safety represent powerful voting blocks in every state. As with the 2016 election these constituents have the organizing power to push Trump aligned candidates to victory. Today, 69 vaccine doses are mandated for K-12 school attendance, some of which have not been evaluated for safety or efficacy in over a half of a century. The National Coalition of Organized Women is requesting a written statement from all Trump aligned candidates (#TrumpTAC) showing support for the President’s position on vaccines and his intention-by sponsoring a bill that creates an independent Vaccine Science and Safety Commission. The commission will investigate every mandated childhood vaccine for risks, benefits and cost-effectiveness, in light of current vaccine science.

We estimate that among our various groups nationally, that we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000 parents and families who have voiced concern about the safety of vaccines. These voters are spread across the 50 states. TRUMPTACPressRelease


Post this link in facebook and send through our networks requesting that our supporters send this survey/questionaire to Trump Aligned Candidates,  GOP National and State Campaign offices, Governors and legislative representative.  Do as much as you can to help President Trump keep his promises. Please send filled survey back to NCOWDirector@gmail.com.

7 question SURVEY   TrumptacSurvey 


1) Are you aware of President Trump’ position on Vaccines?


2) Are you in agreement that there is an Autism Epidemic?


3) Are you in agreement with President Trump that Vaccines can and do cause Autism?


4) Are you in agreement with President Trump that an independent vaccine science and safety commission should be created to investigate the vaccine safety of every government mandated childhood vaccine?


5) Do you understand the support from Congress needed in order for President Trump to challenge pharmaceutical/medical interests?


6) Are you aware that a 1986 law gave all manufacturers and vaccine providers complete and full immunity from lawsuits even if their product was contaminated; that they only possible excuse for a lawsuit is “willful misconduct”?


7) Will you have President Trump’s back?

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