Dr. A True Ott: Wellness Secrets For Life (Minerals are vitally important)

The information in this book is vital for your health. the body is composed entirely of MINERALS and WATER  Dr. A. True Ott is one of our most vocal activists on health, politics and social change.  Dr. Ott is the real deal. The minerals produced by Dr. A True Ott are micronized so that the body readily absorbs them. The minerals are placed under the tongue for about 60 seconds…this allows maximum absorption ito the bloodstream and the cells. We highly recommend that you read this book. Buy book

5 thoughts on “Dr. A True Ott: Wellness Secrets For Life (Minerals are vitally important)

  1. Barbara Tritelli

    I am 77 and have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both hips as a result of inflammation. I received a cortisone shot in each his yesterday. Also received an injection at the base of my left thumb/wrist due to arthritis. MRI of sacro/pelvic area show arthritis in SI joint, Pelvis. Rheumatologist suggested medications but alterted me they suppress the immune system and have “side effects” that warrant caution. My massage therapist sent me the email below. I am interested in knowing what supplement rebuilds bone. What should I be taking. Appreciate hearing from you. barbtritelli2K16@gmail.com
    10:17 AM (7 minutes ago)
    Hello Barbara
    All I can say, is that if you are taking a steroid to help with pain better find a supplement that helps rebuild bone. Basically minerals will help. I love the book Wellness Secrets for life. by True Ott PhD. His company have mineral supplements that you take under the tongue and doesn’t go through digestive system. Best way to get your calcium and magnesium, etc.

  2. Gia

    Wow. People should have been able to hear Dr. Otts case. I knew Obama was working for the SS Brown Shirts. Everyone who was in the intel community in Austin knew he was a treasonous idiot. Now, here we sit. Just waiting as the false prophet Trump finally pulls the trigger. I knew about this ENTIRE set up on our Country because there’s a lawyer in Austin whose name was everywhere in the early Wikileaks. She’s gotten away with more crimes against children then The Finders. And she’s been helping to bring in the UN with all this SICK, SADISTIC, chip implant, legal child rape, genocide, that the original UN investor’s and The Council of Foreign Relations aka Luciferians (nice bragging rights), said to be working for America. BTW. The UN is nothing but the same cult who invested in Adolph and his crew of Black Sun, child trafficking network. Same exact people trafficking our children today through every non profit organization said to help children! Pfphh! And they made this HUGE campaign on Epstein for distraction. But i knew what was up. Not one person in this God forsaken government or justice system had the integrity to stand up for OUR COUNTRY’S children. Nope. George Bush Sr and his family were devout Natzis and besties with that Queen Elizabeth and Queen Maxima Royal households. Mark Dutrox was their collector for children that they literally sacrificed WITH POPE RATZINGER and Francis. Just a real classy bunch. Add on Soros, and big tech. You got yourselves The Temple of Micheal Aquino-Bill Gates. Lol!
    Interestingly, i sat and listened to an hour of the Dossier written by the supposed craziest man alive. Ted Kaczynski. I realized something. Ted knew EVERYTHING about the deep inferiority complex these individuals have. He had it spot on. And they tried to drive him insane. That should be a lawsuit on the University’s back btw. Its called psycological warfare operations. The cya is notorious for doing this the weak, young, and innocents. That’s why they need several islands to buy and sell the little ones for experiments. Queen Elizabeth sits at the top, then the Rothschilds, on down. And, Hilary Clinton cracks me up! Prince Albert of Orange Dutch Monarchy got named by some of Dutroxs living victims. So, Al, calls Hilary, and asks her to set up a NCMEC in Belgium. AND AL IS ON THE BOARD! This has got to go all the way back to Crowley, then the Moors, Saville, Krays, Elm House, Franklin Files, Finders ,on to Epstein and all in between. Oh, don’t forget Vatican. They no longer are Catholic. Theres too much to say here. I only found Dr. Otts name after getting bored and reading a random site on Franklin’s Files. AND THE PEOPLE in that!
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    In the luck they read this. I knew you were coming. Because Im a Christian. And that Bible, told me everything you would do. This IS a trip. Its not going to be pretty. God promised his might upon you, using the hand of Russia. Putins going to kick all your arses. Thats been promised. The good people, that believed in you. Probably won’t make it this either. But we get to come back. Hell is not going to give you deity status.
    I hope you suffer the torments of every single child you tormented. Starting now. God the father IS coming back. He’s just gonna let Russia have her due finally.
    God be with us all in this trial thats before us. Amen

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