Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection



A month ago, Chandler was his typical happy and healthy self. Gearing up for an LDS mission, he went to a Sandy pediatrician for a physical.
“This was his first flu shot, he never had one before,” his mother, Lori Webb said.
Less than 24 hours later, Chandler became violently ill. “He said he never shook so hard his whole life,” Lori Webb said. “He had the worst headache, throw up.” Read more…

8 thoughts on “Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection

  1. Michael Shay

    Someday western medicine will believe in science, even if the research demonstrates that the therapy in question has no science to back it up; or is dangerous with published studies to show it is useless (Lancet) such as the flu vaccine.

  2. John Wantling

    We must understand that when we introduce foreign matter into a human, we will experience a wide spectrum of reactions, some will be hardly noticeable, some will be fatal, and there are many reactions in between. These reactions are based on toxicology, not immunology. When we vaccinate, this is the risk that we take. The flu shots do not and cannot protect against the flu. In fact, I don’t see flu as infectious in the sense that a virus jumps out of the body and infects another person. That is something out of a science fiction film. Dr Patrick Quanten states that saliva is glorified water vapour, no infectious process, although there may well be microbes but no infectious disease. All disease apart from trauma is an inside-out phenomenon, not outside-in. When we understand that, then there is no point in vaccines as they merely add foreign matter or poison into the body and this poison suppresses disease symptoms. This suppression is not immunity; it is pushing disease symptoms further back into the body. That is not a bright idea and in fact extremely dangerous. If a vaccine was the cause of this fatality, then it is nothing out of the ordinary. I feel sorry that this family has been so misled into thinking that a vaccine offers protection when no vaccine can do that. A complete waste, it is bad science and bad medicine, but every time a vaccine proves fatal, this is the harsh reality. I would never take a vaccine of any description. Blood poisoning is not immunity. Posted by John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  3. Susan Kreider

    This is very sad. Mom says Chandler was pure, but in the next statement she says Chandler was vaccinated. Those are contradictory statements.

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