1 thought on “Anita Moorjani’s near death experience

  1. Scott Wiseman

    I have had some close calls in the last few weeks. I had a cold and it was a bad one. I took Liposomal Vitamin C from this place https://getvitabetter.com/products/better-c At first I did not like the liquid form, or the taste to be honest. But I put this liquid in my coffee, in my water, in my apple juice and it was not so bad. Everytime I took it I get a bit more energy. Finally my fever broke and I was better. I only took this Vitamin and my wifes home made chicken soup. After I was feeling better I got the Sleep Away from VitaBetter, the place I mentioned before. It went right to bed and work up 1 hour past my normal time. I am a strong believer in Liposomes

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