Coronavirus VACCINE: It’s dangers!!!

As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing

Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.

VLA COMMENT: This article is from behind the scenes meeting of vaccine industry scientists…MUST READ

Note:  Seems to me, by this beautiful photo of the virus, that the coherent triangles are attached to what appears to be a near dead host.  No wonder its killing sick people, many of whom fear death…quite a grey mass that these beautiful triangles are attached to: A cleansing of humanity,


Coronavirus: 60% of UK population need to become infected so country can build ‘herd immunity’, government’s chief scientist says

United Kingdom going in a different direction…GO FOR HERD IMMUNITY 

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