URGENT: Covid-19 Emergency Room Doctor says Hospitals are treating the wrong disease

VLA COMMFENT: Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell speaks out to expose that the wrong protocol is being used to save Coronavirus patients who are at the stage of lung problems. He says the use of ventilators are the wrong treatment. He asserts that the symptoms are more like high altitude problems where patients are being starved on oxygen, not a muscular problem to which ventilators are applied to help the patient breathe.

COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.

5G exposure may alter the structure and function of hemoglobin, “causing coronavirus patients to die from oxygen deprivation”

What’s especially horrifying about the critical care of coronavirus patients is that they aren’t suffering from “viral pneumonia,” but rather from an inability to absorb or carry oxygen in the blood.

How does blood transport oxygen in the first place?

How, exactly, can all these patients be starved of oxygen when their lungs are technically working just fine? To understand one possible answer, you have to first understand how the blood carries oxygen. It’s way more fascinating than you might have supposed.

When functioning normally, 1 molecule of hemoglobin binds with 4 molecules of oxygen, using iron (Fe2+), forming oxyhemoglobin. But this binding is only achieved because of something called “partial pressure” which means the concentration of oxygen in the lung tissues is higher than the concentration of oxygen on the hemoglobin molecule (roughly stated, this is simplified somewhat), so the oxygen “leaps” to the hemoglobin in order to equalize the partial pressures across the chasm.


4 thoughts on “URGENT: Covid-19 Emergency Room Doctor says Hospitals are treating the wrong disease

  1. Craig

    The “read more” link at the bottom of the article “URGENT: Covid-19 Emergency Room Doctor says Hospitals are treating the wrong disease” doesn’t work.

  2. C. Willinais

    The Dr. is getting smarter! NOW, he suspects it’s oxygen deprivation. Maybe,
    in the next video, he will connect the 5G/60Ghz theories…Hmmmm.

    With no initial safety studies to go by, even really smart Dr’s. are having a
    hard time with this.

    Mr. Trump activated over 1 Million soldiers “who will be inundated with the
    5G/60Gzh” soon. Imagine, 10’s of thousands of soldiers gasping for air &
    dropping like flies. Never even knowing…….About, “Invisible Rainbows”?

    Maybe a good reason, to impeach Mr. Trump for inadvertently jeopardizing
    the very lives of over 1 MILLION of America’s Finest. And maybe even kill-
    ing a few hundred via 5G/60Ghz enabled ventilators….(60Ghz, the REAL culprit?)

    (The Fullerton Informer seems to know.) And with Trump finally gone, the C.C.P. Army
    can just waltz across the southern border, & install Hillery as POTUS, with Mrs. Pelosi
    V.P. The Chinese finding no resistance “due to the initial effects of the 60Ghz, is all it took”.

    How about a 5G/60Ghz enabled hyperbaric chamber Doc? Maybe there’s a switch to opt out
    of 5G/60Ghz? (No one, has found one yet!)

  3. Editor Post author

    Yeah..trump does appear to support 5G even 6G. See how deep this goes…Trump is doing lots of good work, a savior of sort, but he is not Jesus. He is up against a lot…and even up against some of his own concepts of health. Put 8th sphere” in our search engine….and see the metaphysics of good vs. evil that is frequenting this earth.

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