3 thoughts on “Zinc & Quinine Water: Dr. Erc Neputa

  1. Jim Phelps

    We do have a cure for virus, it uses alkaline pH methods that kills the virus systemically. Quinine as well as Hydroxychloroquine raises the pH inside cells and the virus, be it COVID-19 or any other from colds and flus cannot live in the cells.

    Diets low in sugars and carbs also raise body pH and lots of folks have a natural immunity to colds, flu, cancer virus, and COVID-19 due to proper alkaline inducing diets.

    The AMA and Big Pharma likes to hide the pH issues from the public to exploit them for extreme profits.

  2. Pat Violante

    The only zinc I could find was in zicam. I do not know how many milligrams of zinc are in it.

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