1 thought on “Gary Franchi & Rasid Buttar: This is the one to watch! BLASTS GATES & FAUCI

  1. Anonymous


    Israeli news live (agenda video) shows classified
    Dept of Defense conference on using a flu or respiratory vaccine to deliver darpa/nanotechnology that will wipe out humanity’s spiritual belief function in their brains

    More & more professionals speaking out against this current madness happening in world & bringing enlightenment

    *Dr Andrew Kaufman
    *Dr Rashid Buttar
    Dr Artin Massihi
    Dr Sherri Tenpenny
    Dr Annie Bulacek

    We really see how far the rabbit hole goes connecting current world event with this special lady who’s been thru nothing short of nightmare with USA gov attempts to destroy her as she tries to share her story with the world, see her interview on valuetainment or London Real: AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits whom at the start has first hand knowledge of this ongoing crime against humanity

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