VANDANA SHIVA – Bill Gates: Patenting and Pirating Seed…BIO-PIRACY

COMMENT: These billionaire “philanthropists” think they are untouchable. They use the climate change narrative to support depopulation policies and they push vaccinations and genetically modified plants not to help developing countries but to profit from them. They patent everything they can from genetically modified viruses to the vaccines that kill them and genetically modified genomes in seeds. They are pure evil.


Dr. Vandana Shiva’s most radical and important ideas are represented in lucid form in this essential primer for those who wish to understand the forces that threaten our planet. Her vision of “one earth, one humanity” and its scientific and cultural roots are explained in depth; the monopolistic economic machinations of the 1% are exposed; the genetic manipulations of Monsanto and its Nazi roots are uncovered; and “philanthropists” such as Bill Gates are exposed as the new Robber Barons. Vandana Shiva’s struggles on the streets of Seattle and Cancun and in homes and farms across the world have yielded a set of principles based on inclusion, nonviolence, reclaiming the commons, and freely sharing the earth’s resources. These ideals, which she calls “earth democracy,” serve as an urgent call to peace and as the basis for a just and sustainable future. Unafraid to confront authority and name names, this slim book exposes the global elite, uncovering their links to the rising tide of fundamentalism, violence against women, and planetary death.

VLA Comment: Perhaps he really got going after Bayer Pharmaceuticals bought Monsanto

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