1 thought on “It’s Just a Mask!

  1. Arthur

    Social engineering has nothing to do with factual science of right reason, that easily uses scholastically logical standpoints as an ablution granted in service of honor above all else.

    And any truth when masked, serves neither wisdom or honor above all else. Rather, hides an insecurity rising unconscience, which people of good will must either avoid or educate to stabilize contractually, what conscientious people are naturally posed to proffer in good will.

    A point of view once openly & greatly respective, that is, germane to one’s honor creditably kept by one’s own word:

    A man is only as good as his word. For a man’s credit is only as good as his word, serves as his bond that gives credit to all common tenancy in the Sovereignty exercised equally endowed upon all American Nationals & all walks of life similarly minded in the service of honor above all else.

    Chuse wisely brethren, chuse wisely!

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