PHARMACIDE: THE AUTOMATISM DEFENSE-virtual links to white paper by Eileen Dannemann

                                   PHARMACIDE                              Automatism Defense                 Mental illness, Suicides, Homicides, Mass shootings                           A white paper by Eileen Dannemann                         Director, National Coalition of Organized Women                                    1.  Outline compilation FINAL                                   2. Discussion and Purpose        photos shooters, suicides….THE EYES…   TOP-COCAINE, MIDDLE-KETAMINE, SPEED, BOTTOM-KETAMINE                                       3. Mass Shooters […]

CCHR: More About Psychiatric Drugs Causing Violence and Suicide

  “Antidepressant-induced akathisia-related homicides associated with diminishing mutations in metabolizing genes of the CYP450 family“   by Yolande Lucire and Christopher Crotty   Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 1 August 2011   [doi: 10.2147/PGPM.S17445] This research paper details patients who had been referred to Dr. Lucire’s practice for expert opinion or treatment. More than 120 subjects were diagnosed with akathisia […]

Medical/Legal: Pharmacogenetics-THE AUTOMATON DEFENSE

With the exception of liability without fault, which requires only actus reus, a crime requires two elements, actus reus and mens rea. While most criminal defenses attempt to excuse, justify or exculpate the defendant’s criminal guilt by addressing mens rea, the automatism defense is different in that it attempts to prove that the defendant did […]

DAVID’S STORY: Psyche Drugs & Pharmacogenetics (A common story plaguing the World)

David’s Story- Psyche Drugs & Pharmacogenetics  There is a field of research, Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics, that is rising to prominence, as we speak.  St. Jude’s Children Hospital, the Mayo Clinic are some of the institutions leading the charge. Turns out that one size doesn’t fit all, after all.  Vaccines contain excipients that must be metabolized by the […]

Who Killed Alex? A pharmacogenetic perspective!

 Polly Tommy and Andy Wakefield did a RIVETING film that you may not have seen, “WHO KILLED ALEX SPOURDAKALIS”. VLA COMMENT: PHARMACOGENTICS AND THE DEATH OF ALEX:  The above video is an awesome real life history of Alex’s family with early videos and documentation of the medical horror show. The family, the mother, Dorothy, […]

Anti-Depressant, Opioids-Induced Homicides-Diminishing metabolizing genes of the Cyp450 Family

STUDY: Cyp 450 Homicides Lucire STUDY #2 The relevance of cytochrome P450 polymorphism in forensic medicine and akathisia-related violence and suicide Lucire#2 Published paper by Dr. Yolande Lucire, PhD MBBS DPM FRANZCP FORENSIC & MEDICO-LEGAL PSYCHIATRY Dr Yolande Lucire is a forensic psychiatrist who specialises in adverse drug reactions to psychiatric drugs. Truly compassionate, a […]


The RxISK Medical Team has just finished the final draft of the “RxISK Guide to Stopping Antidepressants”. As of 2014, close to 10% of the population of most Western countries are on antidepressants more than 50% of whom are likely to be hooked on them. This guide focuses on SSRIs. (Selective Serotonin Re Uptake Inhibitors). […]

Breaking News- THE NEWYORKER 12/13: Merck-Replacing Insomnia meds (ambien) inspired by NARCOLEPTIC dogs

EXCERPTS: Insomnia drugs like Ambien are notorious for their side effects. Has Merck created a blockbuster replacement?Excerpt: The Merck team was frustrated. The F.D.A. had just shown them the draft of a presentation, titled “Suvorexant Safety,” that would be delivered by Ronald Farkas, an F.D.A. neuroscientist who had reviewed thousands of pages of Merck data. […]

Pharmagedon: Mass Shootings! What makes our kids & soldiers Psychotic?

St. Jude Educational Video First inject 49 vaccine doses into your child by the time they are 6 years old. Add to that 4 shots in-utero-the flu shot with mercury as well as the TDaP, making a total of 53 vaccine doses. The epidemic of ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism, encephalitis, narcolepsy is caused by […]