POLICE BRUTALITY: Breastfeeding Woman Arrested & illegally cavity-searched for an “alleged” outstanding traffic citationn

Timothy Bechman had been driving his wife’s car when Officer Mitchell Magill found in his vehicle’s computer database that there was a “possible” warrant out for Chelsea Bechman (his breastfeeding wife) for failure to produce proof of automobile insurance from a traffic citation exactly two years earlier, March 29, 2007. Read more…    


Elderly women being molested by police while demonstrating on public footpath. The interview (in the video at the end of this article) follows a landmark court ruling in which Barton Moss Road was deemed to be a footpath, thus inappropriate for fracking trucks to use, and police officers subsequently becoming more brutal in their defense of corporate frackers. Read […]

Police Brutality: New Domestic Weapon Blinds Protesters

This peaceful protester was hit in the face, full-force, by a water cannon during the 2010 protest against the Stuttgart 21 rail link. It looks horrendous, he has lost his sight. The cannon, a custom-built Ziegler Wasserwerfer 9000, was quietly brought in from Northern Ireland ahead of the G8 talks next month. Up to 4,000 […]

Police Brutality: Horrific!

Read and watch video…watch a bit then shift to 16:00…Video is available here. This is HORRIFIC…VLA comment:  I am shaking after watching this video.  This gal..yes she was a bit inebriated-but nice.  When they put the handcuffs on her she was begging them to call her husband who was taking care of the 2 kids.  […]