DVD “We Don’t Vaccinate” (plus one free edition for your local library)


“I want to say that in my 20 years of the vaccine battle and the many many documentaries I have watched this is one of the most superior!! There is no middle ground of “But vaccines are safe” that many american videos do. We Don’t Vaccinate is taking every single myth and 100 years of vaccine medical brainwashing done and addressing it. I hope when this is eventually put out there I can openly share this. Incredible job!” Robin Saxton Goffe, Mother of an autistic child and Family Herbalist

“We Don’t Vaccinate” is a sensitive, expressive and discerning documentary. Rivetingly factual, it stays solely on the vaccine track tackling the contemporary vaccine issue like no other film before it. Out of Germany, the originating homeland of Merck & GlaxoSmithKline, Michael Leitner’s documentary, “We Don’t Vaccinate” deserves a widespread worldwide audience so that the mass hypnosis which allows these pharmaceutical companies to commit crimes against humanity can finally come to an end”  Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women.


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