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MEET BILL GATES and “Virtual Schools”

VLA COMMENT: One aspect not mention: Bill Gates has been buying up HOMESCHOOL (virtual education) programs for the past 10 years or so. The Corornavirus is giving the world population the experience of the digital age…in education, in banking/finance, in working at home. It is all pointed in the direction of a post humanity world. I have my old notes…Ncowmail@gmail.com as his buying up the virtual education programs seems to be removed from the Internet. He is buying up the homeschool programs and installing COMMON CORE CURRICULUM in them so that all people will be educated with the same brain set world wide programming.  He was quite the winner with California and New York that now mandates vaccines or no education, forcing non vaccinators to home school unwittingly with his viftual education programs.

Alert: . Welcome to the Digital New World Order. The World wide Coronavirus plandemic implementation has successfully demonstrated that children can be educated digitally, at home.  Parents can work from  home.  Gates is moving the world to a uniform mentality for effortless digital control of humanity. Here are my notes on Bill Gates’s purchase and funding of virtual education programs.  DRAFT Notes Bill Gates VIRTUAL SCHOOLS