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Mutated MMR Mumps Virus in the Brain of a Child Caused His Death

The Vaccine Did It: Mutated MMR Mumps Virus in the Brain of a Child Caused His Death, British Researchers Confirm

A toddler who developed severe neurological symptoms including blindness associated with chronic encephalitis and died following MMR vaccination was found to have vaccine-derived mumps virus in his brain, a new study reports.

Published in the current issue of the journal, Acta Neuropathologica, the study is the first of its kind to conclusively demonstrate chronic brain damage in the form of “panencephalitis” due to a vaccine-derived strain of the mumps virus. In light of a recent epidemic of mumps in highly vaccinated populations, the research raises questions about the dangers of live vaccine virus mutations and about public health claims that the MMR is a completely safe and effective vaccine without serious side effects.


Vaccine Impact: Another Gal Devastated by HPV Vaccine

Had I Known Then What I Know Now, I Would NEVER Have Allowed my Daughter Anywhere Near HPV Vaccines

Excerpt:  Holly was so poorly that doctors recommended that when she had a period it would be best to be admitted to hospital, sedate her for around 2 days and give her lots of IV anti sickness medication.This worked, Holly went back to school on a part time basis, eventually going back full time. However her energy levels never ever returned, she was still ill and hospitalized for every period she had, she lost her friendship group and was not allowed to go skiing with the school as it was classed as too much of a risk for the school. She was unable to do all the sports she did before because of the fatigue, she would sleep whenever she could, her sporting activity was virtually non-existent.Sadly because Holly’s situation has continued to deteriorate, she is no longer able to attend school. Instead, she is a prisoner in her bedroom; often too exhausted to even get out of bed.  She receives home (2 hours) 1-1 tuition twice a week.  Each session means she is incapable of leaving the house for up to 2 days afterwards. Even so, Holly wants to continue.  Read more…

Young Women are Dying and Losing Their Ability to Have Children after the HPV Vaccine

Empirical vs. dismissive Anecdotal as a language for parent’s observations?

VLA COMMENT:  This conflict between the importance of parental “anecdotal” and “science” has been going on for decades. The use of the word “anecdotal” is inherently “dismissive”. We must move forward with another more appropriate word than one that connotes “unworthy of consideration”.   I suggest the word EMPIRICAL instead of Anecdotal.

🌏🌎🌍 This is my beautiful baby boy chase he is 4 years old. Chase was born a healthy baby with apgars scores 8 at 1min, 9 at 5mins and a 10 at 10mins. Then chase got the vitamin K(WHICH MY PARTNER NOR I GAVE CONSENT TOO) within 10mins of birth. After RECEIVING THE VITAMIN K CHASE STARTED SEIZURING 2 hours after the vaccine. After 12 hours of brith chase was taken to special care with oxygen levels of 82% within 15 hours of brith chase had jaundice. And was put into an incubator for 4 days with 30% of oxygen being given.

Then the hospital gave chase hepatitis B when he was 5days old (he may have been given two hepatitis B) when chase was 5days old he was also noted in his medical records he had a 30 sec seizure an hour and half before he was given the hepatitis B. My son had a MRI on day 4 of life and it came back that his brain was normal. But when chase had his 2 months MRI it is showing he has no brain damage but his myelin sheath has stop growing.

To this day chase has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy(WITH NO BRAIN DAMAGE ON HIS MRI) and uncontrolled epilepsy with the doctors saying that chases has an epileptic gene that they cannot find.
Chase has up to 100 seizures a day 80% of those things is happening inside his brain not visible 10 tonic clonic seizures and several jerking seizures throughout the day. Chase also has 20-40 wind fits aday where he will throw himself to try burp or to pass wind or too do a poo. Within these wind fit Chase’s heart rate goes up to 250, and the wind fits can lates up to 2 hours. If Chase does not burp or pass wind within a certain time, he will then go into a massive tonic clonic seizure.



Marc Alexander Steven (Chase’s Dad)
Peter Little (Helping to Advocate for chase)

13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court


RD’s mother explained that, at that time in RD’s state, only one dose of varicella vaccine was required and RD had already received one dose of that vaccine.  This second dose that was administered to RD at this well visit was determined to be the cause of RD’s horrific injuries, and it was not even required for him, which his family didn’t realize until it was too late.

About 14 days later, RD began to experience excruciating pain shooting through his body along with tingling, numbness and paralysis of his limbs. After extensive testing and many invasive procedures, RD was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

RD’s parents filed a case in Vaccine Court, which took over five years to settle. RD and his family faced arduous heartbreak along the way. In the ruling, a representative from the United States Department of Justice agreed that “a preponderance of the evidence establishes that petitioner’s transverse myelitis was caused-in-fact by the administration of his August 12, 2009 varicella vaccine.” [1]  READ MORE…