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Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Speech at CPAC Hungary

Let’s take Amsterdam, the capital. Amsterdam currently consists of 56 per cent migrants. The Hague, 58 per cent migrants.

Rotterdam, almost 60 per cent migrants. And, of course, most of these immigrants come from non-Christian, non-Western, African and Middle Eastern countries. Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.

But let’s look onwards. London, 54 per cent migrants. Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.

Brussels, colour me shocked, 70 per cent migrants.

25 Ways the US is being destroyed in 2 minutes (MUST WATCH AND SAVE)

VLA Comment: Number #26 Artificial Intelligence Number #27 Terraforming the planet (geoengineering, climate change agenda, carbon recapturing, blocking the sun, etc)
Number #28 Gain of Function bioweapon research and production

MUST MUST WATCH: SHORT..BRILLIANT: The most powerful speech to all living life on earth

True Earth, Better Way Conference in Bath, UK June 2023
Short speech by Laura Aboli

VLA comment: This woman is not only beautiful she is brilliantly articulate and concise.

Judge rules parents can’t opt students out of LGBTQ+ curriculum

A federal judge has ruled against a group of parents , saying they have no fundamental right to opt their elementary school-aged children out of reading books in class with LGBTQ+ characters.

Last year Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland incorporated the books into its English Language Arts curriculum.