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Study: Conflicts of Interest re: Mercury & Autism Epidemic


Systematic Assessment of Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mercury Reveals Conflicts of Interest and the Need for Transparency in Autism Research.  Read study/Download PDF

  • Janet K. Kern 
  • , David A. Geier
  • , Richard C. Deth
  • , Lisa K. Sykes
  • , Brian S. Hooker
  • , James M. Love
  • , Geir Bjørklund
  • , Carmen G. Chaigneau
  • , Boyd E. Haley

WOW…The greatest speech ever rendered on Vaccines by Barbara Loe Fisher (NVIC)

The Bayh/Dole act was the single act that gave Universities and the researcher, the patent rights for developing drugs (sponsored by grants from our government, taking away the patent from the people) as long as they partnered with a pharmaceutical company for marketing. Hence, the pharmaceutical companies have a government sponsored, free Research and Development partner.

Nation of Islam Atlanta rally, Oct.24, 2015 with Vaccine Liberation Army Decals of which the community has pledged to put them on their cars, joining the upwards of 400 vehicles driving around the United States.   It takes one car with this decal in the community to inform the whole neighborhood.

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Electronic Records: IMMUNIZATION INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IIS) Who has access?


Thank you for your inquiry. Your question refers to access to a single immunization information system (IIS), however the U.S. Government does not operate or maintain a single nationwide IIS.  IIS are developed, operated and maintained at the state, city, and local level within the U.S.  IIS do provide information to a wide range of stakeholders, including public and private care providers, public health programs, emergency responders, and many others. The specifics of which entities or users are authorized are regulated by state and local law or policy and can vary.  CDC’s functional standards for IIS maintain that they must safeguard the integrity, security, and privacy of the data in their systems, and therefore CDC promotes that IIS maintain the highest standards of privacy and accountability regarding the storage and release of sensitive personal information.

VAERS Events Reporting System

VAERS: Flu shots Children age 2-18

Post-Licensure Surveillance of Trivalent Live-Attenuated Influenza Vaccine in Children Aged 2–18 Years, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, July 2005–June 2012  Read more…

Most recent report


Febrile seizures after 2010-2011 influenza vaccine in young children, United States: a vaccine safety signal from the vaccine adverse event reporting system.

We confirmed 43 reports of febrile seizure following TIV in children aged 6-23 months. Read more…

Police arrest woman for filming forced installation of smart meter on neighbor’s home


Naperville, Ill a suburb of Chicago with a separate political structure, is a hotbed of activists’ resistance to smart meters. A local grass roots group, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA), was established by the two women arrested for resisting a smart meter installation and video taping it, Malia “Kim” Bendis and Jennifer Stahl.  tahl locked the gate on her fence and refused to allow technicians access to her property when technicians had arrived to install a smart meter.

The police were called, the lock was cut, but still Stahl tried to block them from taking her old analog meter. She was handcuffed and taken away, and Malia Bendis was also arrested for “eavesdropping” on an official police activity. Read more…

The city’s mandate does allow an opt-out feature. According to the Chicago Tribune, one can opt out by paying for an initial fee of $68.35 for the alternative meter plus a $24.75 monthly fee for manually reading it. Some areas have higher fee arrangements and others have lower rates, while some say you can’t opt out – period.

Update on Amish teen who fled from judge’s ruling to get forced chemotherapy


Background:  When Sarah was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, her parents, Andy and Anna Hershberger, initially agreed to chemotherapy treatments. However, they opted to end such treatments when Sarah’s condition grew worse, fearing that the treatments themselves might eventually lead to her death.

As is typical in today’s post-constitutional America, officials at Akron Children’s Hospital responded with a legal attempt to strip Sarah’s parents of their right to choose their own daughter’s medical treatment. The hospital sought court permission to obtain “limited guardianship” over her, thereby giving them the authority over medical decisions pertaining to her. Doctors testified she would not make it six months without chemotherapy.

Initially, Probate Judge John L. Lohn — since retired — ruled that Sarah’s parents were competent enough to make medical decisions on their daughter’s behalf. Eventually, however, a higher court ordered him to appoint a guardian.

The family responded by fleeing the country, choosing instead to seek alternative medical treatment in Mexico and Canada. Months thereafter, the hospital decided to relinquish guardianship, seeing no point in pursuing the matter further.

Update:  Sarah has had MRIs and blood work, and the judge over the last year helped facilitate at least one trip to the Cleveland Clinic. The MRIs did not show any cancer, Her family is continuing to treat her with less invasive alternative medicine.  The court formally terminated Sarah’s guardianship on September 24. The judge acknowledged that Sarah, who will turn 13 in November, showed no symptoms of cancer and that she appeared to be healthy.”Read more…

Depopulation strategies: Zimbabwe

VICTORIA FALLS (Weather modification???)



And now

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Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of … – Page 104

Elana Freeland – 2014 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail sickness” associated … Smith—was accused by the House of Lords of contracting with Zimbabwe and the Congo to supply military services.