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Politicians In U.S.(Think Katie Hobbs AZ) Corrupted By Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme And Election Theft

EXCLUSIVE: Brannon Howse Interviews Attorney John Thaler On Claim Politicians In U.S. Corrupted By Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme And Election Theft

VLA Comment: THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!! Found on Sydney Powell’s website


The Testimony to the committee, above.

“Since 2004, elections within Pima County and Maricopa County have been manipulated through infiltration of the county databases resulting from bribes paid to executives at election service providers including, but not limited to, principals of Runbeck Election Services, ” she said. “In addition to impacting local elections, bribes and infiltration were used to affect the outcome of the races during the November 3, 2020 election, including the outcome of the race for Maricopa County Recorder, and the outcome of the November 8, 2022 election (race for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General).”

“In the Superior Courts for Maricopa County, Pinal County and Pima County, at least 25 percent of the active judges have accepted bribes in exchange for protecting the racketeering activities,” Breger said.

On page 85 of the report, the list of Arizona officials who allegedly have falsified deeds in the purported money laundering scheme include 40 names, notably including Gov. Hobbs, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Sen. Krysten Sinema, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Mesa Mayor John Giles, Arizona Speaker of the House Ben Toma, as well as Maricopa County Supervisors Bill Gates, Thomas Galvin, and Clint Hickman.

Allegations Made to AZ Senate Committee Claiming Gov. Katie Hobbs and Other Officials Took Bribes From Sinaloa Drug Cartel

“Investigators connected their discoveries back to Arizona when they found out that it was several real estate agents from Iowa who “had set up a laundering system in Arizona and thereafter had transferred the proceeds of sales to Panamanian Corporations.”

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AI: ChatGPT is being curated to adhere to woke ideology

ChatGPT, the almighty AI, is a neoliberal college graduate

The artificial intelligence chatbot’s learning abilities are being strictly curated to adhere to woke ideology

The concern is that its creators’ insistence on restricting its responses and training its data on woke sources could severely limit its potential as a tool for content creation or worse, that its dogmatic insistence on sticking to woke talking points could be dangerous for humanity in the long run.

For example:

Those playing with the tool discovered that ChatGPT offered neutered responses when queried about sensitive topics like transgenderism, race, and politics. Of particular note, the model refused to create a poem admiring Donald Trump, but had no problem creating one admiring Joe Biden – it was one of many instances where ChatGPT’s political bias was exposed.



Biden, Democrats, the Fed and the DOJ Are Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency

In sum, banks taking deposits from crypto clients, issuing stablecoins, engaging in crypto custody, or seeking to hold crypto as principal have faced nothing short of an onslaught from regulators in recent weeks. Time and again, using the expression “safety and soundness,” they’ve made it clear that for a bank, touching public blockchains in any way is considered unacceptably risky. READ MORE…

WARNING🚨: Florida Issues Health Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

The State Surgeon General is notifying the health care sector and public of a substantial increase in Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports from Florida after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.


List of States that won’t comply with the CDC  for Covid RNA vaccine to be mandated for school attendance.

In October 2022, following the news that the CDC panels voted to include COVID-19 in the childhood immunization schedule, The Gateway Pundit made a list of Republican governors who publicly stated that they would not comply with CDC mandates and would not force children in their states to take the experimental COVID vaccine.

  1. Governor Ron DeSantis (FL-R)
  2. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (VA-R)
  3. Wyoming’s 33rd Governor, Mark Gordon (WY-R)
  4. Utah Governor Spencer Cox (UT-R)
  5. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (OK-R)
  6. 43rd Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds (IA-R)
  7. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (AL-R)
  8. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (TN-R)
  9. Missouri Governor Mike Parson (MO-R)
  10. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (SD-R)
  11. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (MT-R)
  12. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (SC-R)
  13. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (OH-R)
  14. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (AR-R)
  15. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (GA-R)
  16. Idaho Governor Brad Little (ID-R)
  17. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (NE-R)

According to National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), at least 21 states, including California as the latest state, have banned the COVID vaccines from being included in school mandates as of February 6, 2023. Only the District of Columbia has a student COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and enforcement of this mandate is delayed until the 2023-2024 school year.