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ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported


With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate.

So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths due to measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths due to measles vaccines during the same 10 year period.

There has been almost 200 measles vaccine deaths reported in the government’s own VAERS data bank, which is 90% under reported because physicians don’t want to record that their vaccine protocol is causing these deaths…”Oh it can’t be the vaccines”.  It might be worth mentioning that Dr. Wakefield and others have found the vaccine strain measles virus in the guts of Autistic children.  These conditions are not reported.  Read more…

Before vaccination, measles infection amounted to nothing much! Everyone got it!

When we got measles, we considered it part of growing up.  We got life long immunity as is Nature’s plan to build up and strengthen the immune system by gradually dealing with infectious viruses. Vaccines have interfered in this natural process and propaganda has created a virulent fear of such a simplistic experience.  Unfortunately, the more vaccines kids get the less able they are to participate in nature’s way.  As Dr. Bart Classen (former NIH researcher).

“We have not improved health.  We have changed the disease “mix”.  We have exchanged infectious disease for life long chronic illness”….Dr. Bart Classen (former NIH researcher).
It is to be noted that Pediatricians have gone on record to say measles poses no risks to healthy children and is ultimately a benign disease.  Read more of MEASLES BACK IN THE DAY…

Five-year-old girl dies of very same flu strain she was vaccinated against


Five-year-old Kiera Driscoll allegedly developed a cough and fever not long after getting jabbed, claim reports, and just hours later collapsed, was put on life support, suffered cardiac arrest and died. She reportedly contracted influenza A, the same strain of flu virus contained in the vaccine she received.

According to data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 56 children have died so far in the U.S. during this current flu season. In the first week of the year alone, 19 children have reportedly died, and 8,000 in total have been hospitalized for flu complications since the start of last October. Note: This does not identify if those who died were vaccinated or unvaccinated.

The CDC has also admitted that as many as 75 percent of all people who were vaccinated for the flu this season will still get the flu anyway, the result of viral mutations and circulating strains that differ from the ones included in the vaccine. READ MORE...

Phoenix Cardiologist responds to Critics regarding vaccines


Why All the Anger?

by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Special to Health Impact News

I recently did an interview which was aired on NBC Phoenix. I was asked my opinion on vaccinations in response to the current measles outbreaks that have occurred at Disneyland in California. My reply has generated quite a bit of anger in thousands of people.

There has also been a tremendous amount of support to my comments and opinions. In short, The Society Against Injecting Our Kids With Chemicals (TSAIOKWC for short) has a lot of followers.

I want to address all this misguided anger and see if we can re-direct it where it belongs

Read more…

VLA Comment: Powerful article!

USA Today “Anti-vaxer skeptics and parents should be put in jail”



What Berezow means is that parents who do not vaccinated their children no matter how toxic the vaccine ingredients really are should be thrown in prison. This argument, dutifully printed by the blindly obedient mainstream media, represents the total abandonment of scientific reasoning and the desperate invocation of the very same policies espoused by Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler: If the People can’t be persuaded to do what you want through reason, then force them to do so at gunpoint.

Read more…

VLA Comment: NOTE:  The establishment has been using the term “sickened” as opposed to “dying”. I suppose they need to kill a few children so we can really be afraid of the natural measles that give us life long immunity.

“Your family’s right to be ‘sick’ ends where public health begins”.

(didn’t he mean “safe”?)

Didn’t he mean to say,  “Your family’s right to be safe…ends where public health begins”?


Melinda Gates’ 2015 Agenda (video Huff Post Live)





Mobile Phones for all Africans (two phones)




Terrorism-stronger military

Population Control

HPV vaccines shipping to Africa

Climate Change

Global Citizen (Agenda 21)  (to read the Gates letter and become a Global Citzen)


VLA Comment:   She starts with mobile phones (their business); then vaccines; the GMO (drought resistant crops); next…farmer needs a phone too both men and women..two phones per family):  Here comes “Education”…I am sure it will be lots of virtual video education which Gates is behind so they can educate the populations to be in lock step with Global agenda;  Now women and girls issue..wonder if HPV vaccine will be advocated?  We are up to violence now….eradicating violence. Terrorism;  She is now emphasizing a stronger military for Nigeria.  Interviewer mentions-USA higher mortality rate…Gates  answers it by saying the pregnant women should go to clinics more often as if that is the cause of USA higher infant mortality rates.  Not mentioned is that  we are the most vaccinated country in the world and have one of the worst infant mortality rate). Population Control: Pregnancy…contraceptives…abortions.  She says that they should “space out their pregnancies”, as if this is the cause of infant morality in the United Sates as opposed to the 53 vaccines by the time the child is six years old (4 in utero).  In the 1940’s women were having 7 to 9 children…and they were not vaccinated much and they did not die and they certainly weren’t “spaced out”.

OHHH…HERE COMES THE HPV 12 years old and “we are getting them out to Africa” . Feminism…boys should be on par with boys…(support for HPV for boys).  Now CLIMATE CHANGE is a reality!  Sign up to be a GLOBAL CITIZEN (Agenda 21?) 

Court papers: Merck falsified mumps vaccine trials to fabricate a 95% efficacy rate


Merck knowing falsified mumps vaccine tests to fabricate a 95% efficacy rate

According to Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, both former Merck virologists, the Merck company engaged in all the following behavior:

• Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test results to fabricate a “95% efficacy rate.”

• In order to do this, Merck spiked the blood test with animal antibodies to artificially inflate the appearance of immune system antibodies.  Read court documents and more…

CDC study: 51% of sudden infant deaths (SIDS) linked to the HIB Vaccine


SIDS is the 3rd leading cause of death in infants, and because the U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world,

The publication of a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics titled ,”Adverse Events following Haemophilus influenzae Type b Vaccines in the Vaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem, 1990-2013,” wherein CDC and FDA researchers identify 749 deaths linked to the administration of the Hib vaccine, 51% of which were sudden infant death linked to the administration of Hib vaccine.

Currently, the CDC continues to recommends 4 doses of the HiB vaccine at the following ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months through 15 months.

CDC’s Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link Read More…and Read more…


Baby formula is loaded with GMO: Round up expected to increase Austim Rate 1 out of 2 children


(NaturalNews) A petition is circulating to persuade three of the top infant formula brands in the U.S. — Abbott Laboratories (Similac), Mead Johnson Nutrition (Enfamil) and Nestle (Gerber Good Start) — to stop using genetically modified (GM) ingredients in their baby products. Each of these powdered formulas is loaded with corn and soy byproducts, along with sugar, which means they are more than likely GM in nature and harming children.  READ MORE…

VLA Comment:  Mike Adams (Natural News) goes on to say that he warned us way back then.  And Eileen Dannemann who blew the whistle on GMO in the early day when GMO was just getting momentum, spoke to a Mr. Maryanski, who was assigned as the “laison” for the new GMO food at the FDA . We had a lengthy discussion asking them to be prudent and restrict manufacturers from using the untested GMO materials in Infant formula.  He just about stated during the conversation that the use of GMO in infant formula would provide a great data base on the effects of GMO food on the population.  (Yes…I got that out of him).  Post that conversation we produced a poster with a photo of a Baby and next to it a photo of a Guinea Pig (this was in the 1990s).  The headline caption read:  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AMERICAN BABY AND A GUINEA PIG?   The answer was:   ASK MONSANTO!

Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT, has figured out that Glysophate (Round up) residue on food will cause the epidemic of Autism to increase.   According to her statistics it may increase to 1 out of 2 children being diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum in 2025.

The technology of GMO has much to do with Cytochrome P450 which is the detox mechanism in plants, animals and humans.  In humans, cytochrome P450 is “maturing” so that when infants get vaccinated and eat GMO foods their detox mechanism is not mature enough to channel it out of the body. Hence the toxins in the body increase and cause the epidemic of chronic illnesses we see today.  Moreover, there is an estimated 10 percent of Caucasians, for example, that are non-metabolizers (they do not have the activity of Cytochrome P450 2D6, the major detox channel.

See Stephanie Seneff’s study and video

Read recent study

Stephanie Seneff (MIT) published research on glysophate



Disneyland Measles Outbreak among the VACCINATED!


Natural News:

CDC lies: Measles outbreaks confirmed among children already vaccinated

As you may already be aware, many previous measles outbreaks have occurred among mostly vaccinated populations, for which health officials have no explanation other than to, again, blame the unvaccinated (which makes no sense). Many measles-vaccinated individuals have also come down with what’s known as “atypical” measles infection later in life, the direct result of having gotten vaccinated.  READ MORE…

VLA Comment:  The establishment’s new answer to this is that children and adults need more booster shots through out their lives.  Whereas, the unvaccinated child who gets the measles has life long immunity.