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Virtual Debtors Prisons: IRS can revoke your PASSPORT (Forbes)


The idea of tying travel to taxes has been percolating in Washington for years. The IRS and Justice Department cooperate. For example, they can have tax cheats arrested when they land on U.S. soil. Adding to the mix is FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which penalizes foreign banks that don’t hand over American account holders. But, now, the feds want to go after people even if they are reporting everything correctly, but have unpaid tax debts.

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Polio Vaccine: 1950s -CDC manipulates statistic to make it seem that the polio vaccine works


The above chart shows the increase in Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP)…a worse kind of polio associated with the polio vaccine strain in India.  With the campaign to stop polio by increasing the polio vaccine rates there were in 60,922 cases in 2012 of AFP and no cases of wild polio.

Aside from this, the  Polio vaccine has a monkey virus, SV 40 retro virus which is said to have caused the epidemic of cancer we see today. Animal retro viruses slice ubt=== DNA and insert


The SV 40 virus is found in today’s cancer tumors.

How the CDC Made 30,000 Polio Diagnoses Disappear


Polio was one of the most dreaded childhood diseases of the 20th century in theUnited States. [Periodic epidemics increased] in size and frequency in the late1940s and early 1950s. An average of over 35,000 cases were reported during thistime period. With the introduction of Salk inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) in1955, the number of cases rapidly declined to under 2,500 cases in 1957. By 1965, only 61 cases of paralytic polio were reported.6

In reality, the charade was continuing right on schedule: Of the ‘35,000 cases of polio reported on average in the late 1940s and early 1950s’, only 15,000 were paralytic—the reduction to 2,500 cases of paralytic polio in 1957, and the complete disappearance of all the non-paralytic cases, was a direct result of the diagnostic changes. It’s smoke ‘n mirrors. Read more…


Massive payment finally received for vaccine injured child


THE parents of a WA girl who has been awarded millions in damages after a defective flu jab left her severely disabled say they it’s a “massive relief” the legal battle is over.

Mick and Kirsten Button’s daughter Saba was just 11 months old when she received the Fluvax shot in April 2010.The then toddler suffered a hypoxic brain injury, kidney, liver and bone marrow failure. She can now no longer walk and talk and needs round-the-clock care.Three days after Saba was admitted at Princess Margaret Hospital, Fluvax was recalled. It is now banned for children under five.  See our powerpoint presentation with Saba:  Humanity666 powerpoint presentation

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Wow! Illinois Hospital now refuses to treat unvaccinated kids!


Illinois Hospital Refuses Un-Vaccinated Kids Treatment

 Centegra Physician Care will no longer treat unvaccinated children, according from a news release by the care center.

Patients 17 and younger will be required to receive the recommended vaccinations to continue care, a news release said. Centegra expects children not up to date on vaccinations to begin the catch-up process at their next office visit. Those who do not comply with the vaccination schedule will be released from the company’s practice!

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VLA comment:

​ NEW TREND:  Clearly private pediatricians have sent unvaccinated kids on their way.  Of course, un-vaccinated kids are not much of a revenue source as they don’t get continually offended on their well baby visits by being injected with upwards of nine vaccine doses at a time.
However, here is an uncomforable precedent setting trend for hospitals whose private policies consist of NO SHOTS, NO JOB  adding on No shots, No services!
So now we have:
No shots, No job (California law and general hospital policy)
No shots, No school (California law)
No shots, No Hospital
I am warning you that the airlines will be getting on board as they will have access to all Immunization records as they do not fall under HIPPAE privacy. No shots, no air travel as the infectious disease prong of Terrorism momentum increases!