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US Soldiers Speak Out!

Cyrus Parsa: Humanity’s Extinction-bioweapons, AI, Transhumanism within 30 years

The Documentary, below by Cyrus Parsa…The Plan to Invade Humanity has not been authorized to be.  Please forward $5:00 to the AI Organization (Cyrus Parsa) if you appreciate his documentary as much as I did.


Dr Madej reveals how Big Tech and Big Pharma, are fusing new technologies into injectable concoctions – deceptively described as vaccines – that permanently and irreversibly alter cellular DNA.

VLA COMMENT: In 1919, thereabouts, Rudolf Steiner talked about how vaccines will force the soul to separate from the body.  He also explained, in the language of his day, in his lecture, The 8th Sphere, the plan of Lucifer/Ahriman in extracting minerals from this plane and bodies to create their own planet. (China is certainly on that!) This is being done in this generation by Artificial Intelligence changing our DNA through vaccines and other tools so that the soul leaves.  In its place is the “digital” version of ourselves via the collection of the vast fields of Data by Google and other robotic, AI agencies and on and off planet entities.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Vaccine Mandate is a Hoax: Articles to read

The Vaccine Mandate Is a Hoax

The Vaccine Mandate Is a Hoax

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers, Below is a collection of articles that will help you to understand: (1) the danger of the vaccine compared to the danger of Covid and (2) the power Big Pharma has to bypass safety standards in order to maximize profits.

As for Biden’s “vaccine mandate,” no such mandate exists. The US president is not a dictator and cannot issue laws or edicts. Any such laws or edicts originating in the White House would be struck down by federal courts. Congress is the source of law. Even if Congress passed a vaccine mandate and Biden signed it, if the courts follow the Constitution the law would be struck down.

Even more importantly, any mandate or law that violates informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws used to execute German National Socialists after World War II for violating informed consent in their medical experiments.

Biden’s “mandate” was nothing but a press release statement encouraging private employers to do what the President of the US cannot do and issue vaccine mandates to employees. But, of course, private employers have no legislative power. They certainly have no legal authority to violate the Nuremberg laws.

The Biden “mandate” is just another hoax relying on the whore media to make it a fact.

When your employer tells you, whether you are a nurse or a software engineer or Walmart cashier, that you must accept what is without doubt a dangerous injection or be fired, sue him when he fires you.

All fired employees can join a master civil lawsuit that has the possibility of bankrupting the corrupt employers who collaborate in breaking US and international laws.

Here is the chance for a real revolution. The establishment is on the wrong side of the law. Once the morons fire massive numbers of people, the morons will be in the dock. If the federal courts also abandon the Constitution, US law, international law, and the people, the only recourse is violent revolution. As the people vastly outnumber the criminal establishment, the employers could end up hanging off of lamp posts where the people increasingly think they belong.

Virus Dangers vs. Vaccine Dangers – Fact Sheet

Why Vaccine Injuries Are Rarely Reported

“We’re in the Middle of a Major Biological Catastrophe” — Dr Peter McCullough

The Political & Medical Establishments Intend to Kill Us Off. Do Not Take the Jab. Your health and your life are worth more than your job.

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine”

The FDA Protects Big Pharma, Not Us

Big Pharma Owns the US Government

Examining the Methods and Means of COVID Propaganda Dissemination

The Vaccine Campaign Is a Mass Murder Campaign

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People

Emergency Physician Dr. Rochagné Kilian Exposes Health Care Corruption

COVID Vaccine Contents, What’s Inside the Vial? Scientific Findings Reveal Microscopy Images

Vaccine Mandates: State that have NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS

School Mandates: Vaccine mandates for small children are coming. Some states do not allow religious exemptions for school “immunizations.” These states include






West Virginia,

New York.

The remaining 43 states do, though you’ll need to check your state’s laws to see whether the language says the exemption applies for vaccines only on the pediatric schedule or all immunizations.

Dave Hodges: Janet Yellen will take your House!


“Let’s suppose you have a young widow with three children, she never remarries,” Kennedy said. “She goes and buys a $150,000 home to raise her kids and she raises her kids in the home. She’s not rich, she works. But her main asset, her only asset is her home. Fifty years later, she dies.”

“As a result of inflation and appreciation over 50 years, her $150,000 home is now worth $1.75 million. She leaves her home to her kids,” he continued. “Under current law, her kids would not have to pay any income tax. On that home that they didn’t sell the property. They wouldn’t have to pay any inheritance tax either. But that’s a separate issue. But under the Biden-Yellen rule, those kids would automatically be taxed on the full value of the home whether they sold it or not. Now it’s a little more complex than that, but the point is, those kids are not going to have the money to pay the taxes.”

School Boards have accepted funds and MUST COMPLY

School districts throughout the country have been given funds because of Covid. You can find information about it here:

The reality is that billions of dollars were distributed with a criteria that each district submits a ‘plan’ for use of the money and implementation of certain policies. You can read about that here:

The gist is within 6 months of receipt of funds,  a plan must be submitted, and the plan MUST include certain things, like universal and correct wearing of masks, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine , vaccine encouragement, social distancing, etc.


What’s happened is these districts and boards are between a rock and a hard place: they’ve accepted the funds (Santa Barbara got $35 million) and now must comply with the plan to keep it. So, no matter what you say to these folks, it sill be ignored.

VLA Comment: It is not about liberty. Its about greed.  Its about disallowing sovereignty and right action and submit to control…for the money!