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Dr. Burzynski: Cure for Cancer (Texas)

Dr. Burzynski has found the cure for cancer. He practices in Texas. The US government has attempted to indict him more than 5 times since 1976. Persecuted at the hands of the FDA with its long arm to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Burzynski has withstood ALL challenges and continues to save lives today.
“If you had a choice between your last meal on earth and this film”buy this film“-Eileen Dannemann, founder of the Student Vaccine Liberation Army:

Organic Health Adviser Website

Organic Health Adviser has been most instrumental in collecting personal stories of miscarriages and stillbirths of women who were convinced to take the H1N1 vaccine.  Read the personal stories…

Organic Health Advisers covers many cutting edge issues like GMO foods, Aspartame, healthy choices…the whole range…

It also has organic product recommendations from diapers to essential oils; from organic mattresses to organic dog food

Go to website…

Parents requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) TEXAS

PROVE provides information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices that affect the children and adults of Texas. PROVE mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.  DAWN RICHARDSON, founder of PROVE has successfully passed positive legislation in Texas as it pertains to vaccines.  She is also associated with the National Vaccine Information Center NVIC