The student Vaccine Liberation Army Mission:  Armed with knowledge, we are committed to articulate, propagate, promulgate, disseminate, and circulate information for the purpose of encouraging critical thinking conversations about: the risks and dangers of vaccines, the risks of prescription drugs, the philosophy of sovereignty of personhood, and liberation through mental clarity and spiritual and physical health – all in such a way that such activities do not disrupt school operations or interfere with the rights of others.

Student Vaccine Liberation Army Motto:

     Liberators Armed with Knowledge

  • the risks and dangers of vaccines

  • the risks of prescription drugs

  • the philosophy of sovereignty of personhood;

  • liberation through mental clarity; spiritual, physical health and wellness

22 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Karen Kain

    My name is Karen Kain, I was a parent of a vaccine injured child in 94 who died in 09. I just finished our life story – A Unique Life Fully Lived. I am an advocate and I travel around the US talking to families living with unique children. HHS never argued about the cause of injury for my daughter Lorrin. She had what is considered at “hot” lot, 30 other kids had seizures or worse and 10 surrounding deaths. I would very much like to share my story with your audience. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.
    Karen Kain

  2. Christopher Salas

    I feel your pain. I am strongly against all vaccines especially forced military vaccines. I saw the documentary Direct Orders and have showed it to several other people. Anyway I’m interested in joining the Navy but I was wondering if you have any advice for me to how I can refuse forced vaccinations without getting kicked out. I’m sure there just has to be a way to join the military without getting vaccinated. Plus I’m a board certified nutritionist and believe me, using the art and science of diet and nutrition to strengthen our immune system is ten times more effective that getting pumped with a bunch of vaccines. Vaccines are the biggest scam in history. Any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Editor

    To my knowledge there is no way for you to escape the vaccines. If I were you, I wouldn’t join the navy in exchange for education you can be sick for the rest of your life. It is not worth it.

  4. Olivera Savic

    I am a pediatrtion from Serbia.On 10 th May we have a demostration in Belgrade against forced vaccination .We don’t have a choice becouse of our low ,not to admit the vaccine..
    In Slovenia people try to change tho low for 15 years wuthout sucesses.
    What is your advice?
    Lot’s of regards!
    Olivera Savic

  5. Editor

    Olivera: YES, I know about Serbia and the vaccine issue. Australia is now tying child benefits to vaccines….its the law. We have 110 vaccine bills in various states and 3 are neck and neck to pass to stop religious waivers. All I can say is that this is the same cosmic tension that goes on between good and evil so that change, perhaps even extinction happens. I would suggest from a cosmic point of view you watch two youtube series. David Icke…”connect the dots” (series of 9 youtubes) and Matt Kahn…start with Ascension 2015. Here is our 5 minute powerpoint so you can see the “endgame” https://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/04/16/humanity-666-powerful-powerpoint-presentation-from-vaccine-liberation-army/

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  8. Kathryn. Dirocco

    I’m with you and your beliefs 100% ,I am friends with Victory a Stone, and we just had a discussion on Facebook.


    Captain Nutrition (R) is a U.S. registered trademark, and copyright image.which may be useful to publicize your mission. Would you like to see the image? There is no charge for the license to use it in an approved manner. My phone is 347 276 7149.

  10. Editor

    Here are some fun for you. Think of it…I actually read and listen to your comments. This is how I read your code. You, in the German language is calling me a feminist. Far from the Truth. The feminist movement left our children homeless, touchless, loveless as govt manipulators and greedy businesses, attachee in hand, visa in wallet, aimed at destroying real men. While the vaccine movement destroyed cellular integrity with the toxic list of excipents in each and every vaccine, the generation are comforted by little technological gadgets careening generations toward TRANSHUMANISM. From decoding your response, I wonder if you have used MAO? I wonder if you are depressed. Not to worry…it is pretty exciting…the end of days are near.

  11. Aidan

    Whom ever here believes that they shouldn’t vaccinate their child against preventable and sometimes deadly diseases because ” I know my child better than anyone else does” and that ” vaccines cause autism”, should seriously reconsider their beliefs. First of all, you are not more knowledgeable on your child’s health than the doctor that has spent a remarkable amount of years studying human health. Second of all, the report “proving” the link between vaccines and autism is complete bullshit, as the majority of the authors in the report later abandoned their non-factual beliefs due to the disproving of the report. Third of all, exposing your child to the actual pathogen responsible for said illness will result in 1 of 3 things happening: The child’s quality of life will be unnecessarily reduced/ the child will perish/ if the child survives the infection, they are bound to contract it again due to the inevitable event of con strain of the same pathogen emerging, giving arise to the one of the first two results. One may argue the classic, antivaxxer phrase ” my body, my decision”; contrary to the beliefs of such individuals, infection doesn’t only affect them, as an infected individual that comes into contact with an uninfected individual may cause the uninfected individual to contract said disease, the effects of which are “amplified” to be painful or fatal if said uninfected individual is: A- an infant B- elderly C- immunocompromised. To all the antivaxxers who listen to this urgent message and change their ways, thank you for making the world a better, healthier place.

  12. Editor

    Why don’t you take a serious look at the ingredients in vaccines….one by one…and ask yourself did you know what you were injecting into your natural born, God manifesting perfect infant. Put INFANT in our search engine or CDC excipients in our search engine.

  13. Ashley

    Hello, I am traveling to Africa in a month and from my research it is required before entry to get the Yellow Fever shot. Is there any way I can be exempt from this or fake being allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine?

  14. kelly

    If a person actually reads the findings from the CDC. It is not a pleasure cruise by any means, but the truth is there. They know the vaccines contribute to autism. In fact they know by 2035 1 in 2 babies will have autism.Gee, i remember when it was 1 in 15,000 . MMR is a main culprit. Yet why put, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde ,etc etc into the body??? It makes no sense, unless you are paid to do this, or happen to get a very lucrative job afterwards. Follow the money trail. These federal workers are sub human at best. Always file for a religious exception, be apart of a strong christian community, and especially look for your Mennonite brothers and see if they can help. Gov, dont like the Mennonites 🙂 If you can not get an exemption, flee the state or country.

  15. Joe Infowars

    F the new world order. The vaccine in a few years is going to cause a serious death crisis.

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