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Rabbi offers RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION to Covid Vaccine to all Faiths

A prominent rabbi has been fired from Chabad for opposing experimental COVID-19 vaccinations that have already been proven to have dangerous side-effects.

Rabbi Michoel Green served as the envoy for the Hasidic movement in Westborough, Mass. for nearly two decades, but he has been removed from his posts for sharing his honest opinions about vaccinations.

“It’s NOT immunization. It’s pathogenic priming & mass sterilization,” he wrote last week in a social post deemed problematic by the Chabad powers-that-be.

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Rabbi Green, Michael, Rabbi-Testimony


Rabbinical Court rules against Covid Vaccine

The signatories are Rabbi Yoel Moshe Friedman, Rabbi Shlomo Alexander Halevi Pollack and Rabbi Daniel Yonatan Green.


I believe Rabbi Friedman is the one mentioned in this article:


I found this letter written by Rabbi Pollack in Hebrew on the topic of the covid vaccine:

His contact info in Lakewood NJ is at the top of the letter in English and Hebrew.


Rabbi Daniel Green is originally from Chabad.  I recall being on a zoom call with him.  If I recall correctly Chabad disassociated themselves from him due to his stance on the vaccine:


Videos by anti-vaxxer ‘rabbi to the stars’ said fueling vaccine distrust

Yuval Hacohen Asherov has released clips claiming COVID vaccines cause infertility and damage the immune system, and can even be fatal.

VLA Comment:  CENSORSHIP: We can’t find these clips!

Texas Federal Judge Gives Religious Businesses, Churches Back Constitutional Freedom

Texas Federal Judge Drops The Gavel On Democrats – He Gives Religious Businesses, Churches Back Constitutional Freedom

A Texas judge ruled that for-profit businesses can be shielded from gay and transgender discrimination lawsuits if the person makes employment decisions based on sincerely held beliefs. The ruling comes nearly a year after Bostock v. Clayton, a landmark decision which expanded civil rights protections under Title VII to gay and transgender workers.  READ MORE…

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty (UCLA Ethics Prof.) SUSPENDED takes Legal Action protecting Covid Natural Immunity

Suspended Medical Ethics Professor Aaron Kheriaty on Vaccine Coercion, Risks, and Natural Immunity: Part 1

“I knew that I would wake up in the morning and not have a clear conscience.”

Medical ethics professor Aaron Kheriaty filed a lawsuit back in August challenging his university’s vaccine mandates on behalf of himself and others who have natural immunity. Natural immunity results from contracting and recovering from COVID-19. Dr. Kheriaty was suspended, and the school put him on “investigatory leave.”