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Breaking news: Raw Cannibas Juicing: Cannabis is not psychoactive if used raw

Phenomenal healing with juicing raw cannabis.
Only when cannabis is heated, smoked, cooked is it psycho active. Cannabis is actually a leafy green vegetable and should be available as a dietary supplement.

Suicide Soldiers: More suicides than war deaths

In the aftermath of Vietnam War, 150,000 veterans from that war committed suicide, meaning more soldiers died after the war than from the actual war itself, say experts.

A growing number of soldier advocates, mostly parents of deceased soldiers, have tried to tell the military and Congress what may be behind today’s suicide surge.

Some believe the military and the VA are over medicating troops and veterans with a combination of antidepressants and antipsychotics. This is a drug cocktail that has tragic side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest, and because the military and Big Pharma are desperate to keep these side effects a secret, a convenient explanation to get both off the hook is “suicide.”  Read article…
Read some stats:
At Fort Hood, where 48,000 troops and their families are stationed, 6,000 soldiers were on antidepressants, and 1,400 were on antipsychotic drugs in 2009, reported USA Today. At Fort Bragg, where 50,000 are stationed, 4,994 troops were on antidepressants, and 664 were on antipsychotics in 2010, reported the Fayetteville Observer, adding that “many soldiers take more than one type of medication.

School Shootings: All on Antipsychotics

Homicide is an outer action based on “blaming other”. But what FOX news doesn’t cover is all the youth SUICIDES.
Suicide is an “inner directed” action based on blaming oneself or at least resisting the urge to commit homicide. Why do some kill and others don’t? See the industries dirty secret!

Dr. Mercola videos and article…

Soldier Suicides: More Suicides Than War Deaths