Heartbreaking testimony from former Banker Robert Bernard

Vaccinated people are transmitting the Artificial Intelligent devices to the Unvaccinated

Former Pfizer executive…MASSIVE De- population agenda with the Covid-19 Vaccine

Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS (and later CEO of a biotech he founded (Ziarco, later acquired by Novartis),

‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) spoke to former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon about his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the regulatory authorities, and more.

At the outset, Dr. Yeadon said “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population.

“I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.

EXCERPT regarding natural immunity…and no need for healthy people to get the vaccine:

“The most likely duration of immunity to a respiratory virus like SARS CoV-2 is multiple years. Why do I say that? We actually have the data for a virus that swept through parts of the world seventeen years ago called SARS, and remember SARS CoV-2 is 80% similar to SARS, so I think that’s the best comparison that anyone can provide.

“The evidence is clear: These very clever cellular immunologists studied all the people they could get hold of who had survived SARS 17 years ago. They took a blood sample, and they tested whether they responded or not to the original SARS and they all did; they all had perfectly normal, robust T cell memory. They were actually also protected against SARS CoV-2, because they’re so similar; it’s cross immunity.

“So, I would say the best data that exists is that immunity should be robust for at least 17 years. I think it’s entirely possible that it is lifelong. The style of the responses of these people’s T cells were the same as if you’ve been vaccinated and then you come back years later to see if that immunity has been retained. So I think the evidence is really strong that the duration of immunity will be multiple years, and possibly lifelong.


“The good news is that there are multiple choices available: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide (inhaled steroid used in asthmatics), and of course oral Vitamin D, zinc, azithromycin etc. These reduce the severity to such an extent that this virus did not need to become a public health crisis.”

VLA Comment:  In other words…a parasitical and an antibiotic together.  The technology used in manipulating this virus may have come on the shoulders of bioweaponizing vector insects (ticks and mosquitos) out of the Plum Island Lab in Long Island, NY.  It is said that the parasite holds the bacteria and once the parasite is killed the bacteria is let out (may be held in a nanotube).  Hence the dual protocol.

John Hopkins Study admits natural immunity is more effective than vaccines

Antibodies – which block the coronavirus from attaching to human cells – may not tell the whole story, according to the study by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). T cells appear to play an important additionally protective role.

“Our data, as well as the results from other groups, shows that the T cell response to COVID-19 in individuals infected with the initial viral variants appears to fully recognize the major new variants identified in the UK, South Africa and Brazil,” said Andrew Redd of the NIAID and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the study.


Vaccine Liberation Army HACKED-The entire COVID year GONE

                      Vaccine Liberation Army HACKED

                  The entire COVID year… GONE…Disappeared!

The Story:  VLA started some time about 10 years ago.  We created the sticker campaign and mobile advertising fleet (click picture of baby on the right)  that probably has distributed 1/2 million stickers, to date.  Regarding that….we have some rolls left if you want to order them.  However, the website has either been hacked or been corrupted by some failure at Go Daddy, our hosting platform.  Although back ups were saved so that the data from March 2020 to February 2021 should have been included, some how, the daily back ups did not save the entire Covid year. Hence, only the entire Covid year is missing…gone..

Bottom line:  VLA will remain alive, but passive since there are thousands of stickers out in the public and whose concerns about childhood vaccinations are addressed in the many posts on the website prior to March 2020.  The VLA shop will also still sell stickers as long as they last.

VLA Comment: Meet the Eschaton!   “Meditate with the little time you have left”

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Dr. Fauci created the virus (Gain of Function Research)…with his partner Peter Daszak…and sent it to WuHan

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