If the Bank goes bankrupt you legally forfeit the money in your account

You are not considered a DEPOSITOR, you are a CREDITOR. The money in your account is considered A LOAN to the bank. If they go bankrupt and if FDIC fails, you lose your money.

Will FDIC keep protecting bank failures?

The existence of the “no depositor loss unless absolutely unavoidable” practice is quite evident by contrasting the FDIC’s failed-bank resolutions before the IndyMac failure with its resolution practices since then.

Of the 127 banks and thrifts that failed from Jan. 1, 1993, to the last bank that failed before IndyMac was closed, just 39 of those failures were resolved through a P&A transaction.

For the other 88 resolutions, uninsured depositors suffered a loss because only insured deposits were paid off in full or another bank purchased or otherwise assumed just the insured deposits of the failed bank, leaving the uninsured deposits behind, in the failed bank’s receivership.

From the perspective of deposits, 71% of the total deposits of the 127 failures were in institutions where uninsured depositors suffered a loss, while 29% of the deposits were in institutions resolved through a P&A that fully protected uninsured depositors from any loss whatsoever.

The post-IndyMac resolution experience has been starkly different. Since IndyMac, there have been 522 failures, excluding Washington Mutual.  READ MORE….

TOTALITARIANISM: NY Supreme Court rules AMISH must vaccinate in their schools

Kevin Barry of First Freedoms, Attorney for Mr. Stoltzfus, says that there will be no more appeals in the case.

Barry says that the state of New York has threatened to shut down the Cranberry Marsh School that the Stoltzfus children attend, though the state has taken no action yet.

WSKG has reported that, “Under the rules barring religious exemptions to vaccines, schools can be fined up to $2,000 per day for each student who is out of compliance.”

New York law now requires K-12 Amish children to receive a combined 35 doses of 10 vaccines:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • Meningococcal

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VLA Comment:  You have just witnessed the foundation for legislation for vaccinating homeschool children.  Note also, that Bill Gates, for years, has been buying up homeschool programs and installing Federal Core Curriculum


The Democrats are moving this across the nation states.

Republicans are resisting hold faith in parental rights and religious freedom.

25 Vaccine Death Stories To Share In Social Media

MOM: “On January 12, 2018, Ali called me “Maa” again and by that time she started to remember a few words again. She waved at someone at the hospital and said “hello” after three months. I was so happy that she was getting better and we will soon be going home. Still scared, but was hopeful. By noon, Ali started to seize again and that was the end of her little life. She seized through the rest of the January, February, and until March 26th 2018, the day she died. Ali died in my arms in a fairy garden at the hospital. I held a very cold stiff body of my baby — instead of a warm, soft, wriggly baby. But no one dared to call it or admit that the MMR Vaccine killed my baby.” http://bit.ly/DeadAfterMMR-Vaccine


INFANT DIES 14 hours after vaccination

Laura: Sophia was born December 7, 2018. 6.7 pounds – and she got the Hepatitis B vaccine, Vitamin K, and eye goop. From the day of her birth on she struggled to poop, so we were in and out of the doctor quite often as she was 5.14 pounds when we went in after leaving the hospital. Every visit Sophia was healthy as can be. She was getting better at using her bowels as she was learning how to live in the outside world and her favorite place was the boob.

By one month she weighed 8.4 pounds, so she was gaining quite well! She was a super healthy one month old! Starting to giggle and smile at me all the time. The next month, February 8th, 2019, we go in for her 2-month check up and she received every shot a two month old is scheduled to get (HepB, Rotavirus, DTaP, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13), and inactivated poliovirus (IPV)) and she barely even cried. We went home, and she napped basically the rest of the day. I figured she was just sleepy from the shots because my first child would always sleep a lot after her shots…READ MORE…


Big Pharma and Corporate Media Finally Admit the Oral Polio Vaccine is a Failure – Causes Polio Instead of Preventing It

In an almost unprecedented admission of vaccine failure, National Public Radio (NPR) recently published a show explaining how the present-day oral polio vaccine is a failure, and is actually contributing to the rise of polio in poor countries. READ MORE…

An estimated 40 million Americans take psychiatric drugs.

Research letter co-author Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices called the rates of psychiatric drug use in some populations “extraordinary.” He added, “To discover that eight in 10 adults who have taken psychiatric drugs are using them long term raises safety concerns, given that there’s reason to believe some of this continued use is due to dependence and withdrawal symptoms.”  Read more….

VLA Comment:

If 80% of adults who are taking  psychiatric drugs are taking them long term…will they be restricted from getting a gun permit due to “Mental Illness” diagnoses spanning any time from toddler to adulthood?.  This, in my opinion, is the covert strategy by the left Demoncrats to torpedo the second amendment.

PHARMACIDE: THE AUTOMATISM DEFENSE-virtual links to white paper by Eileen Dannemann


1 in 3 Foster kids being dumbed down with Psychiatric Drugs

Among the situations investigators encountered was the case of a 6-year-old boy diagnosed with ADHD, learning and speech disorders, outbursts of temper and defiance, and hair-pulling disorder. He had been put on four psychiatric drugs.In another case, an 11-year-old boy had been put on two medications after being diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and behavior problems. But over a three-month period his foster mother had problems getting prescription refills. By the fourth month, the boy’s life was out of control. His decline included stealing, lying, bullying and an in-school suspension. READ MORE..