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ROBERT F. KENNEDY: Agricultual Endocrine Disruptors are the cause of TRANSGENDER

Robert F. Kennedy Jr said, “[Boys] are swimming
through a soup of toxic chemicals today. And many
of those are endocrine disruptors. There’s
atrazine throughout our water supply… If you in a
lab put atrazine in a tank full of frogs It will
chemically castrate and forcibly feminize every
frog in there and 10% of the male frogs will turn
into fully viable females able to produce viable
eggs. And if it’s doing that to frogs there’s a
lot of other evidence that it’s doing it to
humans as well.” Mainstream media ignores and/or
maligns Kennedy. Mark Dice chimed in and added
that BPA, which may affect gender, fertility and
cardiovascular problems, has been removed from
some food packaging, but is now showing up in clothing



75 Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud

COVID:75 Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud


1. Safe and Effective – A Second Opinion 

2. Uninformed Consent 

3. The Big Reset

4. Died Suddenly 

5. Fluvid-19

6. A Good Death 

7. I Am Not Misinformation

8.  Following The Science? – COVID Fraud

9. The Time Is Now 

10. The Plan Plus Extra Material Released With The Film 

11. Cult of The Medics – Chapter #9 

12. The Real Anthony Fauci 

13. Tip Toe To Tyranny

14. Unmasked 2030

15. Fall of Cabal


Migrant influx in Europe “THE GREAT REPLACEMENT” continues (and into the USA)

VLA Comment: For the last few years there has been “the Great Replacement” whereas a treaty known as the Dublin Treaty forces these European countries to take millions of migrants. Today 40% of rapes of women are done by the migrants and yet they are only 8 % of the population.

President Trump stopped it at the Mexican boarder pitting himself against the Great Replacement…but Biden and the Demoncrats are working with the World re-order and making the Great Replacement happen in the USA also.