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75 Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud

COVID:75 Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud


1. Safe and Effective – A Second Opinion 

2. Uninformed Consent 

3. The Big Reset

4. Died Suddenly 

5. Fluvid-19

6. A Good Death 

7. I Am Not Misinformation

8.  Following The Science? – COVID Fraud

9. The Time Is Now 

10. The Plan Plus Extra Material Released With The Film 

11. Cult of The Medics – Chapter #9 

12. The Real Anthony Fauci 

13. Tip Toe To Tyranny

14. Unmasked 2030

15. Fall of Cabal


Migrant influx in Europe “THE GREAT REPLACEMENT” continues (and into the USA)

VLA Comment: For the last few years there has been “the Great Replacement” whereas a treaty known as the Dublin Treaty forces these European countries to take millions of migrants. Today 40% of rapes of women are done by the migrants and yet they are only 8 % of the population.

President Trump stopped it at the Mexican boarder pitting himself against the Great Replacement…but Biden and the Demoncrats are working with the World re-order and making the Great Replacement happen in the USA also.