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Morgellons Disease: NANOWORMS: The fetal stage of transhumanism- it is upon us.

Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us. This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally.  There is no escape.  The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it.  Read more… 


Morgellons and Patent #6245531

The Binary Biology enables the ecdysone switch to control populations.
Hormones served in food can turn the switch on, combine the two parts of
Binary Biological weapons already installed in people.

Yale and Stanford Universities Patents

Morgellons patents: US 6245531 Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor US 5514578A Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Steroid Hormone Receptor Polypeptides and Cells Transformed With Same Inventors: David Hogness, 650-723-6166, Michael Koelle, 203-432-5662, William Seagraves, 203-432-4537, —————————————-­—————————————- SPRING HOUSE, Pa.–(BW HealthWire)–May 7, 2002 Agreement grants Invitrogen nonexclusive, worldwide rights to manufacture and sell Ecdysone-Inducible Expression research kits RHeoGene today announced it has egotiated an agreement to grant Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA) a nonexclusive, worldwide sublicense for sales of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System and related products for research purposes only. RHeoGene holds an exclusive license to Stanford University patents U.S. 5,514,578, 6,245,531 and EP Patent 0517805 that cover sales and use of certain ecdysone-based products. Invitrogen has been manufacturing and selling its Ecdysone- Inducible Expression System under a separate license since 1996. Under its license from RHeoGene, Invitrogen will continue to provide Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System products to academic, government, industrial, and clinical institutions for research purposes. Customers wishing to use ecdysone receptor-based gene expression systems for commercial purposes should contact RHeoGene for a commercial license. “This licensing agreement is the first external validation of the importance of RHeoGene’s exclusive license to the intellectual property encompassed by these Stanford patents after broader claims to U.S. 5,514,578 were granted,” said Tom Tillett, RHeoGene Executive Vice President for Operations. The Stanford patents are directed to genes that encode insect-based ecdysone receptors from a broad range of insect species and methods for regulating gene expression in host cells. The patent coverage includes ecdysone receptor (EcR) genes originating from Drosophila, the basis of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System. The patents are based on the pioneering research of Dr. David Hogness, Emeritus Munzer Professor of Developmental Biology and Biochemistry at Stanford University. RHeoGene’s exclusive license to these patents encompasses all uses outside of plants, including cell-based assays, genomics, proteomics, gene therapy, cell culture/fermentation, transgenic animals, and biosensors. RHeoGene focuses on delivering customized inducible gene expression technology systems to advance proteomics, drug discovery, biotherapeutics production, and human gene therapy. RHeoGene’s operations are located in Spring House, Pa., and Charlottesville, Va. For more information, visit

VACCINE TRIALS PREMATURE INFANTS: Some got 8 vaccine doses at one time

Testing out the rotavirus vaccine on a group of 988 premature babies ranging between 27 weeks and 36 weeks, these infants were injected with up to 9 vaccine doses.  They administered rotavirus vaccine (RIX4414, GlaxoSmithKline) in two doses to 658 preterm infants, and 330 received a placebo along with routine vaccinations, including diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B and poliovirus. Infants from France and Spain also received Streptococcus pneumoniae concomitantly; infants from Portugal and Spain also received Neisseria meningitides.  Read more..

SOCIAL SECURITY: THE GREAT PENSION HOAX! Fund has 2.6 Trillion dollars

The Federal government continues to tell the people of America that the Social Security system is in financial ruin, and will be broke by the time many of us come-a-collectin’ in just a couple of decades. They tell us that the evil baby-boomers will strip Social Security bare, and drain the entire program into oblivion.  But I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true. In fact, it is one of the biggest fallacies ever perpetrated upon the American public. It is a lie hidden in plain sight, just as most government programs and funds have turned out to be.

According to the 2011 CAFR for the Board of Trustees of the Social Security System, the Social Security Trust Funds have a combined total of

2.6 trillion dollars. W-W-What? You heard that right, my friends. Spelled out with all of those pesky zeros in place, that looks like this…

Total assets, December 31, 2010   $2,608,950,000,000  Read more…

Download CAFR Financial Report  Watch Documentary See the full film here, or skip ahead to the last half hour to see this information