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How to get through TSA body scanners/TSA employees at great risk

The DHS has publicly mischaracterized the findings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), stating that NIST “affirmed the safety” of full body scanners. NIST has stated that the Institute did not, in fact, test full body scanners for safety, and that the Institute does not do product testing.


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False Accusations of Child Abuse (including Shaking Baby Syndrome)

Christina England

Read story of Amanda whose father is serving a life sentence in prison

The maker of this video, Christina England is a UK journalist and an author with a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media. She is studying for a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Humanities.

Christina’s main area of expertise is in researching the areas surrounding false allegations of child abuse particularly where a child has suffered a vaccine injury. Her work is now read internationally and has been translated into many languages. Christina has been on many radio shows and she speaks at seminars worldwide. Christina is the mother of two adult sons both with ASD and complex learning and behaviour problems. She is co-author of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? Email Christina:

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What to do if you child dies after vaccination

Parent’s Guide:  what to do if your child dies after vaccination!
Parents facing the tragic death of a previously healthy child should never be left with more questions than answers; nor should they be falsely accused of contributing to the death of their child.  One has to wonder why ‘public servants’ employed at the CDC, National Institutes of Health and/or the FDA have not already provided such a guide to medical professionals, pathologists and coroners.  This apparent omission is not in the best interest of medical consumers.  These agencies have an obligation to protect and serve the medical consumers who pay their salaries.  All families in the USA deserve better treatment from these organizations who give the impression they just do not to care.   Now is the time to hold them accountable.

Children organizing community around organic gardening

InterGenerate is a non profit organization building  strong local communities on a healthy planet.

Creating environmental and social sustainability around shared concerns for food security, InterGenerate reaches across traditional social boundaries to bring people together to grow our food locally, sharing the work while deepening ties to each other.

InterGenerate has founded vegetable gardens, egg coops and is expanding to bee hives.  Read more…

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Personal Eco Distiller: Clean Water from Sea or Brackish Water


Eliodomestico is an open-source eco-distiller, running on solar power, to provide safe drinking water for people in developing countries. It’s a very simple way to produce freshwater, starting from sea or brackish water. The device produces 5 liters daily, through a direct solar-powered distillation process. Eliodomestico works without filters nor electricity, and requires minimal maintenance.  photos… read more…