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Finally Vaccine judgement: Infant dies after receiving 22 routine vaccine doses

The untimely fate of Elijah Daniel French, who was born on May 4, 2007, and died just days after receiving eight routine vaccinations in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s recommended vaccine schedule, has been determined by a child death investigator and several pathologists to have been caused by the vaccines. Learn more:

Danny’s full story is available here:



2012: Christina Moore took her happy, healthy 8 month old son Trent to his well baby visit at Seymour Medical Center in Seymour, TN. He passed away in the night, less than 13 hours after his mother was bullied at the doctors office to give him 5 vaccines, even though she only felt comfortable with one at a time. Christina wrote “I argued with the nurse practitioner for 30-45 minutes. They would not split the shots up! They bullied me, told me I was retarded, told me he needed all the shots that day, told me they could not split the shots up, told me it absolutely would not hurt him! He was injected with 4 needles and given the Rotavirus oral vaccine. He died less than 13 hours later. She was compensated $20,00 for the death of her son. Read story…

Logan dead from vaccines

Logan, 2 1/2 received the mumps vaccine and shortly after developed mumps on both sides. The infection spread to his lymph nodes and gastro-intestinal tract. He was admitted into the hospital and they sent him in for a 2-hour surgery. He lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. Logan had a second cardiac arrest, went into a coma, and was placed on a cardiac bypass machine. He died a few days later. His mother is adamant that the MMR vaccination was causal.  Read more…


Healthy Student, 18, Vaccinated for Meningitis Dies of Meningitis

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Heartbreaking Accounts of Vaccine Injury


Mahatma Gandhi on Small Pox and other infectious diseases




Gandhi on Smallpox and Other Contagious Diseases

…This has given rise to the superstition that it is a contagious disease, and hence to the attempt to mislead the people into the belief that vaccination is an effective means of preventing it. The process of vaccination consists in injecting into the skin the liquid that is obtained by applying the discharge from the body of a small-pox patient to the udder of a cow. The original theory was that a single vaccination would suffice to keep a man [Pg 106] immune from this disease for life; but, when it was found that even vaccinated persons were attacked by the disease, a new theory came into being that the vaccination should be renewed after a certain period, and to-day it has become the rule for all persons—whether already vaccinated or not—to get themselves vaccinated whenever small-pox rages as an epidemic in any locality, so that it is no uncommon thing to come across people who have been vaccinated five or six times, or even more.  Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Its supporters are not content with its adoption by those who have no objection to it, but seek to impose it with the aid of penal laws and rigorous punishments on all people alike. 

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VLA Comment: The answer to the sound bite that “vaccines save lives”.  “From the fact that some people who are not vaccinated do get the [Pg 107] disease, we cannot, of course, conclude that they would have been immune if only they had got themselves vaccinated.” –Gandhi

VLA Comment:How do we know that a person who got vaccinated…that his/her life has been “saved”?  For that statement to be true one would have to know that the person, when they were unvaccinated,  would have gotten the disease .  Is there proof of that…impossible!


Bill Gates: We must prepare for war against a global pandemic (May 28,2015)


‘World must prepare for war against a global pandemic’: Bill Gates fears a Spanish flu-like disease could wipe out 33 million people in less than a year

Speaking at a recent conference in Berlin, Bill Gates (pictured) said the risk of a worldwide pandemic is so high it is reckless not to act now . He explained: ‘Are we as ready for that as we should be? A good comparison is that we prepare ourselves for war – we have planes and training and we practise’

Gates said the risk of a pandemic meant it was reckless not to act now

He added technology will be a crucial asset in the fight against disease

The 59-year-old philanthropist compared it to preparing for war

And fears a pandemic – like Spanish flu which wiped out 50 million people in 1918 – could decimate populations in less than a year

VLA comment: Does he have a specific virus in mind?  Something we can vaccinate with in advance having prepared our children’s bodies by injecting a multiplicity of pathogens and toxins? Germany’s Angela Merkel knows that the emerging World Government has assigned Germany the global center for BioPharmacuetical resource as America has been assigned Agriculture and Computer Technology.  (See David Icke reading Dr. Richard Day’s letter in 1969)


Rudolf Steiner on vaccination:  1918 deadly flu epidemic caused by vaccination

“All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had. The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected “seeded” with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums. When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once it was tragic”. Read more…

Rudolf Steiner original lecture



Studies: 200 Published studies on vaccines


Find links to 200 published studies here:


Link Between Neurologic and Immune Disorders

Click the titles below for studies on each vaccine ingredient specifically for neurologic and immune disorders.

Neurologic and Immune Development
Neurologic and Immune Dysfunction
Specific Vaccines

Example of studies for Aluminum

Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants: Are they Safe?

Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Long-term Persistence of Vaccine-Derived Aluminum Hydroxide is Associated with Chronic Cognitive Dysfunction

Long-term follow-up of cognitive dysfunction in patients with aluminum hydroxide-induced macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF).

Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice

The immunobiology of aluminium adjuvants: how do they really work?

Aluminum inclusion macrophagic myofasciitis: a recently identified condition

Macrophagic myofasciitis lesions assess long-term persistence of vaccine-derived aluminium hydroxide in muscle

A role for the body burden of aluminium in vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome

Aluminum as an adjuvant in Crohn’s disease induction

Aluminum is a potential environmental factor for Crohn’s disease induction: extended hypothesis

DNA released from dying host cells mediates aluminum adjuvant activity

Council of Foreign Relations: Global Health Interactive map of outbreaks



Updated Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks Map Shows Attacks on Vaccinators Drive Polio Outbreaks

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“This map demonstrates that the resurgence of polio in Pakistan is strongly correlated with the increase of attacks on vaccinators and health-care workers there,” says Laurie Garrett, CFR Senior Fellow for Global Health, who produced the map.

VLA Comment:  This is the conclusion (above) of the establishment, that there is a correlation between attacks on vaccinators and an increase in polio outbreaks….as opposed to a correlation between the polio vaccine and polio outbreaks.

47,500 Paralysis cases from Polio Vaccine in India: Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Read more...