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Dr. Simone Gold: American Frontline Doctors (She is at the head of the spear…watch)

Dr. Rochagne Kilian: Quits Hospital..D Dimer testing showing mass microclots in Vaccinated patients

Doctors’ List: Where to get Ivermectin/Pharmacies/Doctors/Telemedicine for Ivermectin

Doctors- Phone Ivermectin & HCQ (list)


Good prices here without prescription:


No prescription needed…

Doctors who will order Ivermectin or HCQ over the phone
(telemedicine)          Medicare not accepted
Dr. Alieta Eck
Phone: (732) 463-0303
All over US
Dr. Jim Meehan
Phone: (918) 600-2240
All over US
Dr. Richard Herrscher
Phone: (972) 473-7544
All over US
Dr. Syed Haider
Phone: (281) 219-7367
32 US states:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming
Jennifer Wright MSN
Dr. Lisbeth W. Roy
Phone: (561) 444-7751
All over US
Ken Wamwiri MSN
Phone: (817) 987-1127
All over US
My Free Doctor
Phone: (850) 750-1321 (Text Only)
All over US
Phone: (855) 767-8559
25 US states:
Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin.
Dr. Margaret Aranda
Text or Call: (818) 584-9331
Lung Center of America
Phone: 937-859-5864
Dr. Joseph N. Holmes
Phone: (980) 264-9020
North Carolina
Dr. Tom Yarema
Tuesdays, 5pm PST for Dr Tom’s ZOOM Open Clinic Hour
California only – some TELEMED within CA
Kimberly M. DeVolld, MD
Phone: (843) 996-4908
South Carolina and Virginia



Massive Change in Banking (Digital Currency set up) “prior” to PLANDEMIC

Patent attorney John Titus said that the Federal Reserve (Fed) added $4.5 trillion to its balance sheet since March 2020, which is the largest monetary event in the history of the world! Not only did the Fed add a gargantuan $4.5 trillion in reserves, but they did it in such a way that it forced the creation of $4.5 trillion in new bank money, for the express purpose of deliberately causing mass inflation. The Federal Reserve is carrying out this plan under the cover of the so-called pandemic, but the plan was created before Covid-19 was introduced. The plan was drafted by BlackRock and given to the Federal Reserve in August 2019, four months before Covid struck. Titus said that many people are needed right now to counter what the Fed is doing. John Titus will be speaking on ‘‘Going Direct’:


VLA COMMENT: This was the plan all along…World bank, International Monetary controlled  Cashless society, using blockchain technology that can only be served by 5G, 6G speeds; create a false pandemic via a man made manipulated, nanotech Gain of Function virus to shut down the society in every nation of the world; cause chain supply blockage; unemployment; famine and poverty…in order to Reset the Financial system to control and dominate every country, every person’s, every businesses finance and social credit system; and a 15% global tax to support a world government. It is just the beginning….not to mention the depopulation that is going on with “useless eaters” – the aged and those (including children) with co morbidites and illnesses.  The vaccine,  banking system and social payments such as Universal income is part of the Artificial Intelligence directives moving towards a post humanity aka transhumanism as the subtle nanotech synthetic and mechanical devices integrate the non biological system within the biology of humankind, injected stealthy into our bodies.


Vaccines for Kids Approval -FDA Meeting – Slide show -Why are kids dying like flies?

FDA experts ask why Kids are “dropping like flies” right after getting the Covid-19 Vaccine as they meet to debate authorisation of the Pfizer jab for 5-11-year-olds

On October 26th 2021, the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) held a meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) to review the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection and decide whether or not to extend the Emergency Use Authorisation of the Pfizer vaccines for children aged 5 to 11.

KIds’ Death via Vaccines slide showVRBPAC-10-26-21

MIT & Harvard Study UPDATE: The virus itself will enter and change your DNA (not only the vaccine)

MIT & Harvard Study Suggests mRNA Vaccine Might Permanently Alter DNA (after all-update 2021)


Question:  If  THE SARS 2 CORONA “VIRUS”, is able to enter and changes your DNA then why should  you care if the vaccine does the same thing?

Answer: There’s a big difference between the scenario where people randomly, and unwittingly, have their genetics monkeyed with because they were exposed to the coronavirus, and the scenario where we willfully vaccinate billions of people while telling them this isn’t happening.


UPDATE:  Unlike my previous blog where I hypothesize that such an occurrence would be extremely rare (mainly because I was attempting to temper expectations more conservatively due to the lack of empirical evidence), it appears that this integration of viral RNA segments into our DNA is not as rare as I initially hypothesized. It’s difficult for me to put a number on the probability due to data limitations present in the paper, but based on the frequency they were able to measure this phenomenon in both petri dishes and COVID patients, the probability is much greater than I initially anticipated. Due to this current research, I now place this risk as a more probable event than my original estimation…Dr. Doug Corrigan

Extract from article about the study

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna “vaccines” are RNA injections, these transfect their RNA into the cytoplasm of our cells.  Through a process called reverse-transcription, injected RNA integrates into our DNA. The Oxford/AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson “vaccines” are DNA, or viral vector, injections, which transfect DNA into the nucleus of our cells. Both types of Covid injections can, and probably do, permanently alter our DNA.  Because injected DNA or RNA enters the nucleus of our cells, and are treated as our own DNA, they come with a risk of damaging our own DNA, causing mutations, including, potentially, cancer.  And, if our cells become permanent Spike Protein producing factories, this could lead to serious autoimmune problems.