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NY Times/Washington Post/FoxNews: Genetically Modified Babies (Vaccines & Mitochondria)

Genetically Modified Babies

Read…(NY Times opinion 2/2014)

FDA considers approval of genetically modified babies:

A chilling report by The New York Times (NYT) explains that a special FDA advisory committee recently met to discuss the approval of “radical biological procedures” that involve splicing and dicing the genetic blueprint of the human form. Referred to by the FDA as “mitochondrial manipulation technologies,” Read more Natural News

In-vitro manipulation (Fox News)  VLA Comment on in-vitro:  Already in-vitro procedures are causing Angelman’s Syndrome which is very much like Autism symptoms. Also in the case of in-vitro,  the parent is required to get vaccines in order to participate in the program.

VLA Comment:  Interesting to note that many  vaccine injured have mitachondrial dysfunctions at the basis of their Autism or neurological disabilities.   But what came first the chicken or the egg?  Furthermore, if  mitochondrial dysfunction is inherited  yet the  parent is doing okay with living with the problem but the child become severely Autistic or neurologically impaired having the same inherited problem, why is the establishment giving vaccines to children whose parent/parents have inheritable mitochondrial problems since vaccines exacerbate the condition to a point of total disability as in the case of Hannah Polling. (as in the Hannah Polling case where the National Vaccine Compensation program paid out millions in her case..determining that the vaccines brought on the manifestation of her autism based on her mitachondrial dysfunction). Instead the establishment wants to avoid the vaccine confounder  and seek to genetically modify the embryo.


Breaking News: CRACKING DOWN ON ANTI-VACCINE movement despite CDC report Autism UP – 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 for the boys)

CNN) — One in 68 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a 30% increase from 1 in 88 two years ago, according to a new report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Read more…

CDC Statistics

VLA Comment:  Yet there is a hyper aggressive world wide strategy targeting concerned parents, physicians and activists despite and in the face of the rise in Autism, vaccine injury misdiagnosed as mental illness, juvenile diabetes, asthma.  It is a brutal campaign worldwide.

For example:  Jeff Hayes, producer of the in process documentary,  “Bought” reported this incident below

Subject: You won’t believe what happened to me tonight! (Jeff Hayes, producer “Bought”)

“I’m in Santa Clara CA, in the San Francisco area. I just arrived tonight, so I walked over to a local landmark restaurant, Birk’s. They we’re full (of course) but they could seat me at the counter. They sat me next to a lady and we started talking about my favorite subject… food.

Her name is Jenny Burke, and she was delightful. She was there in the area with her significant other to attend a conference at Stanford on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc. There were six tracks, her focus was robotics.  She’s a PhD specializing in robotics in relationship to people for Boeing. Smart.

The night before they had their closing plenary session, and a speaker from each of the 6 tracks spoke on key things they had discussed in their track. 

 She said the guy from the Big Data track said, “years ago there was a rogue Dr who did some fraudulent research that said vaccines cause autism. In spite of the fact that the researcher had been discredited and the study has been retracted, this “false” data has woven into our culture and many people believe this “false” study and don’t get their kids vaccinated.”

She said he went on, “so we created a social media bot that searches conversation strings in all social media for these conversations and then posts the fact that they are false and links them to the “real” data showing that vaccines are safe and don’t cause autism. So this is just one example of how we can use Big Data and bots to affect social change for good.”

 Wow. And she happens to be sitting next to, of all people, me!  Go to:


Australia Is Cracking Down on Vaccine Truthers, and America Should Too!

VLA Comment: Government took away the non profit tax status of an anti-vaccine group

Croatia Has Ended the Anti-Vaccine Debate by Doing What the U.S. Won’t (Court enforced mandate vaccines for children), nationwide.

VLA Comment:  We have not found any data that indicates there is a religious exemption option in Croatia.

Colorado Is Finally Taking on Anti-Vaccine Protestors — Here’s How

VLA comment:   If the bill is passed, which seems likely, no matter how rational the supporters argued, parents applying for a religious waiver will have to get the okay by a physician (per vaccine) having been lectured by this health professional on the benefits of vaccination.  The National Coalition of Organized Women  suggested that targeting a group because of their religious orientation is against the constitution and that the answer lies in having all the parents attend a health professional vaccine lecture given by a cooperative Dept. of Health and Dept of Education at the school at the beginning of each new year.

Kenya: Catholic Church question Tetanus Vaccine Campaign for women (ages 14-49)


Nairobi, Kenya: The Catholic church in Kenya has raised questions over the ongoing national tetanus vaccination campaign targeting women aged between 14-49 years.
The questions the church has put across are;

1- Is there a tetanus crisis on women of child bearing age in Kenya? If this is so, why has it not been declared?

2- Why does the campaign target women of 14 – 49years?

3- Why has the campaign left out young girls, boys and men even if they are all prone to tetanus?

4- In the midst of so many life threatening diseases in Kenya, why has tetanus been prioritized?

“Information in the public domain indicates that Tetanus Toxoid vaccine (TT) laced with Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) sub unit has been used in Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico to vaccinate women against future pregnancy. Beta HCG sub unit is a hormone necessary for pregnancy’’, read part of the statement.  Read more…

Counter argument from the inventor of the “birth control” vaccine used in the Phillipines



Enviropig-Standardizing GMO Pig Breeds

Enviropig: Standardizing GMO Pig Breed

The Enviropig™ was developed using specific gene sequences from mouse and e coli DNA, which were further modified to work in a pig. In combination, the genetic code would trigger the production of a digestive enzyme (secreted into the saliva) not found in domesticated hogs.

The genetic material was inserted into a fertilized pig embryo via microinjection. In turn, the embryo was surgically implanted into the reproductive tract of a sow, and born about four months later. When mature, the genetically modified pig was crossed with a conventional pig, and about half of the offspring exhibited the new, stable, modified gene. The Enviropig is now in its eighth generation.  Read…

Current Status 2013

Apparently the pig is not working out…but the GMO salmon seems likely.

Michigan DNR destroys heritage hogs: Small-farm heritage hogs have now been declared an “invasive species” in Michigan.  This order allows the Michigan DNR to raid family farms with the
intent to seize and destroy their heritage hog livestock without
compensation.  Since swine raised in large confinement operations will be
exempt, this will effectively eliminate or reduce any competition.  The
Michigan Pork Producers Association is the co-sponsor of this state order.

Read Mike Adams on the heritage pig destruction

It is also to be noted that the FDA approved the drug Ractopamine for poultry, beef & swine in 1999.  It converts feed into lean muscle.  It is banned in 160 countries.  And unfortunately if you eat Agri-business poultry, beef and swine, you are getting that which 160 countries have banned (for a good reason).  And most egregious the “natural Thyroid” most organic and natural foods consumer take if they have a hypothryroid problem like Hashimoto’s disease is source from pigs being fed Ractopamine.   Check it out here!

Healing Allergies and Autism: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET):


We only began NAET treatments with Helen Bowman for our son Charlie a few weeks ago. Charlie is three years old and has autism. He suffered from terrible fear and anxiety in a addition to his other autistic traits and problems. Charlie was extremely handicapped by his fears and would be completely terrified going to see Helen the first few times. He also had a chronic asthmatic cough whereby he would cough violently every night sometimes making himself vomit. I can confidently say that within these very few short weeks our son has transformed into a confident, happy, calm, and social little boy whose learning has completely taken off at an astonishing rate. In one day, after almost a year of trying and being unsuccessful, he learnt to peddle his tricycle and his bigger bike with stabilisers and not only this, he learnt how to bounce on a space hopper too! These may seem like small things to many parents but any parent of a child with autism will marvel at such progress in only one day!. We have noticed many other things too – he plays more appropriately and everywhere he goes he seems to make a friend these days, he actually instigates the play himself too instead of waiting for another child to lead him. He chats with us spontaneously and has even begun to tell us jokes which is a big thing for a small child with autism who only learnt to say a few words very recently.

He sings, he laughs, he even argues with his sister which is very appropriate for siblings (and only an autism parent would rejoice in such things I’m sure) I am happy to report also that Charlie has had no asthmatic symptoms for 4 weeks. They stopped immediately after the treatment for calcium mix. The last time we visited Helen for NAET, Charlie was happy to receive the treatment and was in a playful mood, there was absolutely no fear or meltdown as had been the case on previous occasions. We are astonished at Charlie’s rapid progress since beginning NAET and are convinced allergies and immune responses play a huge part in autism.

We’re in this for the duration now, a treatment we tried almost as the last chance saloon after many varied interventions for our son has immediately began to heal him and at a rate not seen with any other intervention or treatment. When you see gains in your child almost every day, you’re convinced you’ve found the key to his health issues. NAET is the key and its unlocking little doors for Charlie all the time. We’re so grateful to Helen and to NAET for giving our son a better, healthier and happier life and all the opportunities now opening up for him that we never dared dream were possible.


Download Full Study

March 24, 2014 Bisons & Elks leaving Yellowstone National Park en masse

VLA comment (DEE): Bison. Elk. Galloping away, literally, having to stop to catch their breath, then galloping again….Think Supervolcano. Think caldera under Lake Yellowstone. When the birds leave, it’s time to buckle up… they will be the last to go.

VLA comment (Stella): Signs signs everywhere signs. Here is video of bison evacuating Yellowstone Park, an area with great potential for massive seismic activity. Other animals are leaving as well; 1/4 of the Elk herd has already left.

VLA comment (Founder):  Could they be leaving because they are targeted for slaughter?

300-600 Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter; Meats, Hides Will Go…/300-600-yellowstonebison-to-b…

Boise Weekly

Feb 11, 2014 – Yellowstone National Park officials say they’re planning to slaughter between 300 and 600 bison. The animals are set to be trucked to …

Yellowstone Will Erupt Again!