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Something MASSIVE just shot out of a Black Hole (NASA)

Future Prophecy of the Peacock Angel


Yezidi prophecy maintains that Tawsi Melek will come back to Earth as a peacock or rainbow during a time of intense conflict, poverty, famine and distress on the Earth. He will then transmit some prayers to a holy man, probably a Faqir, who will then take them around the Earth and give them to representatives of all religions.

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Emanuel Swedenborg: Christian Mystic explains the structure of Heaven given to him Directly from the Lord

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688), given a scriptural basis for the doctrinal teachings Swedenborg says he was given directly by the Lord, was a Swedish nobleman, considered one of the most learned men in Europe during his time. He was proficient in thirty-three fields of science, a prolific writer and publisher of many scientific works as well as theological works the last 30 years of his life. He was also an inventor and researcher in all the sciences known in his day. In the 1977 Guinness Book of World Records Emanuel Swedenborg is described as one of the world’s geniuses with a purported IQ of over 200 on the Terman scale,p.50. Go to official site

Recommended books about Heaven:

Heaven and Hell: Also the World of Spirits or Intermediate State From Things Heard and Seen by Emanuel Swedenborg by Emanuel Swedenborg

A deep, detailed account of the structure of Heaven.  Swedenborg was gifted to visit the various “frequencies” out of his body where he was able to communicate and resonate with the highest degrees of heaven.  This book details he structure of heaven.  So above, so below!

A Doctor Goes to Heaven by Harold Richter Scott Fun, easy reading, After life experience

Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves After life experience

Dean Fagerstrom – servants of the Lord. His close encounter and channeled drawings

Dean Fagerstrom (1932) When he first read Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell…Read more…