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Food supply chain changing with Artificial Intelligence and Technocratic take over

Smithfield warns of meat shortages after closing their Sioux Falls plant indefinitely, offlining 7+% of USA hog production capacity. Our food production is being systematically dismantled in a controlled demolition of the life support system of civilization. NOW is the time to start growing food for your family and community and spread the word — NOT cede total control of our food supply! ALIGN with local farmer/ranchers & producers (and become one!). Support community operations however you can. Start learning and growing now.


Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information
(alphabetical order by vaccine)

We have listed vaccine ingredients (substances that appear in the final vaccine product), process ingredients (substances used to create the vaccine that may or may not appear in the final vaccine product), and growth mediums (the substances vaccines are grown in) for 31 vaccines commonly recommended by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.) Controversial products used to make vaccines: African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains.


FDA charts

Attention All Students with ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bi Polar

20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with “mental disorders”. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are “mentally ill” yet they are labeled, stigmatized for life and dumbed down with psyche drugs.
This is a very UPLIFTING video presentation by the best psyche drug watchdogs in the

25 %
of all United States kids are on prescription drugs. Read article…

Graphic Evidence: Vaccines Didn’t Save Us!

Immunization Graphs – Natural Infectious Disease Declines

Shows major declines in life-threatening infectious disease occurred historically either without or far in advance of public immunization. See ALL GRAPHS…

See full presentation by Dr. Obomsawin…. When having discussions about the risks and benefits of vaccination, people will inevitably bring up the polio vaccine, “WHAT ABOUT THE POLIO VACCINE…MY UNCLE HAD POLIO!” Here is the real story behind the Polio vaccine….

SCREAMING Autism: This is what it looks like!

ADD, ADHD is a lesser vaccine injury on the same spectrum (Autism Spectrum Diagnosis). This video is a peek at what having a child with autism is like. Sometimes they scream all day long, life long. Autism is skyrocketing. One in every 110 children have full blown autism. CDC denies that it is the mass vaccination program in which children get more than 39 vaccine jabs by the time they are six years old. But parents are convinced it is the vaccines. Too many toxins; too little nutrition to be able to excrete them. Parent comment – “It shows our girl during one of her episodes when she really looks like she’s having piercing pain inside her head.Protect them, don’t inject them. (SEE: EXEMPTION ROOM)