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CDC Vaccine Card…don’t leave home without it (downloadable)

Wondering…might be fun to fill it out and when you don’t wear a mask and someone jumps six feet and shouts at you, you can pull out your vaccine card and tell them that you are immune…can’t give it…can’t get it!

Perhaps you can go into a store without a mask and hand it to the clerk and see what they say.

One of the best things that can happen if we do this is that the truth will come out that the vaccines do not prevent spreading the virus nor do they prevent the virus. Perhaps we can then have a discussion as to what the vaccines actually do other than cause death and disability.

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Halloween Vaccine Stickers for Kids

Halloween in October
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Get a roll of 250 high quality stickers and change the world from bottom – up!

 1) Thousands of the student Vaccine Liberation Army Stickers were given out and received as “awesome” by all the neighborhood kids.

2) Or ….Give the roll to your son or daughter to distribute on Halloween at school makes them the most popular kid for the day. Every kid collects stickers!

3) My personal experience of standing on the corner of a HS or middle school when kids are being let out of school is overwhelming…like a bird frenzy...the kids want as many as I can give them. And I do give them as many as they want… I ask them to share with their friends ( infiltrate).  It takes just one hour and all the stickers are gone..gone..gone…and you have no feelings of rejection.  It is a blast!

4) Remember kids don’t want to be vaccinated with a needle.  They are the future. Let’s educate them and they will resist the darkening of the light and they will teach their parents.

We love these stickers…on skateboards, on bikes and books (and face)?
Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

FOX-Breaking News: Oregon & Washington State Legislation seek to end exemptions

Fox new video

Oregon officials announce parents must provide proof that their child is vaccinated to attend school.

VLA Comment:  They are trying to spin the measles epidemic so as to blame someone from the Philippines so that the finger isn’t pointed to a vaccinated individual who got the vaccine and is “shedding”.

Their lame excuse (I can’t believe the television audience is stupid enough to believe this kind of propaganda) is that the same virus is also found in the Phillipines.



VLA COMMENT: The mantra of this hearing “VACCINES SAVE LIVES” “Vaccine save lives”



Hot-Coffee-DVD-FIn the world of “vaccine” journals – we have journals that serve the government propaganda. Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is above science & morality as they align with their use as wheels in the Totalitarian machine. Journals such as the Elsevier Journals-American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynogology, Pediatrics, have been caught in their complicity with assisting in spreading government agendas.

Along that line of manipulation, I just saw a GREAT documentary, Hot Coffee. It starts with the story of the McDonald lawsuit involving the spilling of hot coffee and the more than 2 million dollar (supposed) settlement to the consumer/Planitiff. It is on Netflix. However, the documentary evolves and peers into the political arena where the “industry” by the name of US Chamber of Commerce, started by Karl Rove, is using the event to put “caps” on corporate settlement … great stuff and real examples. It opens are eyes to another corporate play or prey on the working man….Halburton The documentary follows the 19 year old girl who whlileworking for Haliburton’s subsidiary was gang raped by co men employees in Iraq and how she is prevented to have her day in court… because of the forced “Arbitration? clause in her employment contract and how she is fighting back. So this movie is about the loss the people’s right for judicial regress. It discuss how industry is working closely with the administration via the “US Chamber of Commerce” to freely fund State campaign’s of State justices that will lean to the side of Industry instead of the consumer. I encourage you to watch this documentary. IT IS ALSO ON NETFLIX!

School Based Health Clinics: VACCINES & DRUGS: Accessing Public School Health Records?

Read article…The Obama Healthcare bill funds School Based Health Clinics for public schools nationwide.  The purpose: Track the emerging adult population; maximum vaccinate adolescents upwards of 80 vaccinations by 19 years old; screen for mental illness; facilitate the prescribing of prescription drugs based on mental screening and school behavior; obfuscate the cause of ADD, ADHD, depression (toxic vaccines-45 by the time the child is 6 years old..20 of which has high levels of mercury); propaganda for pre-school and school age kids

…’In 2007, a study performed by RAND Corporation, funded by Sanofi Pasteur, investigated the most efficient way to vaccinate (…) low-income adolescents. Nicole Lurie,(…) one authors of the white paper, is now an adviser to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Human Health Services (HHS). Mrs. Lurie has a long history of traversing the revolving door between private industry, government duties, and academic appointments (there is no difference from the former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, (…) becoming President of Merck Pharmaceuticals Vaccine Division).