8 thoughts on “Dr. David Martin and the 5th circuit court final order AWESOME LANGUAGE FROM THE COURT

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  3. Hal Mawrence

    Hello Dr. Martin: I just want to express my deepest gratitude for all the incredible brilliant work you have done and are doing, in exposing the bastard evil criminals and their methods that still plague our humanity! The Military and Trump have either been replaced with clones or actors that seem to be acting in a needless to say, disingenuous manner, to say the least. There is so much disinformation and garbage intel online, as you certainly know, very difficult to glean any truth. I, at one point, thought the bad guys actually either killed the real DJT or replaced him with a clone, due to his about face posture with regard to Jabs, and the Military’s refusal to intervene to stop the Genocide that we all have been led to believe is real, I think it’s so!
    My wife works for a Nursing home, now thirty years, yeah, she needs to retire, for sure, however, in the interim, she has been subjected to non PCR testing every three days a week, quick test, and of course,relegious exemption, masks , we are in our seventies and this is most injurious to all who put up with these Nazi coercions.
    Would you please send me a copy of the 5th District court of Appeals ruling ,please or direct me where or how to download it myself?! Thank you for your Godly brilliant service that in my book you have the highest service award that mankind can offer a brave and honorable hero, such as yourself, a mere loving thank you at this time; when all is said and done , I am sure you will receive deservingly, high praise and perhaps a metal of honor, for your pivotal selfless actions to this point, in the war against evil.You have already surpassed any physical piece of ribbon or metal that may exists for such courage and dedication to see it through to victory by providing legal men and women, with the tools to go into a legal battle and defeat the dragon in a most convincing manner! Hoo Rah to you sir! Thank you and God bless!

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