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Bill Clinton Lied in Democrat National Convention speech, says…Dick Morris


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VLA Comment:  Here is a little extra about FBI Comey and AG Loretta Lynch’s history:

  1. Lynch was appointed as U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn, NY from 1999 to 2001.  Who appointed her? Then President Bill Clinton.
  2. Lynch resigned in 2001 to join the law firm Hogan & Hartson.  This is the same law firm that represented the company MXLogic.  MXLogic was the company Hillary first used to set up her private email server and account.  Executives from this law firm have also donated to the Clintons.
  3. From 2003 to 2005 Lynch served as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.  The Federal Reserve Bank is actually a privately owned corporation, compromised of numerous banks.  Several of these banks and or their executives have donated to the Clintons political campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation.
  4. In 2010, President Obama re-appointed Lynch as U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn.  In 2015, Obama then appointed her as head U.S. Attorney for the nation.
  5. A few days ago, as we all know, Lynch met with Bill Clinton, privately, on her private government jet.

This meeting was a few days before the FBI interviewed Hillary and a few days before todays announcement.

  1. After this meeting, Lynch said something that no U.S. Attorney has ever said.  She first apologized and said she should not have met him (obviously an apology based on her being caught, not apologizing for the actual action).  She then states something U.S. Attorneys do not state.  She stated her office will be guided by whatever recommendation the FBI gives them.

Why was this statement ridiculous?  She is the head of the US. Justice Department.  The FBI is a sub unit of DOJ.  She is the top boss, not Comey and not the FBI. Her office decides to prosecute or not, NOT the FBI.

  1. In 1996 Comey was appointed as a Senate Committee Investigator /Counsel to investigate the Clintons in Whitewater.  His findings concluded no wrongdoing with the Clintons.
  2. Comey and Lynch met back in the early 2000’s. Comey was appointed by Bush as the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan.
  3. In 2002, Bush appointed Comey as Deputy U.S. Attorney and he was tasked with investigating Bill Clintons mass pardons as he left office.  Comey concluded that Clinton had done nothing wrong.
  4. Comey went into private practice in 2005.

11. In 2014, Obama appointed Comey as FBI Director. Lynch is Comey’s boss, as she is the head of the parent agency, DOJ.  Lynch is the chief law enforcement officer of our nation.  Comey holds the number two position in the sub agency, the FBI!!!

At the end of the day, how do we have Lynch, previously appointed by Bill Clinton, and formerly an employee of the law firm that is connected to Hillary’s email scandal, in charge of the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal, with the lead investigative agency led by a man who twice investigated the Clintons and both times found them not guilty of wrong doing, also appointed by the current U.S. President, who appointed Lynch, who is Comeys boss? 


And Comey and Lynch have known each other for decades as well. How was this investigation to have ever been legitimate? – Mike Greene





The Effect of Aluminum in Vaccines on Humans

Injectable Study Shows Injectable Aluminum Damages Children’s Circuitry

Dietary Aluminum vs. Injectable Aluminum – Dietary Aluminum is excreted fairly rapidly, where injectable Aluminum stays around damaging the bodies nervous system(circuitry)…at least that’s what one study is showing in an effort to counter the pro-vaccine argument that aluminum in humans isn’t a big deal. We are constantly bombarded with “aluminum is a natural part of our diets,” but after you watch the following video, you will soon see this sort of argument doesn’t hold water.

Hillary’s America & How Trump will investigate Vaccine/Autism Link


SYNOPSIS of the articles  written by Eileen Danneman

1) Every African American MUST be encouraged to see this film “HILLARY’S AMERICA, The Secret of the Democratic Party. (see citizen’s review below)

2) The Vaccine Law…Bioshield and PREP ACT, the laws that give immunity to vaccine providers
Bottomline: The US Attorney General & the Sec. of HHS must give their consent to investigate the CDC corruption documented by VAXXED the movie. TRUMP/CHRISTIE/CARSON WILL DO IT! Without the consent of USAG & HHS, CDC and the vaccine corruption remains the same.
Hillary Clinton: “The sky is blue, the earth is round and vaccines are safe” End of Vaccine discussion.

SYNOPSIS of the articles Hillary’s America and Trump Investigation of CDC corruption

Trump v P2(1)

California: 1st State To Teach LGBT Curriculum — to Second Graders


Parents and child

Parents and child

In the new framework, second graders will learn that some families have two moms or two dads, a concept that is presented as part of normal diversity among people. The revised draft reads:

“In Standard 2.1, students develop a beginning sense of history through the study of the family, a topic that is understandable and interesting to them…Through studying the stories of a very diverse collection of families, such as immigrant families, families with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parents and their children, families of color, step- and blended families, families headed by single parents, extended families…families with disabled members, families from different religious traditions, and adoptive families, students can both locate themselves and their own families in history and learn about the lives and historical struggles of their peers. In developing these activities, teachers should not assume any particular family structure and ask questions in a way that will easily include children from diverse family backgrounds. They need be sensitive to family diversity and privacy, and to protect the wishes of students and parents who prefer not to participate”.


Autism Spectrum Disorders and Race, Ethnicity, and Nativity: Hispanic, Black, Asian

RESULTS: We found increased risks of being diagnosed with AD overall and specifically with comorbid mental retardation in children of foreign-born mothers who were black, Central/South American, Filipino, and Vietnamese, as well as among US-born Hispanic and African American/black mothers, compared with US-born whites. Children of US African American/black and foreign-born black, foreign-born Central/South American, and US-born Hispanic mothers were at higher risk of exhibiting an AD phenotype with both severe emotional outbursts and impaired expressive language than children of US-born whites. READ MORE…