Vaccine Liberation Infantry & Mobile Fleet


1) The Mobile Fleet package $40 including postage

 (2 large 17″ Decals, vinyl letters for back window and 2 rolls stickers)


2) Stickers package $20.00 including flat rate postage

                  (2 rolls (100 stickers per roll)


However, if you want the package with the car decals we need to know the make and year of your car so we can give you the appropriate fitting decals.  You must scroll down below to the bottom of this page and fill out the form and then GO TO SHOP


Thank you for joining the Army!







It only takes one vehicle per town to wake up your entire community. Your car parked at school, in town, at the doctor’s office, at a shopping center will create such doubt in the on looker that they will begin to question the establishment’s position on vaccine safety.

People give me the thumbs up will driving down the highway. I park at the mall and people are taking photos of the back of the car is very rewarding!

And think of this…the CDC can’t stop us. And think of this even more…there is NOTHING for you to do than drive around as usual.

Also available are the SKULL stickers: 

ROLLS OF STICKERS FOR KIDS… SATURATE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL! Cost: $25.00 including postage for a roll of 250 high quality stickers (indoors or outdoors), car bumpers or backpacks. DONATE HERE:  click the yellow donate button.

Kids love stickers! Rather than giving out wordy information to middle and HS kids, we give our provocative sticker. Students flock around us…like birds at a food frenzy. Rand Corporation has issued a strategy to directly target the public schools’ adolescent population.

Eye-Opening Mobile Advertising Facts

Consider these statistics compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • One vehicle can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.  Mobile Advertising
  • IMPORTANT: Order form at the end of this page.  Please add Year, Make and Model of your car

For many years our focus has been on science-independent, non-industry, non-government driven research on the safety and effectiveness of vaccination.  Hence, there are more than 5,000 studies that substantiate and verify the dangers and risks of vaccines and their components such as mercury, aluminum, fetal cells, etc.

Are you tired of being disregarded while the establishment increases the mandates year after year despite our science and efforts? Are you finished with being DISEMPOWERED by the establishment and their media minions and their refusal to admit to their wrongdoings and their refusal to facilitate a helpful compensation?  Here is the remedy to take back the power and add to the great momentum we have created all these years,  albeit with the sacrifice of our children. Our children did not take on this karma for nothing.  It is up to us to help them with their mission to awaken mankind to the forces that seek to disable the new generations of incoming humanity.   Waiting for the establishment to change is worthless time spent. It has become clear that the vaccine establishment adamantly ignores our plight as simply “anecdotal” and our independent research, spends taxpayers dollars in order to suppress this research, creates flawed studies biased to support the vaccine programs; has a Public Relations media machine to propagandize the benefits of vaccines while ignoring the risks and sadly attacks our noble researchers who dare to tell the truth. WE HAVE TO GO GRASS ROOT!   This campaign will put the issue squarely in the public’s consciousness on a daily basis and blow the socks off of the CDC who can’t do anything about this.  Read mobile fleet document


Welcome to the Vaccine Liberation Infantry


The set of decals and vinyl letters can be removed with a hair dryer, will comprise 5 parts. Two (2) 17″ diameter full color medallion decals for the driver side (English) and the passenger side (Spanish)  of your family car or the 12″ horizontal for cars with side molding.   And an vinyl lettering for your back window.  We will also supply 2 rolls of inch high quality stickers for you to give out on your journeys.

1) The Greatest Lie Ever Told That Vaccines Are Safe & Effective


Our goal is to support and amplify the Hear This Well campaign and make it even louder and clearer, in English and in Spanish, as the establishment tries to erase the presence of the videos. Here we speak louder and clearer.



This is just the beginning of the rise of an unbeatable land force, boots on the ground….the core beginning of an indomitable  grassroots VACCINE INFANTRY!

Well over a hundred parents speak out in two minute video clips on youtube to tell the world that they are absolutely certain that the vaccines caused their children’s neuro-developmental injuries. Go to the Channel…

Applying decals and vinyl letter:

*Clean car area well.  
If weather is very hot, cool off area…dry well.

If weather is very cold…you can warm car door and window with hair dryer and apply in an enclosed garage.


When applying the vinyl letter to the back window of your car, follow the same directions as in the video. But make sure you individual press each letter with your thumb before removing the backing.  And once it is on you car press each letter again with your thumb.

To make sure vinyl lettering is straight you can use a “level”.  Make sure you line the level up with the letters not with the outside of the paper which is crooked.


NOTE:  Decals and vinyl letter can be easily removed by hair dryer and /or by this technology:


1)You can also go to a “car wrap” establishment and have them remove it for you.

2) You can also remove the decals by sliding under the edge of each decal and pull off slowly.

3) You can remove the vinyl lettering by getting under each letter with a tweezer.

If you put your stickers on crooked, take them off and we will replace them and you can try again.

You can email for any addition questions or personalized texts.  Regards, Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women.

Why I am an activist

Fill out the order form below and we will be in touch with you as to the details.

IMPORTANT: Order form below:  Please make sure to scroll down.  JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP:  THE GREATEST LIE CAMPAIGN



40 thoughts on “Vaccine Liberation Infantry & Mobile Fleet

  1. Laraine Abbey

    Our children are knowingly being destroyed, as demonstrated by whistleblower Dr. William Thompson’s (co-author of the now defamed 2004 DeStefano study that denied a vaccine and autism relationship) confession of the study authors’ manipulation of data, which concealed the tremendous increase incidence of autism among children receiving the MMR vaccine under the age of 3 years old vs. over the age of 3.
    I don’t see how this defamed study can be viewed as anything other than a deliberate, bald-faced lie!

  2. Editor Post author

    We haven’t made T shirts, yet. However, if you want to get an “iron-on” transfer” I can send you the original artwork. You can get it at Vista Print or google for Iron On Transfer makers. Let me know. Email me at

  3. Sherry Elizabeth

    Thank you I am struggling due to my 22 year old daughter who WAS NEVER VACCINATED AND SHE IS PLANNING ON MURDERING HER OWN NEW BORN WITH THE VACCINES!! She has really been ruined by the emo death cult of teenageism then came Marilyn manson and you get the picture the schools are the worst place to send any child. I will be getting some stickers for my car its the only thing I can think of to help and maybe save another baby since this daughter does not want to actually deal with the reality of all the things that can and will occur once the child has been posioned. She was never given flouride and she has even began using this garbage. Its a shame all the things I tried to teach her that were bad she is putting in her body. Heartbreaking for this one I have no hope she has been following satan since she was 14…..Peace

  4. Teysha Wheeler

    I would love these window deals and stickers but my phone won’t let me fill out the form. Is there any other way I can get them? Help please

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  6. Editor Post author

    I suppose “havecoffeewillwrite” one can pull out “feewill”…to bad you have too much fear; have been overly propagandized; or need the money to turn
    “fee will into”free will”

  7. Frans J.L. Zegers

    SUPER! You’re fighting a worthy cause. But as long as our governments are shiksa-whores of the Jewish illegal owners of our central banks, who own/ control the pharmaceutical industry, and control the government as their shiksa- whore, including the clowns in black dresses of the pagan Babylonian priesthood, who perform their authority rubberstamping, the people’s justice -raping circus in our courts, thinsg will only get worse as these worst of enemies of the people continue to widen the gap with the people, and arming more and more goons in uniform to protect them, as they are getting more and morescared of the people who are getting more and more angry with them. Their time is almost up though. Then God will harvest the devil’s seeds and throw them into eternal fire. Matthew 13: 24-50; Revelation 21:8 You can make stickers with that also! My question: Do you send stickers to other countries, like the Netherlands?

  8. Editor Post author

    Yep…check our police brutality room and our freedom and liberty room. Your words do not fall on deaf ears. And do see our newest posts on Vaccine mandates and TRANShumanism. We do send over seas but the postage is extraordinarily expensive and we are just budgeted for $3.15 media mail. I have checked postage to Canada, Australia and the UK…we are talking her about $18.00. If you pay the postage we would be glad to send you the whole schbang.

  9. Sarai Valenzuela

    Not too hopeful brainwashed people will change…but it is worth a try to do something….such a sad state of affairs in our country….no longer a land of the free 🙁

  10. Anna

    I am a recently retired High School teacher. I have a MPH, worked in Public Health and have taught Natural Childbirth for 25 yrs. + I am presently a doula at North Houston Birth Center and also am a Pregnancy Counselor… on health and nutrition… I teach “informed Consent” for all issues… and provide resources for clients to do so… I am pleased to report that many of my students and clients have decided not to vaccinate… and/or have at least considered their right to question… and to investigate before they make a decision.

  11. Editor Post author

    They won’t have a choice if the exemption waivers are ended.. Check out what is happening:

    MUST WATCH for the current update of the national rush to remove vaccine exemptions

    MEDICAL TYRANNY is rolling out in every legislature in the nation.
    Join our MOBILE FLEET…we already have 500 vehicles
    ​ moving​
    across the nation.
    ​ Details:

  12. Editor Post author

    Mindless idiots are not interested in damaging your car and these pro vaccine folk are in a state of constant fear so they would be afraid of being caught damaging your car. As well they are ultra law abiding and medical slaves. I have had the large Vaccine Liberation Army DECAL and the back window vinyl lettering on my car for over 5 years and I have no bad experiences only thumbs up on the highways. As far as the potential of car damage. The parents that are doing this (so far upward of 500) realize that an insured car can be fixed but a damaged child is another story. They wish to have a voice because they feel disempowered and they would rather take a chance with their cars than remain a victim of medical tyranny.

  13. Kelly N.

    I can’t wait to get my decals! My child is vaccine injured, they call it Autism, I don’t. He was 3 wks preemie and they vaccinated him to the hilt. He is now 10 yrs old. No vaccines since he was a baby. He speaks,reads,writes and understands lots of things. He has come a long way,through detoxing all the toxic crap out of his body, biomed, no chemicals in our home to clean with. Now I had his dentist tell me she can’t see him anymore b/c of the measles scare, she can’t risk the health of her vaccinated kids!! Can you believe this? The “protected” ones are threatened by the healthy kid who didn’t get his boosters. If they are so protected by vaccines then how is he a threat to them? Any person with at least half a brain can see that this makes absolutely zero sense. I have a religious waiver, it is my right to have it. This dentist is just a sock puppet!!

  14. Editor Post author

    My son’s wife just had a baby in Florida. My daughter, her husband and her 4 year old unvaccinated child booked plane tickets to go visit. The night before my son calls and says not to come because their pediatrician says the baby should not be around and unvaccinated child.

  15. Rebecca Taylor

    You should add the flu. My daughter died December 19, 2015 from the H3N2 influenza. She was 5. Amongst several other children whom I am now friends with their mothers. Mourning.

  16. Editor Post author

    Rebecca: Can you you email me with a link or details on your daughters death? You might want to join our GREATEST LIE CAMPAIGN (FACEBOOK).
    If you want to join…I will send you the car decals and stickers for free…for your battle to speak for your courageous daughter who no longer here to speak for herself. Let’s do it for her!

  17. Nicole Angiola

    I’d like to order these stickers. Didn’t see an order form. Thank you for all you’re doing to provide awareness.

  18. Glen

    Pure fear mongering at its best. How does it make sense that the unvaccinated person is the risk in this situation? It’s a fact that the ingredients in vaccines are useless to the human body – whole animal proteins coupled with known toxins. This is putrid matter people are injecting but are brainwashed into believing it’s working for them. Health and immunity begins on a cellular level with the constituents of your cells, vitamins and minerals, fats and amino acids, and not by creating some imaginary card catalogue inside of the human body by injecting disease into it. I bet you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who does in fact get vaccines that actually knows the history of vaccines and who the first person to use vaccines was (Hint: It isn’t Jenner). In fact this failure may go back over 1,000 years but even if we were to only consider the roughly 250 year history of vaccinations they are still obviously a failure of modern thinking and serve no other purpose than to further the gravy train that is the medical industry.
    Remember folks that this is a business and all businesses require customers, so without sickly people their gravy waterfall stops flowing. The idea that abnormal conditions are inherently normal, such as disease, is a part of illogical, religiously-based fanaticism that has no foundation in fact. Maybe instead of wholly accepting anything were told by a so-called professional we look into the so-called normal things that go on because the whole story is not being told.
    For anyone interested in vaccine history, how they work to make you ill, etc., visit alternative medical library and read books by Dr. Herbert Shelton and Dr. John Tilden. Unless someone has read their literature they have nothing to say in this debate and they know nothing regardless of degrees, diplomas, practical or personal experience or experiment, or data ranges that claim to prove their Is = Is logic.
    Understand that the discussion is not, “Mercury causes autism” which would indicate correlation to causation, but that “Heavy metals accumulate in the nervous system”, a far more solid argument which is in actuality a point that nobody, not even a trained physician, can debunk, considering that’s exactly what happens.

  19. Editor Post author

    Great comment. I hear the book by Suzanne Humphries, MD…”Dissolving Illusions” is awesome too. Put “excipients” in our search engine on People just talk about the vaccine. However, the ingredients, for example of formalin, phenol, etc, need a mature Cytochrome P450 (the body’s major detox mechanism) to expel these toxins. Infants do not have this mechanism operating…some say are not fully operatable until 2 years old. Yet, we are dowsing them with multiple vaccines that have multiple doses of the same toxin in the vaccine, ie. Formaldahyde. Check out out layman’s talk on Cytochrome P450

  20. Elizabeth

    Thanks to your stupidity, people who can’t receive vaccines(immune deficiency) are no longer protected. I guess you don’t care if you all kill a child who has cancer.

  21. Editor Post author

    And have you thought of why the “immune deficient” children have been rendered into such an unnatural condition. And why the number one cause of death in children is cancer? Generally, and most all, these children were got 49 vaccine doses by the time they were six years old, starting at birth. And if they were born before 2002, they received 15 of those vaccines containing mercury. Put “excipients” in our search engine ( and put Polio Cancer in the search engine. Why do you think there is an epidemic of Autism, Autism spectrum????, Diabetes, asthma, allergies. Spend some more time on the site.

  22. laura white

    just wanted a magnetic removable car sign..Don’t want to advertise to my neighborhood. Did not want to have to give you my phone number. Let me know when I have those options

  23. Peter Peyer

    Does anyone remember polio and it’s devastating impact on those who were infected?
    I think there are a lot of things wrong with our environment that expose us to toxic elements on a daily basis such as : plastics, aluminum, food additives, antibiotics and growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, paint, chemicals in the home, the relentless exposure to powerful microwave radiation, noise pollution, air and water pollution, and all the crap we are importing from China, just to name a few. And you guys are crusading against vaccines? May I suggest respectfully that you fellows reexamine your priorities in the interest of the good of the American people.
    Kind regards,
    Peter Peyer

  24. SA Sarnoff

    Polio? Yep I do remember. Peter, the thing is that polio for 99.99 percent of folks exposed was noting more than a runny nose and then lifelong immunity. Why the paralysis in a tiny subset of individuals including healthy adults? Why did serious issues arise in affluent neighborhoods? Polio does not add up.

    Dr Fred Klenner (MD) cured all 39 cases of Polio in his practice swiftly without residual paralysis. Polio was rare and when serious patients were mistreated by doctors;


    HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Pioneering Work of

    by Andrew W. Saul
    Assistant Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

    Reprinted with permission from J Orthomolecular Med, 2007. Vol 22, No 1, p 31-38.

    “Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin.” (F. R. Klenner, MD)

    The sound barrier was broken in 1947. The Korean War began in 1950. In between was the polio epidemic of 1948-9, during which Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner cured every polio case he saw by using vitamin C.

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  26. Renee

    Thank you for all you do. I have 4 children all have been fully vaccinated except my youngest whom is 13, he has received all vaccines recommended by CDC up until age 12, I stopped there. All my children including myself are vaccine injured. My oldest has chronic asthma, my second has had bowel issues since his 1st set of shots, my daughter suffered seizers at age 2, and diagnosed with ADD in elementary school, she’s 17 now and has chronic fatigue syndrome. My youngest was never the same after his 15 month shots, and every set of shots he received after he became worse…would bounce off the walls from the time he woke until the time he went to sleep, fits of rage, tantrums like no other. The daycare began requesting me to have him evaluated for ADHD from the time he began walking but I refused. When he turned 4, I was given the ultimatum…have him evaluated or he’d be kicked out of daycare. I took him for evaluation, he was only 4 and from what I was told he was too young to prescribe medicine so I agreed to have him evaluated, within 30 min the doctor wrote a prescription for adderall. He’s now 13 and has only gotten worse, he starts alternative school Monday.

    What began my research is when my mother died from cancer at age 57. I was researching into her particular “rare” form of cancer when she was diagnosed and stumbled across an article revealing the truth about the polio vaccine stating that in the 1950’s millions of people were injected with this vaccine contaminated with the cancer virus. My mother was injected in that particular year, and so was her sister. The cancer this particular batch was contaminated with happened to be the exact same cancer my mother died from. Her sister is now dying from the same type of cancer.

    Me personally have always been healthy with a very strong immune system never getting sick until 2009, I got the H1N1 vaccine and got so sick I lost 7 pounds within a week. I’ve never been the same since, it’s as if it completely wiped away my immune system.

    I’m glad I’ve been introduced to the truth behind vaccinations, while it’s too late for me and my own kids…It isn’t for my grandkids. I tell everyone about the dangers of vaccines, some listen and some don’t but with things like stickers and flyers I believe people will at least be curious enough to start questioning and that’s a start.

    Thank you so much!

  27. Editor Post author

    From you family history…I would get a doctor to give one of the kids, like the youngest a gene test with GENESIGHT Medicaid pays for it. Worse comes to worse it is about $300. Vaccines contain excipients (ingredients) that can’t be metabolized by a large sector of the population. Your family seems to be “non metabolizers” 10 % of Caucasians are non metabolizers. It will be worse for your younger son who is taken Adderall. read the Newsletter. In the newsletter there is another link about pharmacogenetics. If you get the test…stay in contact with me.

  28. Martin Kramp

    Dear Mr. Editor,
    please get in contact with me. We are in germany and are interested in your artwork. Is it in your interest, if we try to produce sticker and other things in german language?
    Hope, you are fine…and doing well..!
    Best regards
    Verena & Martin Kramp

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