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FLU MIST contains porcine (pork..pig..hog) KNOX COUNTY HEALTH DEPT 2014



Porcine Gelatin in FluMist  (Sept. 2014) Porcine_in_FluMist_2014 PDF

What is porcine gelatin?

It is a protein formed from pork skin or tissue and is used to stabilize vaccines so that they
remain effective.
How much is in the vaccine?
Two milligrams, which is the amount equivalent to two thousandth of a gram.

VLA Comment: The Flu mist is neither Kosher nor Halal.  And I hope that the religious men who make the rules don’t give us the same song and dance as they did with genetic engineering.

In the case of GMO, the Kosher Rabbis in Chicago said that they didn’t have a problem with it because “you couldn’t see it with the naked eye” which is the phrase that was used in the days gone by “before microscopes” . DUH!  There is the Spirit of the law and the letter of the law.

I hope we are not going to hear that sniffing pork up your nose is not a problem because the religious rules are dietary.  AND I MIGHT ADD…that pork is a no no in most esoteric philosophies and religiouns as well as Judaism and Muslim.

12 year old boy with toy gun shot dead by rookie Cleveland Policeman

CLEVELAND – The family of a 12-year-old boy fatally wounded by a Cleveland police officer said surveillance video of the shooting shows that if the officer had not acted so quickly the youngster would still be alive.

The video made public on Wednesday shows Tamir Rice being shot within 1½ to 2 seconds of a patrol car stopping near him at a park in Cleveland on Saturday. It shows the boy reaching in his waistband for what police discovered was a pellet gun that shoots non-lethal plastic projectiles. He died the next day.
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UPDATE 12/6/14: Homebirthed, Breast fed babies taken by Child Protective Services


UPDATE 12/6/14

Judge Allows Rengo Babies to go Home: But with Conditions,

The political pressure being exerted by an outraged public is very obviously reverberating from the Governor’s office on down.

The state wrapped up within 20 minutes, trying at the close of their argument to introduce new exhibits showing medical problems with one of the babies. The only problem was that the diagnosis for pneumonia, ear infections and reflux were well after the babies had been removed from their breast feeding mother..

The State fumbled, with the defense objecting to the haphazard manner in which the State introduced those documents. The State, realizing it’s mistake, withdrew one of the documents and moved on… See details of the court procedure

HOWEVER, Judge Calls Child Protective Services “Heroes” READ…

COMMENT BY MEDICAL KIDNAP:  Welcome to the new America.

Have we now come to the point in the United States of America, that if someone doesn’t like the way we choose to raise our children, or whether or not we agree with a doctor’s directive for basic medical care, even in situations that are not life threatening, that a simple call from a neighbor or disgruntled family member will result in losing one’s child and having to fight the Family Court system in order to get them back?


All three of their babies have been taken away from them and placed in the care of strangers (10 month old Levi and newly birthed twins). The birth was perfect. There were no complications with the birth or afterwards. But Erica and her husband Cleave had agreed to notify the local paramedics, in an effort to appease concerned family members who were fearful of their decision to birth at home. That is where their problems began.  Read this story

VLA Comment: Another medical kidnap:  It is requested we call or write the governor of Washington State:

Erica May and Cleave Rengo face a court date on December 2. They don’t know what they will face then. Supporters are hoping that their story will be shared far and wide, and their children can be returned home quickly.

The Governor of Washington is Jay Inslee. His office number is 360-902-4111. You can email him from here [1].


Several of our VLA network made comments and acted on behalf of the Rengos.  One such comment regarding a procedure to have children returned from CPS is all follows:

Look up Karl Lentz, here is his personal address and email address,
Address: Karl Lentz: P.O. Box 440 : Lexington, VA. 24450

Children Are Your Property (Karl Lentz)
Mr. Lentz  will tell you exactly how to get your children back with a couple of sentence Notice to the court. If you or an attorney go in asking to get your children back, you will lose. You have to demand your property back. Not children. Your children are your property. No compromises, no deals with CPS or any court or agency. Do not list there names. Bring pictures of your property (children) no names and you will get your children back.

Karl Lentz is an expert at this because they did it to him and his wife. He will tell you what to do at no charge. Listen to this you Tube video over and over.  This is simple. I have no vested interest besides seeing what the Government does to people. He has a live talk show on Saturday nights on Talkshoe. All the log in and call in info is on his web site. Good Luck



Victory Precedent: Judge rejects Hospital application to force child into Chemotherapy


“In applying the foregoing reasons to the Applicant’s section 40(4) application, I cannot find that J.J. is a child in need of protection when her substitute decision-maker has chosen to exercise her constitutionally protected right to pursue their traditional medicine over the Applicant’s stated course of treatment of chemotherapy.”

“The application is dismissed. This is not an appropriate case to consider cost.”

“I wish to thank all counsel for their efforts in this very difficult case.”

Judge Gethin Edward  Read more…

The family of an aboriginal girl who was at the centre of a court case about whether she should be removed from her family and given chemotherapy says the stress of the case was “uncalled for” and that they would never compromise the child’s well-being.

A judge rejected an application from a Hamilton hospital that would have seen the Children’s Aid Society intervene in the case of the girl whose family had stopped her chemotherapy at the hospital in favour of traditional medicine. The girl has been undergoing treatment for leukemia in Florida.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Seizes 8 Year Old Boy – Another Medical Kidnapping:

Another Medical Kidnapping: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Seizes 8 Year Old Boy Because Mother Seeks Second Opinion 


Tonya Brown is “just a mom who is in love with her kid,” adorable 8-year-old Christopher Reign Brown. Because Tonya questioned a very risky, painful procedure for her son, Tonya reports that his doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital enlisted Child Protective Services to take him away from her custody. Read more…


Medical professionals taking children away from parents over disagreements on conventional cancer treatments are, sadly, not new stories in the U.S. Last we reported on the case of 10-year-old Sarah Hershberger in Ohio who was suffering from leukemia. She was getting worse on chemotherapy, and begged her parents to take her off of the drugs that she and her parents believed were killing her. When the state awarded custody of her to a nurse who was an employee of the hospital, the parents took her out of the country where she received alternative treatments, and recovered.

Undiagnosed children: Vaccine adverse events not even considered!

Sure looks like Vaccine Injury to me….Heartbreaking documentary. Beware of blaming the genes…that is the effect of some assault, not the cause!
De Novo genetic mutation (spontaneous mutations) are on the rise. (non inherited)
Example: Angelman’s Syndrome…genetic mutation. Symptoms like Autism with a twist. Possible cause…assault on the egg within ART in vitro protoco. In utero flu shots with mercury given to pregnant women since the 1990s.

Studies: Can vaccines and/or psyche drugs given to the population be causing the genetic mutations?